Treating ADHD Symptoms Naturally

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Even if people are suffering from symptoms of ADD and ADHD, or know that their child is suffering says psychologist Edmonton. They often put off getting a diagnosis because they are afraid of the treatment.

The main cause of people’s anxiety about the therapy. This is due to the fact that many doctors only discuss medicine as a treatment for ADD and ADHD. And the reason why so many physicians stick to one approach.

In fact, there are several different ADD and ADHD clients. Only one of them responds favorably to medication. As a result, even though it is frequently presented as the only option. It is quite ineffective, which makes many parents apprehensive about putting their kids on a narcotic for extended periods of time.

Even when people are concerned about themselves as adults, they may not want to take a narcotic on a long-term basis. In order to manage the symptoms that they have.


Natural ADHD Treatments

Even if they are aware that their symptoms should be treated. And this is yet another issue with ADD and ADHD. Many adults go undiagnosed. It’s often because people believe that the problems adults deal with are part of our personality. Adults who do not get diagnosed as children frequently miss the diagnosis as adults as well.

However, this is problematic says psychologist Edmonton. Because when adults have symptoms of ADD and ADHD. The problems of adulthood can actually exacerbate those symptoms and make them worse and more pronounced.

This is why it is very important that parents get the right diagnosis for their children. However, they need to take their child to a psychologist that does not use a behavioral only diagnosis tool.

The reason why is because behavioural assessment is not conclusively diagnosed ADD and ADHD. And other problems in the brain can cause those same symptoms.

Such as if a person has suffered a concussion, they may have behavioural problems, or have a difficult time concentrating. But ADD and ADHD medication can be harmful when given.

As a result, this is why psychologists in Edmonton encourage the use of objective measurements alongside their behavioural questionnaires. And one such measurable is quantitative electroencephalogram. The psychologist can capture an image of a patient’s brain using this technique.

In order to figure out what’s going on in the brain and how each of the different brain frequencies is affecting them. Inattentiveness can be indicated by slow brain waves. Brain waves that are too rapid might indicate hyperactivity and impulsivity. The psychologist will examine this EEG, looking for specific types of brainwaves.

They will also look to see where the brain waves are active, especially in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Because that can conclusively say whether a patient has ADD and ADHD.

Even though many people have heard that those with ADD and ADHD are often put on Adderall or Ritalin says psychologist Edmonton, a medication-only approach is not beneficial for everyone.

In fact, medication only responds in a small percentage of all cases of ADD and ADHD. This is why it is understandable that many people are very nervous about giving their children this medication.

Also, people may not realize it, but Ritalin is considered a schedule to narcotic. And is placed in the same category as amphetamines, and cocaine.

When understanding how strong this medication is, parents should be nervous about putting their child on this medication on a long-term basis.

As well as adults should think twice about being on this medication long-term. Especially if they have not received a conclusive diagnosis. If they have only been diagnosed using behavioral analysis.

They may have had the wrong diagnosis, which is why medication may not work in all ADD and ADHD cases. Even if people do get a conclusive diagnosis of ADHD. Medication is not always necessary.

The symptoms of ADD and ADHD may be treated non-medically, and all naturally, by a psychologist in Edmonton. By assisting the mind heal, therefore treating the source of the problems. Instead of just using medication to cure the symptoms but nothing to assist repair what is causing them in the first place.

The all-natural method is called biofeedback. And by attaching electrodes to a patient’s head. They can send information to the brain. This is completely safe and pain-free.

The brain can also communicate back to the psychologist using those same electrodes. Which can assist the psychologist in determining where the brain is overreacting or underreacting. This method allows psychologists to provide information to the brain, allowing it to heal damaged regions. To avoid hyperactivity or under reactivity in individuals.

This treatment can be done in this psychologist’s office. And whether they need a few treatments, or many, these all-natural treatments. Can be billed directly to people’s health benefits if they have them.

And over time, people can experience a lessening of their ADD and ADHD symptoms. Helping column people who are hyperactive, and allowing them to control their impulses much better.

While also helping people who are having a difficult time concentrating. Or have difficulty being attentive. Having an increased ability to pay attention, and keep their brain on task.

It how beneficial this treatment is. Anyone who suspects that they or their child has ADD or ADHD. And want a conclusive diagnosis. Can make an appointment to see psychologist Edmonton.

And if they find they do have ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and the symptoms are disruptive to their life. They can end up undergoing treatment that can help them manage those symptoms naturally.

The sooner people can find out what is going on in their brain, and give them an objective diagnosis. The sooner they can reach out and find ways to heal themselves and help them live a life free of symptoms.

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