Drug Free ADD Treatments

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There are many valid reasons for people to not want to take medication to treat their ADD says psychologist Edmonton. And regardless of what these reasons are, they often feel like they are on their own. When they are looking for this for themselves, or their children.

Many medical doctors are unaware of natural therapies because they have only been educated in the pharmaceutical model. They were instructed that the best treatment for ADD or ADHD was a drug such as Ritalin or Adderall. Is it something like Ritalin or Adderall? When these drugs function, their impact is immediate and strong.

When people hear about Zone Psychology. They are not necessarily sure what a drug-free treatment entails. Whether that is changing diet and lifestyle. Or something completely different.

However, they hear that the therapy is drug-free and is safe for individuals of all ages. Including the youngest persons who are diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disease. And that is why they make an appointment for a preliminary evaluation there. They will be informed about cognitive-perceptual training and neurofeedback. That uses brain exercises to provide feedback to the mind

Natural ADHD Treatments

In order to help the brain heal, and create connections it needs to minimize or eliminate the symptoms. That is associated with ADD as well as ADHD.

Went neurofeedback entails. Is psychologist Edmonton placing sensors on the patient’s head? And then sending feedback to the brain, about where it is overreacting and underreacting.

How the psychologist knows that information. Is through the use of a brain scan called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which will create a brain map in detail.

Showing psychologists exactly what brain waves are active in the brain. What areas of the brain those brain waves are in. And how active they are. So that they can tell the brain using neurofeedback.

This way, the brain will be able to start repairing where it is overreacting, and where it is underreacting. And when this is used in conjunction with cognitive-perceptual training.

People will be able to start training their brains with some real results. The cognitive-perceptual training. Utilizes different computer games. That helps train the brain in many different areas.

From brain processing speed, long-term or short-term memory. As well as things like cognitive capacity and attention whether visual or audio. So that it can start to heal itself.

The advantage is already present before treatment begins. The psychologist in Edmonton will conduct a number of objective tests. So they’ll do the evaluations again once several therapies have been completed. To know if patients are improving, or whether they are not. And if they are, they may proceed with the brain training.

To the cognitive-perceptual training. In order to generate the results that they need. While it may take forty sessions for patients to have resolved symptoms. In order to find out if this is likely going to be their scenario.

They will be able to talk to their psychologist at Zone Psychology. And find out specifics about their brain and the treatment that they will have. And what results they should expect.

Often, when people think of drug-free ADD or ADHD treatments says psychologist Edmonton. They envision lifestyle changes that they may not be able to sustain.

While it’s true that some people have trouble sleeping if they’re awakened early, this may lead to more problems with the adolescent.

Psychologists at Zone Psychology. Uses a different approach. That has scientific assessments, combined with the proven brain training program. That can help people train their brains to heal.

The first step people to call in for an appointment. Is a questionnaire that they fill out. Describe all of the symptoms that they have, and how those symptoms are presenting.

They will also go through a clinical interview. Where they will be able to discuss with psychologist Edmonton. How those symptoms impact their life, and how long they have been experiencing them.

They will also be subjected to a physical examination. To rule out any possible bodily issues, such as metabolic disorder. This might mimic the effects of ADD or ADHD. However, it has yet to be diagnosed. They will also go through several different objective and subjective testing. That can aid psychologists in determining what is going on inside their minds.

The first assessment is called a quantitative electroencephalogram, also called a Q E E G. Which is also known as a brain map. That will show psychologists exactly what is going on in their brains.

They will see the brain waves, how active they are, and where they are active. So that after treatment, undergoing another quantitative electroencephalogram. Will be able to show if there is a definitive improvement.

The following step is for them to go through numerous different examinations, such as the Iva or Tova. These will be evaluated based on objective criteria such as cognitive processing speed, long-term, and short-term memory.

That is specific for each patient. Designed to overcome not only their symptoms. But how those symptoms are impacting their life. That not only can they minimize symptoms.

They can have a much-improved quality of life. Because they are no longer compensating for the symptoms that are most problematic. And in fact, no longer have to compensate at all.

After about ten or twenty sessions, psychologist Edmonton will repeat the objective tests. To determine if the cognitive-perceptual training is effective. And, if so, how many more sessions they’ll need. They’ll also adjust the program to make it more likely to succeed for each patient if not.

When people are looking for a drug-free treatment for the symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD. Talking to the psychologists at Zone Psychology can be life-changing for everyone.

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