Can Adults Have ADD?

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Although it was once widely believed, that only children had ADD or ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. This is now understood to not be true. However, many adults still are not getting the diagnosis that can help them.

This is the case because individuals are not diagnosed in childhood. They frequently attribute their symptoms to something else. Our basic personality characteristics, as a result of which we all react in the same way.

However, another problem is that adults might realize that they have ADD or ADHD. But are not willing to undergo treatment, because they think the only treatment is medication.

The reason why they often think this. Is because doctors often only present this as a treatment. Because when it does work, it is extremely effective, and fast-acting.

Biofeedback Theraphy Patient Being Tested

However, many people are very reluctant to make a schedule to narcotic on a daily basis. Such as Ritalin or Adderall. Those are put into the same medication category as cocaine, morphine as well as amphetamines.

Or, they may have already tried taking any of the prescribed medications for symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And found that they were not able to manage the side effects of the drugs.

For many people, the side effects of the drugs are worse than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And for others, they found relief with the medication, but the medication stopped working after a few months.

There are actually seven distinct types of people who suffer from attention-deficit / ADHD. Only one of them responds to the medicine. As a result, the likelihood that users will see any advantages from medication is slim to none.

This is why they should come to see psychologist Edmonton. Because not only do they have many different technological tools to help them get a very complete and definitive diagnosis.

But the technology they employ also aids in their receiving a more effective therapy. As a result, they may help to prepare those missing brain connections. So that they might not only reduce their symptoms but also eliminate the cause of them. The technique is known as narrow feedback.

Using this information, the brain is able to start healing the broken or missed connections. Slowly, a patient will see that their symptoms start to get less severe.

Soon they have to use their coping mechanisms less and less over time. And the benefit of coming to psychologist Edmonton will be that they can redo the need for different diagnostic tests, and undergo objective and subjective assessments.

In order to find out if the treatment is beneficial. And how helpful it is been, and how much improvement they have made. And how many more treatments they must undergo.

According to psychologist Edmonton, it was frequently misunderstood. ADD and ADHD are considered pediatric diseases. And that children outgrow them as they grow older. This is no longer true. However, the notion persists that adults can’t have this neurological condition.

However, many people believe it is behavioral in nature. It is not, nor is it psychological. And despite the fact that the symptoms are largely behavioral in nature.

It is not true that people who have ADD or ADHD. Are going to be able to try harder to overcome their symptoms. Or control their behavior any more than a diabetic can control their ability to use insulin.

Therefore, finding the right doctor, such as psychologist Edmonton. Can be extremely beneficial. Because not only do they have many different diagnostic tests that they can use.

All of these different tests help paint a complete picture for the psychologist. About exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain.

Not only do they sit down with the patient, and give them a questionnaire, on what symptoms they have. They will also take the patient through a clinical interview.

That asks them questions like how the symptoms they are experiencing impact their life. And how long they have been experiencing these problems.

In addition to that, psychologist Edmonton wants to rule out any physical problems that could be either contributing to the problems or even causing them. Such as metabolic disorders.

And finally, they will use a wide variety of tests and technology to help with going on in the patient’s brain. Such as the Iva test, which is a twenty-minute test.

That is used to measure the audio and visual attention that the patient is able to respond to. And that can help the psychologist understand if their problem is a lack of focus or inattentiveness.

They will also use a Q E G, which is a quantitative electroencephalogram. That allows psychologists to have a map of the patient’s brain. Which will show doctors exactly what is going on in the brain.

By seeing what brain waves are active, where they are active. And how active they are. Can help psychologists determine where the brain is overreacting where they are underreacting.

And if the patient wants to go with a nonpharmaceutical approach to treatment. What they will find, is that psychologist Edmonton will have a treatment called narrow feedback. That can help them actually fix those missed brain connections.

So that they will be able to start to notice that the symptoms that they have, our not as prevail into as they used to be. And the benefits of coming to a psychologist that has so much technology.

Is that several weeks or months after starting this narrow feedback treatment. The psychologist will be able to redo many of the tasks.

In order to see how much improvement the patient shows, in order to determine how effective the treatment is. And how many they will need in the future.

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