Is Cognitive Perceptual Training Helpful

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People often do not hear about cognitive perceptual training until they talked to psychologist Edmonton at its own psychology. Because many doctors are unaware of this treatment for ADD and ADHD.

In fact, doctors are taught using a pharmaceutical model. And often are only aware of narcotics as a treatment for this neurodevelopment disorder. However, many people are very trepidation about using medication.

This is because the medicine that is used to treat ADD and ADHD. Our powerful narcotics, such as Ritalin or Adderall. That are actually considered schedule to narcotics. Placed in the same category as cocaine, morphine or amphetamines.

They know that if they choose this as a treatment for their ADD and ADHD symptoms, they will have to take the drug for the rest of their lives. That they will be forced to take medication for the rest of their lives. Or whether it will harm their heart because the medicine is a stimulant.


Cognitive Perceptual Training Edmonton Psychology Clinic

Whatever the reason, psychologist Edmonton says they talked people who have many different reasons. Who want to avoid taking narcotics to treat their ADD and ADHD. And they can help in many different ways.

One of the first things that people should understand. Is that there is actually not one diagnostic tool. That can definitively diagnose people with ADD and ADHD.

It is more like a puzzle, that the more pieces they can find. The more complete their understanding is of the patient, their symptoms. And what is going on in their brain.

This is why at Zone Performance, they have many different tools that they use. From objective and subjective assessments. To a physical, that can help rule out medical problems that may be the cause of their symptoms.

As well as brain scans, questionnaires and clinical interviews. That when put together, can tell psychologist Edmonton exactly what is going on in that patient’s brain.

And that can help them create the most beneficial cognitive perceptual training for that patient. While most patients will have symptom resolution in forty treatments.

In order to ensure that they can get symptom resolution. They need to know fully what is going on with that patient. As well as what symptoms they have that are most problematic.

So that they can create the best training program for their brain. To minimize symptoms that they have using this treatment. Another benefit of using objective and subjective assessments in their diagnosis.

Is that they can redo the assessments after the patient has undergone ten or twenty treatments. In order to be able to tell definitively if they are benefiting from the training. Or if they need to make some adjustments.

Cognitive perceptual training is not only highly effective, it is also permanent. It eliminates ADD and ADHD symptoms. But it’s more than that: removing the symptoms of a concussion could be accomplished without causing another one. People will be able to recover and eliminate the aftereffects of their injury for the rest of their lives.

Often, when people think about an all-natural treatment for ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. They think about changing their diet, and their lifestyle. Such as no longer eating processed food, minimizing screen time and getting paid hours of sleep.

While these lifestyle adjustments are undoubtedly beneficial for everyone. When psychologists discuss about a natural, drug-free therapy for this neurodevelopment issue. They’re really talking about a brain training software.

That actually strengthens their brain. And makes those missing and damaged brain connections. That are the cause of the ADHD and ADD symptoms that people experience.

And because they are training the patient’s brains. The results that they get are permanent. So that once they are done treatment. They do not have to keep coming back for more, in order to stay symptom-free.

The key to the effectiveness of the cognitive perceptual training that they utilize at Zone Psychology. Is that they used many different diagnostic tools. And objective assessments.

To gain a full and complete understanding. About what is going on in the patient’s brain. As well as understanding what symptoms they have that are the most disruptive or problematic.

So that people can get the results that they desire. It will also undergo a brain scan called a quantitative electroencephalogram. That literally creates a brain map. Showing psychologist Edmonton.

Exactly what brain waves are active in a patient’s brain. What areas of the brain they are active in, and where they are active. So that when they do create their cognitive perceptual training program.

They are actually effecting change to the parts of the brain that need changing. And when they redo the scan after several treatments. They are going to be able to see that there is a marked improvement.

When people undergo this brain training. They will find that after several sessions, they can start noticing their symptoms becoming less severe.

Or the fact that they are going to use their coping mechanisms less often. And in addition to that, psychologists will stay in contact with the patient’s loved ones.

Such as their parents or teachers when they are children. Or their significant other if they are adults. Because often, it is the loved ones that notice the reduction of symptoms first.

Similar to how when people are going to the gym, it is the people closest to them that notice of change first. However, because they do use objective and subjective assessments.

If they notice that there is not any change in their brain, and their symptoms. After certain number of sessions. They will make some adjustments to their cognitive perceptual training program.

So that people can end up getting the training that they need. To minimize the symptoms that are causing them problems. As well, psychologist Edmonton will also use neuro- feedback.

To help their brain heal those damaged and missing connections. That people can have their life significantly impacted. By dealing with less symptoms in their life.

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