ADHD Symptoms in Adults

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Even though symptoms of ADD and ADHD in children are often misunderstood according to psychologist Edmonton. It is even more misunderstood in adulthood.

It was previously thought that this was a childhood condition. That they outgrew as children matured and their brains grew. That they went away with children growing up, and their brains developed. However, doctors now know that this is not the case. And that 70% of children who have ADD or ADHD as adults will continue to display them.

However, the fact remains that it is very undiagnosed in adults. And often, if a child does not receive that diagnosis. They will not get diagnosed when they become adults.

The lack of knowledge about how ADD and ADHD affects adults is only part of the problem. But, additionally, as children get older, they learn strategies to deal with problems. And these coping techniques allow them to compensate for their issues in one way or another. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding ADD and ADHD symptoms, which makes people feel terrible.


The reason for so much embarrassment. People have frequently been told that their issues are caused by a lack of effort, a lack of discipline, or laziness. Parents are frequently blamed for not parenting their children correctly. People who believe this commonly believe they should be able to control their actions more easily.

Therefore, as the symptoms change slightly in adulthood. And people get good at hiding them. They often go on diagnosed. Including from their closest loved ones.

Which is why it is very important that people get to know the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. Especially how they manifest in adulthood. As well as how adults compensate.

Because when they can recognize these traits in themselves. Or in their loved ones. They are able to recommend going to psychologist Edmonton. For a test to help them get the right diagnosis.

The three most prevalent types of ADD and ADHD symptoms in adults and children are impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention. And that’s exactly what it is: a lack of impulse control, which manifests as excessive activity or inactivity (for example, constantly playing video games). However, they manifest differently in youngsters than they do in adults.

Children who are hyperactive, for example, will climb on furniture, run around, and be unable to sit in a desk. Adults who are hyperactive, on the other hand, might always feel restless or fidgety and may experience anxiety.

Poor impulse control in children often results in children talking back. Getting out of their seat when they are told to sit down. As well as acting without thinking of consequences.

When it comes to adults, it can manifest as not finishing their tasks, procrastination. Even hyper-focusing on one interest, instead of what they should be doing.

Ultimately, their coping mechanisms can be creating reminders and alerts in their phone and on their computer. To remind them of what they should be doing.

When people understand the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. They will be able to help themselves or their loved one get the help they need, by contacting psychologist Edmonton.

It is very difficult for people to have ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because it can be very frustrating to navigate the world as it exists.

Worse yet, there are several misconceptions about this condition. Despite the fact that it is one of the most common and neurodevelopmental diseases. And, while children are more likely to be diagnosed, they are not the only ones who can be affected by it. Children are more prone to becoming afflicted with this disease than adults.

Simply because people are more likely to develop coping strategies when they become adults. As well as the symptoms are slightly different, which can often be overlooked.

Another reason why it is difficult for adults to get this diagnosis. Is because they often have a lot of shame around the symptoms. Especially as they have likely been told that they should be able to control their behaviour. Or that they are lazy or lack discipline.

Therefore, they hide their symptoms, so that they do not have to be told that they should be trying harder. When the truth of the matter is that they are likely working harder than their peers.

To achieve the same result. This happens when individuals are able to find the proper diagnosis and then treatment for their condition.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says many famous people have gone on to have amazing careers. Even though they have received the ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Musician Justin Timberlake, comedian Howie Mandel. As well as the most decorated Olympian in history Michael Phelps. All have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. And with the right treatment, have excelled in their careers.

Therefore, people who suspect that this is their problem. Do not need to worry that getting this diagnosis will be problematic. But it will be the first step to effective treatment.

When people go see psychologist Edmonton, they have many different diagnostic tools. That can help them get an objective as well as subjective assessment. To know exactly what is going on in their brain.

If they believe they might have ADD or ADHD. And they want a solution that doesn’t involve drugs. People who suspect they may have ADD or ADHD should visit a psychologist in Edmonton right away.

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