All Natural ADD Treatment

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Whether the patient who is suspected of having ADD is an adult or child, psychologist Edmonton says it is important. For them to find an all-natural treatment for their symptoms.

The medicine used to cure this neurological disease causes these symptoms. Our symptoms are frequently very severe. And they’re more difficult to live with. Then comes the ADD illness itself, which is characterized by such a variety of signs and behaviors that it makes treatment almost impossible at times.

The reason why is because the medication that is used to treat ADD is high-powered narcotics. Considered to be in the same category as cocaine, morphine, and amphetamines.

While these drugs may be quite beneficial in one kind of ADD, they aren’t a panacea. There are seven distinct forms of this neurological illness, and medicine works with just one of them. Even when the medicines do work, side effects are severe. This means that individuals will need to find another method for treating their problems.


Natural ADHD Treatments

When it comes to children, the patient who has ADD is often a toddler. Many parents are understandably anxious about giving their children high-dose prescription medications. When it comes to a particular person with ADHD medicine, most of us have no idea what we’re talking about on this topic.

However, many doctors are not aware of any all-natural, drug-free treatments. And that is why they present narcotics as the first treatment that they suggest.

This is why individuals who have been diagnosed with ADD, or who suspect their child has it, should visit an Edmonton psychologist rather than other doctors in the city. What distinguishes them from other physicians in Edmonton is the fact that they utilize a lot of technology and perform many different tests.

For example, they will use a quantitative electroencephalogram. That allows the psychologist to take a picture of their brain, to create a map. In order to find out what is going on in the brain.

They’ll be able to see what brain waves are active, how intense they are. And where they’re concentrated. The Iva test, for example, is a distinct diagnostic test.

Patients will also go through the questionnaire, as well as a clinical interview. So that psychologist Edmonton will be able to make a complete diagnosis, using a lot of information.

This will help them get a better diagnosis. Most importantly, help them find the right treatment. And in addition to the technology that they have for diagnosis.

They also have the technology for treatments. And by using Neuro-feedback, they are going to be able to use electrodes to talk directly to the patient’s brain. In order to send it information on where it is under or over performing.

And that neurofeedback will allow the brain to start to correct itself. Making those important connections that were missed during brain development. And minimizing ADD symptoms in the process. Helping people without needing drugs.

Often, people end up living with their ADD symptoms for a long time says psychologist Edmonton. Especially if they do not get diagnosed as a child.

The reason why is because ADD used to be considered a neurological disorder of childhood. And many doctors believed that children outgrew their symptoms as they became adults.

However, this is no longer the case. With 70% of children carrying their symptoms into adulthood. So if a youngster was not diagnosed, they are frequently undiagnosed as adults. And they get by developing a wide range of coping strategies, such as mindfulness practice or instilling reminders on their calendar and phone.

However, all of the coping mechanisms in the world. Is not going to help eliminate the symptoms of ADD and adults. Who often are led to believe that the symptoms that they are experiencing our personality traits.

Because of this, there is a lot of stigma surrounding ADD adults. Because they are frequently regarded as being lacking in willpower or drive. Instead of their peers recognizing that they have a neurological disease and that they literally can’t concentrate or have the motivation of others.

As a result, many adults with ADD reach a point when their symptoms are so severe that they are unable to function effectively. Their coping methods have failed them. Alternatively, they may only visit an Edmonton psychologist because ADD has a 70-80% genetic predisposition.

Once the child gets a positive diagnosis, one parent or both admit to having focus issues. It often causes enough for the parent to go through an assessment as well. And that is where they get their diagnosis.

While many people believe that being diagnosed with ADD implies they have a single job, this is not the case. It’s more like a jigsaw puzzle in which each piece fits together to create the whole picture. And at their clinic, they utilize a variety of subjective and objective tests to help them make that picture as clear as possible so they can get

Not only will they do a question there and a clinical interview. They will also do a quantitative electroencephalogram. That can actually create a map of their brain, to show doctors what is going on.

They’ll be evaluated by a psychologist to rule out any physical issues. It’s more probable that this is causing their problems rather than a neurological condition.

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