Minimizing Your ADD Symptoms

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Often, when adults are living with ADD symptoms, psychologist Edmonton says they often believe their problems are personality traits. Instead of the fact that they are suffering from a neurological disorder.

ADD is most often diagnosed in childhood. Often, because of the disruptive behavior of the children. Because a teacher to raise concerns. That will help get the child get the assessment and diagnosis.

However, despite the fact that it is one of the most were available neurodevelopment disorders of childhood. And 70% of children carry their symptoms into adulthood. While over 5% of children in Canada have this diagnosis.

Only around half of all adults have received the diagnosis for ADD. This means that there are a significant number of people in Canada who have symptoms of ADD and are unaware of them. Because many individuals with ADD-related symptoms. Feel that the problems they are experiencing are simply part of their personality.


They have been termed as sluggish, lack willpower or motivation, and so forth. And there is often a lot of embarrassment surrounding these symptoms. When they are informed that they should be able to control themselves better. But the people closest to the patient, such as their spouse or children. They view things from a different perspective.

When ADD symptoms are present in adults. While the root cause of the symptoms can be the same as children. Hyperactivity, poor impulse control, and lack of focus. The way those symptoms present are different.

While a hyperactive child may climb the furniture, and run around, being unable to sit down. I hyperactive adult may simply feel restless or fidget constantly. Or a poor impulse control symptom in childhood.

Being unable to stop themselves from saying things, or interrupting others. However, in adulthood. This indicates a lack of respect for other people’s time and may lead to the disruption of meetings at work.

Therefore, if people find that these are the symptoms that they or their loved one is exhibiting. Instead of trying to cope with those symptoms. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. In order to get a proper diagnosis.

While many people believe that a diagnosis can be made with ADD and a single test, this is not the case. It’s not easy to determine who has it. Rather, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, with each diagnostic test providing more pieces to the picture. The picture may soon become crystal clear.

Often, when people have been coping with ADD symptoms for many years says psychologist Edmonton. They often believe that the symptoms that they have are simply personality traits.

And rather than look for a diagnosis, and a treatment. Simply develop a wide variety of coping mechanisms. To make living their life significantly easier.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton talks about one parent they saw in their practice. Who came in, because their child was getting an assessment. But when they were asking the child if one of their parents lacked focus.

The parent had to answer that question yes. And found that they were exhibiting many symptoms similar to their child. In fact, ADD as well as ADHD has a 70 to 80% genetic component.

This means if a child has received a positive diagnosis. There is an extremely good chance. That one parent, or both. Will have many symptoms similar to ADD and ADHD as well.

The parent simply developed many different coping mechanisms. Such as practicing mindfulness, in order to be as focused as possible. And putting alerts, and reminders on their cell phone.

So that they would be notified of things which they needed to remember or assist them accomplishing. To get over the symptoms that they were experiencing. Many people with ADD think that others are in control of their actions when those others claim so. When behavior is factored into the equation.

The cause of that behavior is a completely missing, or damaged brain connection. That was missed when the brain was forming before they were even born.

This is why coming to psychologist Edmonton is so beneficial. Because unlike the narcotics that are currently being prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD symptoms.

Their treatment options actually help repair those missing brain connections. So instead of taking medicine to minimize the symptoms. Psychologists are able to eliminate the reason for those symptoms existing in the first place.

They do this using technology called Nero feedback. And by placing sensors on the patient’s head. Psychologists are able to talk directly to the patient’s brain. And tell the brain where it is overreacting, as well as where it is underreacting.

And using this information, the brain will be able to fix the broken or missing connections. So that people will be able to get on with their life, without having to cope, or deal with symptoms in the first place.

What is even more beneficial about going to psychologist Edmonton. Is the fact that they have a wide variety of objective and subjective assessments. That not only helps get a more complete diagnosis, and treatment.

What is extremely beneficial about this treatment plan, and technology. Is that not only will they have a wide variety of objective and subjective assessments. That will help them get a complete diagnosis and a great treatment plan.

But once they go through the assessments, several weeks or months after their treatment. The psychologists are going to be able to see how much improvement the patient has definitively.

Which can help them determine how much longer the treatment needs to last. But help the patient see how much improvement they have been able to get.

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