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One of the most common questions that psychologist Edmonton gets. Is from people who are looking for an all-natural, and medication-free treatment for ADD and ADHD. Because they either do not want to take medication on a long-term basis. Or the medication that they have tried does not work.

However, when they speak to their doctors. There may be no other options than drugs for individuals. Because most doctors are unaware of any natural treatments that work. This is why it’s so essential for individuals seeking different answers to look into their own psychology. They have alternatives for a wide range of patients, regardless of age or condition.

Psychologist Edmonton has cognitive-perceptual training as well as neuro-feedback. Which is like weight training for people’s brains. That helps them retrain their brain.

To repair the fractured and missed connections that lead to ADD and ADHD symptoms. The advantages of these natural therapies. They are all-natural treatments that are completely successful in treating patients of all ages. And, with children as young as four years old being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, they will be able to use this therapy.



The procedure begins with the patient undergoing all of the various diagnostic procedures. Contrary to popular belief, there is no single medical test that can reveal ADD or ADHD. It’s more like a jigsaw puzzle piece. The more tests patients can go through, the greater their chances are of compiling an image in their mind of what ADD and ADHD look like.

So that psychologist Edmonton can come up with the right treatment, that can address all of the issues that they have. This is because there are several different ways that ADD and ADHD can affect patients.

External symptoms include hyperactivity and impulsiveness. As well as internal ones like being unable to focus without being distracted, or failing to follow instructions. And some people have external troubles, whereas others have internal difficulties. Some are described as having a mix of both types of issues.

Therefore, once their psychologist knows how ADD and ADHD affect their particular brain. They are going to be able to come up with the right cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback.

To make sure that they are training their brains to deal with the difficulties they face. Most patients will achieve a cure after forty sessions. Sessions are usually weekly, although people can come in more frequently than that if necessary. They will retake the tests afterward. The effectiveness of the treatments may be seen by doing this.

That way, they will be able to prepare the patient for when they are going to be complete. Or if they need to add more sessions to have the results that patients are looking for.

When people are looking for an all-natural, medication-free solution to ADHD and ADD symptoms. They should make an appointment at zone psychology for an assessment right away.

Often, people who are looking for a medication-free treatment for ADD and ADHD make an appointment for psychologist Edmonton. Because they either do not want to use medication. Or the medication is ineffective, or the side effects are too severe.

It is quite typical for parents to be nervous about giving their children a stimulant, which is a narcotic. nThat is classified as a Schedule II drug, like other narcotics. not only are there concerned about the harshness of the liver on this powerful medication.

People who find benefit from medicines are also among them. They’re frequently unable to tolerate the drugs’ adverse effects. ADD and ADHD symptoms, according to this logic, are preferable to side effects. And while one of the seven types of ADD and ADHD can be treated effectively with medication. This leaves a significant number of people with this neurodevelopment issue untreated

This is why many people make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. To find out if they can benefit from their medication-free, and all-natural treatments.

The first thing that will happen, is that they will undergo a fairly in-depth assessment. Starting with a questionnaire that they fill out, about all of the symptoms that they have.

Followed by a clinical interview. Find out how those symptoms are affecting the patient, throughout their life. As well as a full medical, exam to find out.

If the symptoms that they have could be explained by physical, and medical affliction. Such as a metabolic disorder. So that they can get the physical issue treated, and see if that helps the symptoms.

After that, they will undergo some different tests, such as a quantitative electroencephalogram. As well as a test called the Iva, and the Tova. Which can tell psychologist Edmonton a lot about what is going on in the patient’s brain.

They are going to be able to see, exactly what brain waves are active and what parts of the patient’s brain. And how active they are. And using a process called neurofeedback, they can communicate with the brain.

Using electrodes placed on the patient’s head, they can use those to tell the brain where it is overreacting and underreacting. To help the brain start to fix that on its own.

People can use computer games to help them cultivate their brains in a way that has never been done before. People are training their brains, even if children think they’re just playing video games. With about forty sessions, people may begin rewiring their brains. To address the difficulties caused by their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

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