Eliminating ADD Symptoms

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The most that people can hope for when treating their ADD and ADHD symptoms with drugs is masking their symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. However, many people do not believe that they could permanently get rid of symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. Through healing their brain.

However, the cognitive perceptual training as well as the neuro- feedback. Have been in use for over two decades. And the results show that it is in fact an effective way. At helping people eliminate their symptoms.

The reason why it is so effective. Is because it allows people to heal their brain. Because the reason why people have ADD and ADHD. Is because of missing and broken connections in the brain.

That were missed during their development. Which results in the variety of ADD and ADHD symptoms that people are familiar with. And while people used to think that it was something that they could outgrow.


Can ADHD Patients Heal Their Brain

Using that theories, they developed cognitive perceptual training says psychologist Edmonton. That will help people heal their brain through a series of games. That trains their brain how to react.

However, the reason why many doctors do not know about this training. Is because they have been taught using the pharmaceutical method. And are only aware of the drug treatments.

Therefore, many people who are looking for a natural solution. And a treatment without drugs, are often felt like they are completely on their own.

This is why it is so important for many people to hear about Zone Psychology. Because the psychologists that are there. Are completely dedicated to not only minimizing the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

But completely eliminating them. However, before they can start with the cognitive perceptual training. People need to undergo several different assessments.

So that psychologist Edmonton knows exactly what cognitive perceptual training they need. In order to minimize the symptoms that they have.

This is why they have many different objective and subjective assessments. Because the psychologists want a very complete and thorough understanding. Of what is going on in the patient’s brain.

So that they choose the right treatments to minimize the symptoms. Not only will they send the patient for a complete physical. To rule out medical problems such as metabolic disorder.

That could in fact mimic symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And until it gets diagnosed. Could cause people to try to solve issues, without knowing the real reason behind them.

As well, they will ask each patient to fill out a questionnaire. That indicates what symptoms are present, and how they present themselves. Before having a clinical interview.

Where the psychologist will be able to hear first-hand how the symptoms impact their life. And how long they have been impacted by these symptoms.

Next is the quantitative electroencephalogram, which takes a brain map. Showing the psychologist what brain waves are active in their brain. How active they are, and where they are.

So that they will be able to figure out how to tell the brain. Where it is overreacting and where it is under reacting. So the brain can start to fix itself.

If people are truly looking for a way to change their life. By eliminating their ADD symptoms. They should make an appointment with Zone Psychology today.

When people are looking for a natural way of treating their ADD symptoms, they do not necessarily think of psychologist Edmonton. However, this is incredibly beneficial.

Because they have many different treatments. That not only are all natural, and do not require medication. But are also safe for patients of all ages.

Even the youngest patients who are diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder. And since people start getting diagnosed at a very early age, such as a four years old.

The youngest and the oldest patients will be able to undergo this treatment. That not only masks the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Or makes them more tolerable.

But helps people heal their brain. By teaching the brain how it needs to react to different situations. So that they can make the connections that it needs. To eliminate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Psychologist Edmonton says that most people will find complete symptom resolution within forty sessions. However, after ten or twenty sessions.

Psychologist Edmonton will redo the objective assessments. To improve definitively if the treatment has been effective or not. If it has, they will know approximately how many more sessions a patient needs.

If it doesn’t work. They’ll modify the cognitive perceptual training and neurofeedback to try again. In order to achieve the outcomes they desire. And while most individuals will be able to completely free themselves of their problems. For others, the brain has suffered too much damage, making a complete recovery naturally impossible.

They will be able to be on minimal medication. And use coping mechanisms in order to deal with the much more reduced symptoms that they have after cognitive perception training.

However, people can be free to continue to coming to Zone psychology in order for continued treatments. Because even after they have resolved their symptoms.

Training their brain can actually continue strengthening their brain. Making them think faster, sharper and retain more information in their memory.

However, it is very important to recognize. That just like going to the gym. Cognitive perceptual training is like going to the gym for their brain. And even though the first few sessions will be effective.

Just like going to the gym for weights, people are not going to see the benefits in the mirror after just a few sessions. And they need to be committed to consistent and regular sessions.

In order to see the symptom resolution that they want to see. As well, psychologist Edmonton says it is very common that their loved ones see symptom resolution before they do.

So they always are talking to their loved ones. Whether it is their parents and teachers. Or their significant other and children. In order to find out if they are improving with their symptoms.

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