How Cognitive Perceptual Training Works

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Even though many people may not understand how cognitive-perceptual training works says psychologist Edmonton. They understand that they are benefiting from the results. This is why they keep coming back for treatments.

When people have ADD or ADHD. Symptoms are often significant enough. To make it very difficult for them to get by in life. Whether they are children in school. Or if people are dealing with symptoms as adults.

In fact, even though people with ADD and ADHD can have a difficult time when they are children in school. The symptoms of ADD and ADHD are exacerbated in adulthood. However, if they do not get diagnosed as children.

They often do not get diagnosed at all. Especially because it was once thought to be a neurodevelopment disorder of childhood. Those children outgrew as they aged, and their brains developed.

cognitive perceptual therapy
cognitive-perceptual therapy

However, it is now understood says psychologist Edmonton. It is an affliction where 70% of children carry those symptoms into adulthood. However, if they do not get diagnosed.

Adults often believe that their symptoms are simply personality traits. That they have developed many different coping mechanisms in order to overcome.

Children, as well as adults, are condemned for being lazy or not working hard enough. When the truth is that, even though the symptoms are behavioral in nature. It’s because they’re missing vital brain connections. And, like a diabetic who cannot manage their blood sugars by thinking alone, they are no better able to change their habits themselves.

When people talk to their doctor about treatment. They often are only told about medication as a solution. Because doctors are taught with the pharmaceutical method.

But when people make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. They will hear about a different, and drug-free approach called cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback.

How these all-natural treatments work. Is by using sensors placed on the patient’s brain to send feedback to the brain. As well as using a series of computer games, to help train people’s brains.

That actually helps them fix broken and damaged connections. That is what causes the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in the first place. Not only is this treatment very effective and drug-free.

What this treatment offers that drugs do not. Is the fact that when people undergo narrow feedback and cognitive-perceptual training. Is that it permanently heals the brain.

So that people’s symptom reduction is permanent. So that they can live a life without having to continue to take drugs for the rest of their life. And so that they do not have symptoms.

Unlike drugs, once a patient stops taking them. They stop having the symptoms managed. People can often get complete symptom resolution with cognitive-perceptual training.

In order to get started, people should make an appointment with Zone Psychology. And undergo several different objective and subjective assessments. Including a questionnaire, a clinical interview, and a physical.

As well as several different diagnostic tests and brain scans. When people are looking to permanently change their life for the better. They should care about cognitive-perceptual training. And if they can benefit from it.

There are many reasons why people might want to avoid taking medication for ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Whether they are adults or children, there are many different reasons why.

First, with the seven different clients of ADD and ADHD that there are. Not everyone can benefit from medication, as only one kind of response to medication in the first place.

When individuals see only medication as a possibility. Because many practitioners provide it. They may go through several distinct strong narcotics before discovering that they work.

Some people have said that the side effects of the ADD and ADHD medication are more intolerable. Then the symptoms of ADD and ADHD themselves. And still, another problem is that the drug becomes ineffective.

So even if individuals discover that it is advantageous, they can manage the adverse effects. It loses its efficacy after a few months or years. And they’re left with no other option but to look for another solution, and when parents are considering pharmaceutical therapy for their child.

Including the effect of long-term narcotic use on their liver. And the effect of long-term stimulant use on their heart. And since people who are on ADD and ADHD medication, will need to be on it for a lifetime.

Thinking ahead to long-term effects is very important. Therefore, parents often want to find a drug-free solution for their children. In order to help them be as healthy as they can for their life.

This is why so many people make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. So that they can get an all-natural treatment, that does not use medication. But also, cognitive-perceptual training.

Leads to permanent changes in the patient’s brain. So that not only are they minimizing symptoms while they are undergoing treatment. But that they are minimizing symptoms permanently.

Whether people are able to get complete symptom resolution. Which is often possible in many patients. And about forty treatments. Or whether people simply are able to minimize their symptoms.

Cognitive perceptual training and neuro-feedback can help people train their brains to make those missing connections so that they can live a more full life, without having to compensate for their symptoms.

Another benefit of this therapy is that it makes use of video games. To assist individuals in training their brains to respond to various inputs. And many youngsters believe they’re playing a game when they come for therapy. People also have the option of continuing treatment once the symptoms have subsided. To help their brains become sharper, stronger, and more responsive.

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