Getting Help for People With ADHD

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Often, even if people can get an ADD or ADHD diagnosis says psychologist Edmonton. They can end up feeling frustrated with their symptoms. Especially as treatment options are often limited.

This is because many doctors present the medication as the first place to start treatment. Even though the medication that is used to treat ADD and ADHD in children as well as adults. Our powerful narcotics.

Ritalin and Adderall are very commonly used to treat the symptoms of these neurodevelopment disorders. Despite the fact that they are scheduled to narcotics.

The substances are classified in the same drug category, and they’re given a method of morphine or cocaine. What this means is that even children who exhibit symptoms are frequently given this potent medication. The fact is that patients have a difficult time tolerating the effects. They discover that their disease’s symptoms are preferable to the treatment’s side effects.

As well, parents of children may be very reluctant. To put their child on such a powerful narcotic on a daily basis. However, they often feel like there is no other option. Despite their skepticism in the treatment.


What Tools Are Used to Diagnose ADD

However, other options are typically not presented, if they decide not to try medication. They are often left on their own. Doing things like changing diet and lifestyle to manage symptoms.

This is why is very important for patients who have ADD and ADHD. Parents of people with that diagnosis. Or even people who suspect that they have symptoms, and are not yet diagnosed.

At Zone Psychology, make an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton. It’s not just because they have a variety of diagnostic tools and measurements. They give objective and subjective results. But by conducting so many tests, they’re able to develop very thorough therapies. Treatments that are non-pharmaceutical, entirely natural, and safe for people of all ages

The reason why so many diagnostic tests are beneficial. This is because there is no one test that can definitively diagnose ADD or ADHD. And it is like putting together a puzzle.

The more puzzle pieces they have, the better picture they have of going on in the patient’s brain. Once they have a complete understanding of what is going on with the patient.

They can come up with the right treatment, based on what the patient wants. Including a drug-free option called neurofeedback. That can help patients of all ages.

By placing sensors on the patient’s scalp. The psychologist is able to measure the patient’s brain waves. And also give information to the brain, in order to tell it where it is over and under-reacting.

Using this information, the brain can start healing itself. Repairing those missing and damaged connections. To help naturally relieve people of their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

If people want more information either on the diagnostic tests that they use. Or on the Nero feedback treatment. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton for an assessment. To find out what they need to know, to help them manage their symptoms.

According to psychologist Edmonton, many people are still unaware of the fact that ADD and ADHD are greatly misunderstood. Treatment may be tough for many patients to locate. While it is by far the most common neurodevelopment disease in children.70% of children carried the symptoms into adulthood. However, the problem is that when children do not get diagnosed. Once they become adults they start developing coping mechanisms.

To compensate for the symptoms that they are experiencing. And getting a diagnosis can be more difficult. Because they try to hide the fact that they have these difficulties.

Especially because there is a lot of shame that comes with adults who have these symptoms. Because they have been told their whole life that they should be able to control their behavior.

People with ADD and ADHD are often told they are lazy, or they do not try hard enough. When they are actually most likely trying harder than their peers. But they have to overcome their challenges in order to get as much done.

Therefore, it is often a person’s loved one, who notices some of the symptoms that they have. That encourages them to make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton.

In order to find out exactly what is going on in the person’s brain. Not only do they have many different diagnostic tools. Including a quantitative electroencephalogram.

A neurologic technique that allows psychologists to generate a map of the patient’s brain. That indicates to doctors that the brain waves are active, and where they’re active. They also use other diagnostic tools such as an Iva test.

Which are twenty minutes long, and simply measure the patient’s attention to audio and visual stimuli. One of the common symptoms of ADD and ADHD is inattention. This can objectively measure that.

Once the psychologists completely understand what is going on with the patient’s brain. Including ruling out physical problems that could be causing symptoms, such as a metabolic disorder.

They will be able to come up with the right treatment, including completely natural and pharmaceutical-free options. That will help patients of all ages, safely and naturally.

Another benefit about getting treated at psychologist Edmonton. Is the fact that they have so many objective and subjective tests. That once the patient has had treatment for a while.

They will be able to go back and redo the tests and assessments. In order to get a definitive answer on whether the treatment is offering improvement. And how much they have improved.

While living with ADD and ADHD is often frustrating. It does not need to be, with the right understanding. And with technology that can help patients get the treatment, they need to carry on their life.

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