ADHD Treatments Without Narcotics

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Whether people have not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Or they choose not to be treated, because their doctor only presented medication as an option.

There are many people who are walking around dealing with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Who may not realize that there is help that they can get in order to live a more normal life.

Adults who have undiagnosed ADD and ADHD may have developed a significant number of coping mechanisms. And are left thinking that the problems that they have are simply personality traits.

That they are hardworking or need to put in more effort is another common misconception. When, in fact, they have a neurodevelopmental condition and disrupted brain connections. And that they are unable to control their actions like someone with diabetes can manage their blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, when people are dealing with an ADD and ADHD diagnosis. And are choosing not to undergo treatment. Usually, it is because they do not want to take medication.

Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help With ADHD

The medication that is most often prescribed for people with ADD and ADHD is a powerful narcotic. Ritalin and Adderall, have been put in the same category as amphetamines, morphine and cocaine.

Therefore, when people or parents of children. Are faced with the decision of whether to take this very powerful narcotic for the rest of their life. They are understandably apprehensive.

In addition to that, when people do start taking medication. They may not see any benefits at all. Because as psychologist Edmonton reports. There are seven different types of ADD and ADHD.

Only one of them, however, will respond to medication. And even when individuals do respond to drug therapy and can control their symptoms. They are unable to manage the drug’s side effects because of their anxiety about what it is doing to their livers or hearts, which are both stimulants.

Therefore, by reaching out to psychologist Edmonton. Can help many patients find out. That there are actual treatment options that are natural. And can help them without narcotics.

The first step, is to make an appointment and then come in for some diagnostic tests. Psychologists will help rule out any physical problems such as metabolism. By using a full physical.

Next is a questionnaire to find out what symptoms they are having. And a clinical interview that can help them understand how those symptoms have affected their life.

After that, they’ll do a number of different diagnostic tests, including a quantitative electroencephalogram. They will also perform an Iva and a Tova test. This may assist the psychologist in putting all of the pieces together of their puzzle. Furthermore, it can aid them in repairing the brain connections that were not formed.

It is very important for people to understand that there are natural treatments for ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And that if their doctor does not help them find natural solutions.

They should make an appointment with Zone Psychology, because they can help find the right treatment. Without using drugs or narcotics at all.

However, it does require people taking a leap of faith and making an appointment. And then undergoing several different diagnostic tests. These tests can help psychologist Edmonton understand.

Exactly what is going on in their brain. Such as knowing what brain waves are active, what parts of their brain they are active in. As well as how active they are.

So that the psychologist can come up with the right treatment plan. And using several different processes, called cognitive perceptual training and narrow feedback. They can start minimizing people’s symptoms.

This is similar to weightlifting for the brain. Customers will not see changes immediately. People can take medicine, for example. However, psychologist Edmonton claims that most symptoms will go away after forty treatments. People do have the choice of coming in twice a week to decrease the amount of time it takes to get the results they want.

Using a series of computer games, children often think that there simply playing. When they are actually helping to train their brain in order to fix missing and damaged connections.

Depending on the findings of their diagnostic tests. They will compete in a different set of games in order to compensate and overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing.

As well, they will also undergo the diagnostic tests halfway through the treatment. So that psychologist Edmonton can say definitively. Using objective measurements. If the treatment has been successful.

If it has, they will make an estimate, on how many more treatments a patient will need to take. In order to resolve their treatments symptoms. Or if they are going to need more, so that they can be prepared for that.

However, one of the greatest benefits of this treatment is. Once people have resolved their symptoms. They have the option of continuing to come back. Because while this treatment is permanent.

If a kid’s gotten a concussion, they may quit improving or completely reverse their progress. This can occur as a result of a head injury. If it can be avoided, this is called an “avoidable adverse event.” And if not treated correctly, these symptoms could return.


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