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Often, since ADD and ADHD is often diagnosed in childhood says psychologist Edmonton. Parents are very nervous about putting their child on medication.

Another reason is that they recognize the medication used to relieve the symptoms of this neurodevelopment disease. Our potent narcotics, such as Ritalin and Adderall. These drugs are classified as narcotic in nature because they have a similar impact on the brain as cocaine, amphetamines, and morphine.

While there are many benefits to using CBD oil, it is also highly likely to be misused. As a result, many parents are scared. Putting their kid on a strong narcotic on a daily basis. In addition to that, while there are seven distinct clients of ADD and ADHD. Only one type of response is acceptable for all drugs.

When they typically will not benefit from it. But even if it does work to minimize their ADD and ADHD symptoms. Many patients find that the side effects are very bad.

And they can’t tolerate the medicine’s side effects. Because they don’t want to have the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Because they despise how the medicine makes them feel. And even for people who can manage the side effects and believe that medication is useful. It may lose its effectiveness over time.

Natural ADHD Treatments

As a result, they often try to manage symptoms themselves. By lifestyle changes including limiting the screen time, exercise. And getting lots of sleep. However, while these are healthy changes.

They are not going to help people manage their ADD or ADHD symptoms significantly. Even changing their diet, by eliminating processed foods, illuminating allergens in their home. And increasing healthy fat and protein.

Will do little to manage the symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. Which is why coming to Zone Psychology for an assessment as well as treatment is so beneficial.

Even if people have received an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. It is recommended that when they go to psychologist Edmonton. That they undergo all of the different diagnostic tests and assessments.

Because the more a psychologist understands about a patient’s brain. The more treatment options they’ll be able to come up with. This will allow patients to obtain the maximum benefits from therapy. Especially if they want to utilize Zone Psychology‘s non-pharmaceutical alternative.

Using a technology called neurofeedback. They will be able to use sensors placed on the patient’s scalp. To measure brain waves. And then send feedback directly to the brain.

In order to tell it where it is overreacting, and under reacting. So that the brain can start healing broken connections. And making the connections that they missed, when the brain was first developing.

Using this all-natural method. People can help heal their brain to minimize their symptoms. So that they can live their most fulfilling life. Without having to cope with their symptoms any longer.

It can be very frustrating to be dealing with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And this is for many reasons for both adults and children.

The first reason why it is very frustrating, is because it is often believed that ADD and ADHD is not a real disorder. Because the symptoms are often behaviour-based.

People are told that they are lazy, unfocused or are not trying hard enough. Or that the parents are lacking discipline, or are not raising their children correctly.

That is because people without this neurodevelopment disorder. See the behavior, and have the rationale that if they can control their own behaviour. Other people should be able to control their behaviour just as easily.

However, what causes ADD and ADHD. Is the fact that there are crucial connections in the brain that were missed during the brain development. That manifests itself as these issues.

Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and lack of concentration are all symptoms. A person, on the other hand, can’t control their actions. Then a person with high blood pressure has the ability to lower their blood pressure. And while various people develop defensive strategies. To compensate for their problems, they invent coping methods such as writing everything down.

People may use a variety of strategies to cope with their problems. Setting reminders on their phone, or setting many different alarms for various activities is one example. Alternatively, they might ask individuals to assist them in starting a task so that they don’t procrastinate anymore. Although there are numerous distinct coping mechanisms, this does not negate the

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says it is very likely, that people who have ADD and ADHD. Are working harder than their peers to get what they can accomplished.

And once they find the right treatment, they often excel at school, or at work. Because they are no longer having to compensate for the symptoms that they have been experiencing for their entire life.

This is why it is so beneficial to make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Because not only do they have many different diagnostic tools and assessments.

They make sure they have an impartial and subjective perspective on the patient, so that they may build not just a full diagnosis. They’ll be able to come up with a treatment plan that will assist reduce symptoms for people of all ages. And if patients are searching for a medication-free therapy, they offer technology in their facility that can help patients naturally

Ecologists may use biometric sensors on the patient’s scalp to monitor brain waves using neuro-feedback. To notify the brain where it needs to heal itself, as well as communicate with it. And with treatments and over time, individuals discover that their symptoms begin to decrease. Their brain heals from this neurodevelopment disease as a result of these therapies

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