The Symptoms of ADD

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One of the reasons why it is so difficult to get a positive diagnosis of ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. This is partially how the symptoms can present themselves in patients.

Children are frequently diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Because they are showing more disruptive symptoms. Inability sitting still, poor impulse control, and hyperactivity is just a few examples. However, as a parent of a kid who has ADD, ADD is much more than simply an energetic youngster.

That is less obviously associated with this neurodevelopment disorder. These symptoms include an inability to focus, especially when bored or overwhelmed. And an inability to be attentive.

Students who have these symptoms are often called daydreamers. And because they are not as disruptive as the students that have poor impulse control and hyperactivity.



They often do not get diagnosed at all. Even though they may be suffering the same amount. In our having just as much difficulty completing their schoolwork.

In fact, it is very obvious for people to blame parenting on the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Saying that parents need to be more strict. This is why their child is misbehaving, or not focusing.

However, psychologist Edmonton says that ADD and ADHD are considered neurodevelopment disorders. That keeps the brain from developing important connections while the child was developing.

Which results in children who are struggling, because they are missing important brain connections. And despite the fact that they might be struggling, and trying to focus, or say still.

It is not because they are not trying hard enough. Or that the parents had lax rules. But because their brain is missing the connections that they need to do what the child wants to do.

However, another problem that parents face says psychologist Edmonton. Is that many doctors only use a behavioral analysis are to diagnose ADD or ADHD. And this is extremely problematic for many reasons.

One of the first things to consider. Hyperactivity and impulsive behavior are two examples of symptoms. An inability to concentrate is also a sign of brain damage. And when doctors only utilize a behavioral analysis.

This is especially crucial if the person complaining of symptoms is an adult. Because not all concussions are caused by a head injury. This is why some concussions go undiagnosed frequently. And, if people are taking medicine to manage their ADD or ADHD symptoms. They may also have concussion damage. Not only will the medication be ineffective.

As a result, people who suffer from ADD should visit a psychologist in Edmonton. Whether they are an adult looking for an ADD diagnosis or if it is obvious that their kid needs one.

Most patients that have ADD or ADHD get diagnosed at childhood says psychologist Edmonton. This leaves many adults who are potentially suffering from symptoms not getting the help they need.

In fact, it used to be assumed that children grew their symptoms as they aged. However, studies have now shown that 70% of children carry those symptoms into adulthood.

However, when people with ADD or ADHD reach adulthood. And they have not yet been diagnosed. They often consider the symptoms that they have.

As an adult, we may struggle with more complex issues than we had as a youngster. And when they can’t cope with their issues or symptoms, many turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate their pain.

This is why it is very important for parents to get their children assessed properly. So that they can end up with a diagnosis. And avoid compounding their problems in the future.

When parents bring their child to psychologist Edmonton. They are going to have their child get a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which will give this apologist a map of their brain.

There are several ways to practice neurofeedback. The most standard method is through a screen that measures brain waves and sends them back to your computer, where you can analyze them. A psychologist may use this technology to see what brain waves are active and in which areas of the brain they’re occurring.

It is completely secure for patients to utilize it as many times as they like. While certain symptoms of ADD and ADHD require only a few treatments. Some might need more treatment sessions. As a result, it’s critical for parents to understand that this procedure will be entirely safe for their child to undergo any number of times.

This treatment is called biofeedback, and by utilizing sensors placed on the patient’s head. They can get information from the brain. And send feedback back into the brain.

So that it can start repairing those missing connections. And minimizing the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. This is extremely beneficial, because not only is this an effective treatment.

But the treatment is completely permanent because it treats the cause of the symptoms. And set of just treating the symptoms themselves, which is what the medication does.

If any parents have a kid who they believe has ADD or ADHD, or if there are any grownups who believe they have symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder. They should visit a psychologist in Edmonton for an evaluation. So that they can figure out exactly what’s going on inside their mind.

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