Can Adults Have ADHD Symptoms

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Even though there is a lot misunderstood about the neurodevelopment disorder ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. More is understood about this disorder in children than in adults.

It used to be considered a disorder that only children could suffer from. That many doctors believed that children outgrew their symptoms. As they grew up, their brain continued to develop.

However, they now know that this is not true. With the vast majority, 70% of children carry their symptoms with them. Into adulthood, even though they may develop coping mechanisms to deal with the symptoms.

Doctors now realize that stress exacerbates the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And when people are dealing with adult problems including career, marriage, and children.

Concussion Testing Rehabilitation Psychology Edmonton

These symptoms can worsen. And their coping mechanisms may no longer work. Which results in many people who suffer from this condition without a diagnosis. Often turning to substance abuse to cope.

Another misconception exists about ADD and ADHD. Is that it is only a disorder that affects boys. And the ratio of boys being diagnosed is 3 to 1. Although it can affect boys and girls equally.

The reason why more please get diagnosed. This is because they tend to exhibit more external symptoms. Such as hyperactivity, and poor impulse control. While the symptoms that girls have.

The fact that boys are being diagnosed at a higher rate is not an indication that the ‘girl’s problems are any less significant. It simply indicates that more females are suffering.

People who notice these characteristics in themselves can visit a psychologist in Edmonton for an evaluation. Or their loved ones may identify them. People may also ask their loved ones to go to see a physician.

The symptoms that people should be aware of. Include being inattentive, specifically not being able to focus on a conversation. Even when a person is speaking directly to them.

Feel like they are often distracted by external stimuli, such as noise or activity. Or even by their thoughts. They also may feel like they are procrastinating a significant amount.

While other people may have different coping methods, adolescents often experience a variety of problems at the same time. These symptoms might also include talking excessively in social situations. Or feeling restless and fidgety, especially when expected to be quiet. Or being irritable and unable to wait their turn.

Although it is now known that adults can have ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. This was often widely believed to not be true. Which continues to carry stigma today.

Since it was formerly known as archery Down’s syndrome. Many adults are afflicted by the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. They may be dismissed as personality traits by individuals who believe that because they can concentrate and sit still, they are lazy.

That other person should be able to just as easily. Which is where a lot of shame comes in. And people with ADD or ADHD and up believing that they should be able to do the things that others can.

The symptoms of ADD and ADHD, on the other hand, are neurological. And they occur when the brain is forming in the womb. It fails to form vital connections. As a result, the brain does not operate effectively. The behaviors and symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD are as follows:

Show up differently than in adults. With hyperactive children not being able to sit still, running around home or classroom. Or climbing furniture even if they are told not to.

While adults on the other hand may feel restless or fidgety. Opting not to take jobs that would require than sitting at a desk for any length of time. While the symptoms of being unable to focus.

Manifestations of this archetype in children include failing to pay attention to their school lessons and forgetting to complete homework. And ignoring instructions. However, in adults, it may manifest as procrastination or being distracted while conversing with individuals.

Their coping mechanisms also serve as a way to help hide their symptoms. As many people have shame about their symptoms. Because they are often led to believe.

That they should be able to control their symptoms more easily than they can. Therefore, if these symptoms sound like someone, or sound like a loved one. Psychologist Edmonton encourages them to make an appointment.

Not only do they have many different diagnostic tools. That can help paint a complete picture of what that patient’s brain looks like. They also have different treatments available.

And it is often quite desired, to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD without medication. And psychologist Edmonton has technology that will allow people to do just that.

They have a technology called neurofeedback. Which allows a psychologist to place sensors on the scalp of the patient. That not only measures brain waves.

It also enables them to offer input to the brain itself. Instructing it where the brain is overreacting. As well as where the brain is underreacting. And by using this knowledge, the brain can begin to heal those damaged and missed connections, allowing individuals with this neurodevelopment illness to gradually decrease their symptoms.

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