Drug Free ADHD Treatments

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Whether people want to stop taking drugs to treat their ADD or ADHD treatments says psychologist Edmonton. Or if medication has never help to them in the first place.

People who are seeking for alternatives may feel abandoned by their medical practitioner. Because they don’t know about any additional treatments. Especially since they’ve been taught the pharmaceutical approach. Zone psychology’s psychologists, on the other hand, have decades of education and training.

Including people who have ADD or ADHD. Guard less of their age, from four years old. To adults who have not ever realized that the symptoms they have are a neurodevelopment disorder, and not personality traits.

Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help With ADHD

For some, they do not wish to be on a schedule to narcotic. Let us put in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines. On a long-term basis.

Because people who start taking medicine for ADD and ADHD. Typically will have to continue taking that medication. Because it does not help people get over their symptoms. It just helps them cope with them.

Whether it’s because people are concerned about long-term consequences of a stimulant on their heart over time. Or how much it will strain their liver to take a narcotic for an extended period of time. Even when persons simply do not think that the treatment will help them in any way.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says that there are seven different kinds of ADD or ADHD. And only one of them response to medication at all. Which means drugs and medication.

Zone psychology is not a perfect answer for most individuals with this neurodevelopment disorder. As a result, they are overjoyed when they learn about Zone psychology. They speak of drug-free therapies because they discuss it. And when people make an appointment, they’ll discover out about cognitive perceptual training and neurofeedback.

In fact, most of the equipment and treatments that they use. Has over two decades of results. Showing how effective the training is at minimizing symptoms.

However, to ensure that it is as effective as they need. They have the patient go through many different objective as well as subjective assessments. That will definitively show whether the treatments are successful.

First, they will undergo what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. That is a brain map, showing what brain waves are active and where they are active in the patient’s brain.

So that when they redo that assessment ten or twenty treatments later. If the brain waves are more even, and active in the right amount. Then psychologist Edmonton will be able to say that the treatment is effective.

What is the right cognitive perceptual training and neuro- feedback sessions for each patient. Will depend on the results of their objective and subjective assessments.

As well as the clinical interview they will do with psychologists. In order to generate the results that they want. To minimize and eliminate symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

There are many things that people with ADD or ADHD are struggling with says psychologist Edmonton. But finding an effective drug-free treatment should not be one of them. However, many people feel like they are on their own. If they are hesitant to take the narcotics that are usually prescribes.

While many people would think that a drug-free approach is the way to go. Or an all-natural therapy for ADD or ADHD, which entails adopting new behaviors. Lifestyle modifications are required, such as cutting down on screen time and getting eight hours of sleep each night.

They will start with having a questionnaire for patients to fill out. Explaining what symptoms of ADD or ADHD they have. Followed up with a clinical interview.

Where they will explain to a psychologist in person, how those symptoms have impacted their life. And how long they have been experiencing those symptoms.

The next thing that they will find, is that they will be sent for a physical examination. To rule out physical and medical problems. That could be causing their ADD or ADHD symptoms, but are not diagnosed yet.

If the physical examination comes back without issues. They will proceed with many of the different objective and subjective assessments. The reason whites important to have both.

Is so that psychologist Edmonton has a very complete idea of what is going on with their brain. As well as allow them to measure the results definitively. So that they know whether the treatment is effective or not.

They will take assessments that will objectively measure things like brain processing speed and cognitive capacity. And also tests such as the Iva test, where the Tova test.

That will measure sustained attention and selective attention. With both audio and visual cues. Other assessments will measure sequential memory, as well as long-term and short-term memory.

Not only will this help psychologist Edmonton put together a treatment that is effective. And what should be happening during the cognitive perceptual training and neurofeedback.

But also, when they start treatment it is important to have these assessments. To measure the progress against. So that they know whether the treatment is working. And if it is not, what they should do.

Typically, people will find the symptom resolution in about forty sessions. And whether their goal is complete symptom resolution. Or just minimizing the symptoms so that they can cope better. The psychologists at Zone Psychology will help patients achieve their goals.

So that they can be more successful in all areas of their life. In order for people to get started with zone psychology today. They should contact the office either by phone or email. And start their journey to healing their brain.

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