Learning About Cognitive Perceptual Training

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Often, people have many different reasons for avoiding drugs when looking for an ADD or ADHD treatment according to psychologist Edmonton. And whether this is for themselves, as adults. Or parents who are looking for a treatment for their children.

They should come to Zone Psychology, and find out about cognitive perceptual training. As well as neuro- feedback. Because these are extremely effective, and drug-free treatments for people suffering with this neurodevelopment disorder.

The first thing that people should understand with narcotics that are used to treat ADD or ADHD. Is that when people start utilizing these drugs. They are not helping the symptoms go away.

The medication is simply helping them with their symptoms. So they are going to have to stay on this medication for the rest of their life. Therefore, many people are nervous about the side effects that the drugs will have on their body.

Because they are highly powerful opiates. People are frequently concerned about the long-term effects on their liver. And because the substances are a stimulant, people are worried about how it will affect their heart. Particularly as individuals start consuming coffee or energy drinks. While they’re already taking a strong stimulant.

cognitive perceptual therapy
cognitive perceptual therapy

The most frequently used medications to treat ADD and ADHD. Ritalin, for example, is one of them. They are classified in the same category as cocaine, amphetamines, and morphine. And they’re referred to as schedule II narcotics. Because of their medicinal usefulness. However, there is a case of abuse among those who use them.

Therefore, there is a lot of reason to be concerned. When people are thinking about drugs to treat their ADD or ADHD symptoms themselves. Or in their children.

However, they are doctors may not be aware of any other treatments. Or because when medication works. It is effective immediately, as well as drastic in its effects.

It’s best to keep in mind that even if people do try medication as their first treatment. They often are not finding a medication or a dose that works. And the reason why says psychologist Edmonton.

Because there are seven distinct types of ADD and ADHD, it’s difficult to find someone who can help you. And merely one response to drug therapy is available. This implies that a lot of individuals will never benefit from taking these medications. And they will ultimately be seeking for alternative treatments.

That there are other treatment choices available. Ones that are not only drug-free, but also safe for patients of all ages. However, because they use a technique called cognitive perceptual training and neurofeedback.

The best way for people to find out more about this amazing treatment. They should book in an appointment at Zone Psychology. To talk to psychologist Edmonton. And find out how they can get started. And change their life forever.

According to psychologist Edmonton, people who are first informed about cognitive perceptual training have a difficult time comprehending what it is or how it will help them reduce symptoms of ADD or ADHD. And many believe that all they’re doing is playing video games on the computer. However, these games were created by psychologists, and decades of study have proved their effectiveness.

At strengthening people’s brains for a wide variety of reasons. And the reason why it is an effective treatment for ADD and ADHD. Is because that is a neurodevelopment disorder.

People had important brain connections that were missed or underdeveloped while they were growing before they were born. They may exercise their brains using these games. To make those connections and repair the ones that are weak or broken. As a result, people can actually cultivate their brains. By permanently changing the brain, symptoms may be reduced.

People who were often called lazy, or accused of not trying hard enough. Because the symptoms of ADD or ADHD are often behavioural in the way they look. Or with parents being blamed for not being strict enough.

When the problem is, people are missing the connections that they need. And taking medication alone, can impact the symptoms. But it will not change the brain, so that people will have to be on medication for the rest of their life.

When they come to Zone Psychology. They have many different diagnostic tools. That are both objective and subjective in nature. So that psychologist Edmonton will be able to see exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain.

So that they can create the right cognitive perceptual training program for each patient. This includes a quantitative electroencephalogram. That creates a brain map, showing psychologists.

About what brain waves are active in a patient’s brain. And exactly where they are active, and how active the brain waves are. As well as tests that can show psychologist Edmonton brain processing speed.

Long-term memory and short-term memory, cognitive capacity, sustained or selective attention. And how that changes when it is audio or visual attention.

Not only will all of these tests help psychologists put together the right training program. That can help patients overcome the symptoms that they have. But when they redo the assessments partway through the program.

Such as after ten or twenty sessions. They will be able to get a definitive answer. If the sessions that they are utilizing. Are actually helping heal their brain, and repair those broken and missing connections.

So that their brain waves look more like what they should in a typical patient. Who does not have ADD or ADHD. That way, not only can they create the right program. But they can ensure that the program is working.

Which is very important, especially because many people may not see the changes themselves initially. Similar to help going to the gym, they are not seeing their muscle gains in the first few sessions themselves.

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