Treating ADD Symptoms Naturally

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Often, parents are very disheartened when their child gets diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are unable to find an alternative to the narcotics they are often prescribed.

Many individuals believe that medication is the only way to treat ADHD or ADD symptoms. This isn’t correct, but it is often the first therapy that doctors propose. Because if this works, eight days later you’ll have results. Getting a solution quickly can be quite crucial to clinicians, therefore many parents are hesitant to give their child such powerful medicines.

People need to understand, that common drugs used to treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD are Ritalin and Adderall. Which are considered schedule to narcotics.

That are placed in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines. Therefore, the side effects that children can get from these extremely powerful drugs are very difficult for them to manage.


Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help

Even if the medications are found to be beneficial. Because they don’t like how the adverse effects make them feel, they frequently stop taking the drugs. Or even if it is successful, they will develop an immunity to it quickly. So parents who are already seeking for an alternative solution will inevitably want to skip trying narcotic drugs in the first place.

However, parents must recognise that only a small number of ADD or ADHD cases respond well to the medications. This may be another reason for their hesitation in giving their kids this powerful medication. Especially since they will have to give them this drug on a regular basis for many years. They frequently choose to explore other choices before trying anything else.

However, because doctors are unfamiliar with non-medical therapies in general. They are unable to provide this information to parents. This might frequently induce parents to try to figure things out for themselves.

Therefore, parents may not find that this is as beneficial as they assume it will be. And can end up looking for different answers anyway.

This is where parents should about psychologist Edmonton. Because they have completely natural, and safe ways to not only treat the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

However, this treatment allows the brain to repair the connections that it had missed. As a result, when youngsters have fewer symptoms. It’s because the brain is healing that’s causing this. And they no longer experience any of the factors that cause their problems. As a result, psychologists in Edmonton can benefit both families and children by being discovered sooner rather

Because not only will they be able to help the parents get a definitive answer about whether their child has ADD or ADHD. But because they can start treatment with this biofeedback therapy soon.

Many parents are not aware of what causes ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Which ends up with many parents misunderstanding why their child has the symptoms that they do.

One of the premises is that since the symptoms appear as behavioural issues. All they need is for parents to have stricter rules or tougher discipline. To act and either sit still, stop hyperactivity, or master their passions are all things that must be done. And this isn’t the situation, because ADD/ADHD is defined as a neurological condition.

One of the most important things that a parent can do. Is get their child diagnosed as quickly as possible. And the younger the better, so that they can start looking for treatments that are going to benefit their child.

While children as young as four are currently being identified, according to psychologist Edmonton. People usually aren’t diagnosed until they reach school age. And it’s because they’re showing external symptoms like hyperactivity or poor impulse control that they get a diagnosis. That is enough to disrupt the class, to cause the teacher to give the child the attention they need to get a diagnosis. However, if children exhibit more internal symptoms. It may be a lot more difficult for parents to get a diagnosis.

Because they are not disrupting the class. And not getting the attention from the teacher they need. Even if parents themselves suspect something is wrong with their child. It may be difficult for them to get a diagnosis.

Especially when they are taking their child to a doctor that only uses behavioural analysis to diagnose ADD and ADHD. Some behaviours are missed. Especially if a child has a combined presentation.

That has them exhibiting some external and some internal symptoms at the same time. Which is why it is very beneficial for parents to bring their child to psychologist Edmonton.

Because they use objective measurements at the same time as behavioural analysis. To definitively diagnose ADD and ADHD. Because they will be able to see what brain waves are active.

Because they will get an electroencephalogram, which will allow them to see a map of the child’s brain. And whether they have ADD or ADHD. Or if the symptoms that they have, could be from another neurological disorder.

Get a diagnosis at a psychologist Edmonton. They will be able to begin a completely natural course of therapy called biofeedback. That is absolutely safe for patients of all ages to undergo.

And this biofeedback actually communicates with the brain, to help the brain heal the missed or damaged connections that cause symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Whether they only need a few biofeedback sessions. Or if a patient needs to come back more times in order to fully heal those broken connections. It can be a permanent solution to helping minimize or eliminate symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD.

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