How ADD Affects Adults

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Not only is ADD and ADHD often understood in children according to psychologist Edmonton. It is often misunderstood in adults as well, with fewer adults getting a diagnosis of this neurodevelopment disorder.

In fact, it was once thought of as a pediatric disorder. And that as children got older and their brains developed. That they were able to shed their symptoms in childhood. However, if they are not diagnosed as youngsters.

They often do not get diagnosed as adults. Often because by the time people reach adulthood, they have already developed many different coping mechanisms for their symptoms.

Many people believe that their problems are simply part of their personality. This is why it is so frequent for individuals to be examined by a psychologist in Edmonton since their loved one has recognized the symptoms that they have.


It is very important for adults to understand how ADD and ADHD symptoms manifest in adults. So that when they are there loved when exhibiting these types of symptoms. They can recommend an assessment as quickly as possible.

For example, in children, hyperactivity is a typical symptom, with them being unable to sit still in class. Climbing furniture and running around the room are examples of ADHD-like behaviors. Adults report feeling restless or fidgety for most of the day. They’ll take a job in an active area as a means of coping.

Another symptom of ADD or ADHD is inattention. Children exhibit symptoms including not following directions, or not paying attention in class.

Yet in adults says psychologist Edmonton. The symptoms can come through as adults who get distracted by external noise or activity when they are talking to someone.

Another reason why ADD or ADHD is misunderstood in adults. Many people believe that since the symptoms are behavioral, adults should be able to regulate their behavior.

However, this is also not true. Because the symptoms are caused by missing or damaged brain connections. Those were missed when their brain was forming before they were born.

And someone with ADD or ADHD is no more able to control their symptoms. Then a diabetic can control their ability to produce insulin for example.

Once a loved one suggests that perhaps the difficulties that they have. Are out of their control, they can recommend making an appointment with psychologist Edmonton.

In order to get the subjective and objective tests they need. To find out exactly what is going on in their brain, and a treatment that can help them.

It is estimated that there are many Canadian adults living with ADD or ADHD and not know it says psychologist Edmonton. This is for several different reasons.

It was once widely believed. That ADD and ADHD were childhood disorders. And that children would outgrow their symptoms as they age. However, this is now understood to not be true.

That 70% of all children actually carry their symptoms into adulthood. Therefore, if they do not get diagnosed as children, they often will not get diagnosed as adults.

Often because they do not believe that adults can have it. Even though doctors now understand that ADD and ADHD exist in adults, many adults do not realize this.

Adults have already established numerous coping methods. They do not realize that this is a neurodevelopment condition with various therapies because of their ADD and ADHD symptoms. Adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD, such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity.

And so there is also a layer of shame surrounding the symptoms that they are experiencing. This is why they try to compensate with coping mechanisms. And do not readily admit to others that they have these difficulties.

However, people that are closest to adults items of ADD and ADHD. May be able to see their loved ones in a different way, understanding the difficulties that they are having. Could be symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder. And make the recommendation that they get an assessment done at psychologist Edmonton.

The reason why they are different and Zone Psychology is because they have several different objective and subjective assessments. To help the doctors understand exactly what is going on with the patient.

The first step is to rule out any physical issues that might be contributing to their difficulties. After they’ve eliminated everything, they’ll go through a questionnaire to assist the psychologist in understanding all of the symptoms that they experience. In addition, a clinical interview will aid the psychologist in determining how the symptoms have impacted their life and how long they have been dealing

They also will have several different diagnostic tools and technology. To help them see exactly what is going on in the brain. Such as a quantitative electroencephalogram.

This will take a picture of the patient’s brain so that doctors can see what brain waves are active, how active they are. And what areas in the brain they are active in.

As well as other tests, including an Iva test, which will show psychologists how clients respond to visual or auditory stimulation. And when all of these tests are complete, they will have a deeper understanding of that patient and their brain.

It will be able to create a treatment plan, including nonpharmaceutical options. That not only can help minimize the symptoms that they are experiencing. But help heal their brain, and restore missing or damaged connections.

If anyone suspects that they or their loved one is struggling with symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Getting them to psychologist Edmonton for a complete assessment. Can be the first step, to living a life without compensating for challenges.

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