Eliminating ADHD Symptoms

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It can be very important for many people to find resolution to their ADD or ADHD symptoms without medication. For many different reasons.

Whether they’re worried about their child taking a high-powered narcotic. That’s also a stimulant. Or whether they’re concerned about the long-term effects on their liver or heart. Perhaps people are seeking for a natural, drug-free treatment for ADD or ADHD.

Or, maybe individuals have tried a variety of medications and different doses. But no one has discovered any that worked. And now they’re seeking for alternative treatments to help them manage their problems.

This is an extremely common scenario says psychologist Edmonton. Because life point 3% of Canadian children have this neurodevelopment disorder.

However, of the seven distinct clients of ADD or ADHD that there are. Only one of them responds to medication. Which leaves a lot of people looking for alternative treatments for their condition. One of the first things patients should consider is whether an all-natural therapy is possible. And it may be found at Zone Psychology. As long as they call ahead


The utilize process is called cognitive perceptual training. As well as neurofeedback. That actually changes the brain. And helps it make those connections, that it missed when they were developing.

That cause the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in the first place. Over several sessions, using the cognitive perceptual training. They are going to continually training their brain to react the way it should be.

In a way that compares the brain training to weight training for the body. And similar to weight training for the body. People are going to have to go several times, and do the work.

Before they ever see increased muscle mass on their body. So when people are looking for a very quick fix. Psychologist Edmonton says this is not going to be what they get from cognitive perceptual training.

However, what they will get. Is not just a minimizing or a way of handling their symptoms. They will actually eliminate the problems that they have. Because they are helping their brain heal.

According to psychologists, around forty sessions are required on average for symptom resolution. However, the most amazing thing about this sort of therapy is that it helps people permanently heal their brains. As a result, they don’t have to return after their initial treatment. If it’s the next day, the following year, or even further down the road

Or twenty years in the future. Barring any concussions they may have. People who have undergone the cognitive perceptual training will find that they are still benefiting decades later.

When people want to find out more about cognitive perceptual training or neuro- feedback. They should make an appointment at Zone Psychology. And find out not only what the process is.

But how they can get started, starting with some assessments done by the psychologists. The find out what is going on in their brain.

There are many things that people with ADD or ADHD may be struggling with says psychologist Edmonton. Their symptoms just being one of them. And whether they have been diagnosed as a child. Or they are finding out their diagnosis later in life.

They may have already established a number of coping strategies. To assist them deal with their problems. Others might label them as lazy or imply that they are not putting out enough effort. Or perhaps blaming their parents for failing to set stringent rules. When people with ADD or ADHD aren’t lazy at all.

In order to compensate for struggles that they have with their symptoms. To get the same amount done. Which means when they find the right treatment.

They will often exceed their peers in school, or work. Because the same amount of work that they have been putting in. Is suddenly more successful, because they are no longer compensating for their symptoms.

There are three main symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. Whether it is in children or adults. However, while these symptoms present themselves are very different. Not just per patient.

Between youngsters and adults, however. Their symptoms might look very differently to each other. Internal symptoms exist as well as external ones. And while boys are more likely to have external signs, girls are more prone to have internal problems. This is not uncommon.

Therefore, people may not even realize that they have ADD or ADHD. Because their symptoms are not what they typically associate with this neurodevelopment disorder.

This is why coming to Zone Psychology is so beneficial. Because not only will they answer questionnaire. Asking them about all the different symptoms, and the way those symptoms present.

They will also have a clinical interview with psychologist Edmonton. In order to explain how those symptoms impact their life. And how long they have been struggling with those symptoms.

Also, they will get a physical assessment done. To rule out medical problems. That could mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Such as a metabolic disorder that is yet undiagnosed.

As well as undergo a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain map. That shows psychologists exactly what brain waves are active, how active they are. And what areas they are active in.

Before moving on to the objective and subjective assessments. That tests things like sustained attention or selective attention both audio individually. Called the Iva and a Tova test.

They will also test their brain processing speed, cognitive capacity. Short and long-term memory. That will help the psychologist Edmonton understand exactly what is going on. To help them create the best cognitive perceptual training program for that individual patient.

Then, using a series of games, people can start training their brain. How to react, in different situations. To help them start improving your brains function and capacity.

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