Can ADD Affect Adults

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Even though many people who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are children says psychologist Edmonton. This does not mean adults cannot have this neurodevelopment disorder. In fact, according to the studies, 70% of people carry their symptoms into adulthood.

Unfortunately, by the time people reach adulthood. If they have not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They typically will not be for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons why ADD and ADHD are so underdiagnosed in adults. It was once thought to be a disease of childhood, which is why many people believe it will get better as children grow older. These symptoms did not go away when they became adults; rather, their brains grew with them and they were no longer afflicted with this disorder.

However, 70% of children continue having symptoms into adulthood. That means there are many adults that are walking around without the right diagnosis.

cognitive perceptual therapy
cognitive-perceptual therapy

However, when people are growing into adults. If they have ADD or ADHD symptoms. Those are undiagnosed, they often make the assumption. That those are just personality traits.

They develop a wide range of coping strategies in order to overcome these challenges. To address these issues, they must first acknowledge them. Because no one knows what it is or how to define it, the parents may believe that their child does not have a neurodevelopment problem. And not just do they take several various diagnostic procedures.

Psychologist Edmonton will be able to come up with a treatment plan specifically for them. ADD and ADHD is something that needs to be pieced together using several different diagnostic tools.

Because no test can conclusively identify someone. As a result, the more testing that is done. The better the doctor understands their condition. And the greater psychologist Edmonton understands what’s going on in their mind. Every therapy is tailored to fit each patient individually.

Not only will they take their symptoms into consideration. They will also take the severity of those symptoms into consideration. And then create a treatment plan.

Utilizing neuro-feedback, as well as cognitive-perceptual training. That is similar to weight training, but for people’s brains instead. What it looks like on the outside, or people playing simplistic computer games.

And in fact, most children are undergoing treatment. Simply think that it is a computer game and is fun. But they do not know, that they are actually training their brain to fix the broken connections that they have.

Depending on each person, they might have up to forty treatments in order to resolve symptoms. But Zone Psychology will ensure that they undergo another diagnostic tool. To ensure treatment is actually helping them progress and heal.

For the best treatment for ADD and ADHD and their symptoms. People should make an appointment with their own psychologist immediately. And start getting the help they need.

Even though most people are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD as children say psychologist Edmonton. This does not mean that only children can have this neurodevelopment disorder. In fact, adults simply have developed coping mechanisms as they grew into adults.

Unfortunately, adults who go undiagnosed are far more common. Even if they do have several different coping methods at their disposal. The fact is that ADD and ADHD symptoms can become much more severe during adulthood. People are having to deal with a wider range of issues as they advance in their careers, get married, and start families, and so on

Coping mechanisms become more difficult. And people can frequently turn to drug and alcohol abuse. As a way of coping with their overwhelming feelings. From being in untreated adults with ADD and ADHD.

Therefore, adults who suffer from some of the symptoms that are associated with ADD and ADHD. With that, they are women or men. Can help seek out the right treatment by getting the right diagnosis?

For example, some people can be hyperactive, or impulsive. And as children, that often came out as running around a classroom or interrupting the class verbally.

It’s not so bad when they’re infants. However, as adults, it means being unable to stay still at a desk. Or even avoiding taking a job that requires sitting at a computer all day. Because they are conscious of it.

People may have difficulty multitasking, especially when self-esteem or the inability to comprehend basic instructions are involved. However, people with this symptom find it difficult to keep up with a conversation in adulthood. Even if someone is directly addressing them.

By completing a variety of diagnostic tests. An Iva or Tova test, for example, is a quantitative electroencephalogram that can help the psychologist figure out what’s going on inside their head.

That will help them create a treatment designed specifically for them. Typically, they can resolve most symptoms and about forty treatments. When the patient is halfway through, they will undergo the diagnostic tests again.

That will assist the psychologist in determining if therapy is helping them. And, if so, how many more treatments would be required to cure their problems. But also, whether they are not benefitting from treatment. What they can do now to manage their symptoms. To assist them to control or eliminating their ADD and ADHD disorders.


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