Drug Free ADHD and ADD Treatments

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As there are many reasons why people may want to find a drug-free treatment for this neurodevelopment disorder says psychologist Edmonton. Looking for the right treatment can be sometimes frustrating.

As medical doctors are unaware of drug-free therapy options. People are left to figure out how to cure this condition without using powerful drugs on a daily basis. This is why it’s so important that people learn about Zone Psychology. Because they will be able to discover everything they need to know about their ADD and ADHD drug-free treatments.

They are not only drug-free, but they are also extremely safe for people of all ages. And as the youngest children in Canada become diagnosed with this neurodevelopment problem and four years old. It is a relief to many parents that they may utilize a drug-free therapy instead of forcing their kids to take a strong prescription.

In order for people to hear about whether this drug-free treatment will be beneficial for them. They should first make an appointment at Zone Psychology.



There, they will get a questionnaire to fill out. About all of the different symptoms of ADD and ADHD they are experiencing. And while there are three main symptoms.

That includes hyperactivity, impulsivity, and poor concentration. The way that those symptoms present themselves in each person is extremely different. As well as the differences and how they present in children and adults are very different as well.

After finishing this questionnaire. They will have a clinical interview with psychologist Edmonton. In order to discuss how those symptoms are affecting their life. And how long they have been affecting their life for.

Next, will be getting the patient in for a physical assessment with a medical doctor. In order to rule out physical problems like a metabolic disorder. That could mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

They’ll have a series of tests and brain scans after that. A quantitative electroencephalogram is one example. It’s a map of the patient’s brain. This will tell psychologists in Edmonton where the patient’s brain is overreacting and underreacting, allowing them to get a thorough grasp on where the brain is malfunctioning.

After that, they will undergo many different objective assessments. In order to measure things like their brain processing speed, cognitive capacity, and short-term versus long-term memory and sequential memory.

They will also undergo an Iva test and a Tova test. That will measure audio and visual attention. So that psychologists will be able to see. Their sustained attention and selective attention.

What this will do, is not only show psychologists exactly what is going on in their brains. But it will also help psychologists see. If the treatment that patients are utilizing is effective at improving their brain function.

To get started, people can simply look them up online at Zone Psychology. And make an appointment for themselves or their child. They find out what they need to start changing their brain and changing their life.

When people are looking for different treatments for ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Finding something that is effective, and drug-free is incredibly important.

When they hear about Zone Psychology, they will also hear about cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback. And the two decades of research and results in that backup how effective it is.

Many people may not realize what ADD and ADHD are. In fact that it is the most prevalent neurodevelopment disorder in Canada. With 5.3 percent of children being diagnosed with it.

Meanwhile, the brain’s structure is gradually being destroyed. It happens each time someone suffers an injury or develops a disease. When it was developing prior to people’s existence. These are the blunders that have caused people to suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Then someone with another medical condition. Would be at controlling their problem. Such as the diabetic controlling their insulin intake, or their blood sugar levels through their thoughts.

However, the problem is. That people start developing coping mechanisms. In order to overcome the challenges with ADD or ADHD. And as they age, tend to believe that the problems that they have.

Personality traits are one example. And it isn’t a neurodevelopment problem. So the first step is to educate folks about what ADD or ADHD symptoms look like. Especially in adults, so that they may get the assistance they require. And according to on psychologist in Edmonton, this condition has a 70% to 80% genetic basis. Many people have been diagnosed after being

Even though they’ve found strategies to deal with it. As they mature, symptoms of ADD and ADHD get worse, and they begin dealing with more complex issues. For example, many adults turn to substance abuse in an attempt to cope with life’s difficulties.

Symptoms of ADD and ADHD include being hyperactive, being impulsive, and lacking concentration. But how they present in adults and children are extremely different.

In this example, people who are hyperactive might feel restless all of the time. Alternatively, they may cope by not obtaining a desk job. That would necessitate them sitting for lengthy periods of time. Or talking too much in social situations. People can also claim that they’re being distracted by noise or other things around them.

And when people cannot concentrate on their task at hand. This could be an indication of ADD or ADHD in adulthood. When they realize that the problems that they have are in actual neurodevelopment disorder.

They can reach out to psychologist Edmonton for an assessment. And if they in fact have this affliction. Then they can start a cognitive-perceptual training program and neuro-feedback. That will help them not only minimize their symptoms.

Assist them in healing their brain so that they no longer have any symptoms and improve their life for the better.

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