Symptoms of ADHD

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Often, many people get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are acting very disruptive in a classroom setting. And they get the attention needed to get a diagnosis.

However, these are just some of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And it is very important to note, that these are common symptoms in boys, but girls often present their symptoms very differently.

In fact, quite often, girls are inattentive. And while they might miss important information. Or be called daydreamers by their teachers. This is a symptom of ADD and ADHD.


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However, because people who are inattentive, or are daydreaming. Are not disruptive in a classroom setting, they often are overlooked. And are suffering from their symptoms. And are not getting the help they need.

What is happening in a person’s brain, and what are the distinctions in huge slow brain waves? When people are sleeping, this is what their common fast-wave activity looks like. In terms of their faster awake brain waves.

And they do that using a process called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is called a Q E G for short. And it can help the psychologist see exactly what is going on in their brain.

In order to help get the right diagnosis. The reason why it is so important is to have objective measurements. This is because a behavioral assessment can tell what the outcome is.

But the behaviors do not necessarily tell the complete picture about what is going on in a patient’s brain. And people who have ADD or ADHD symptoms can often be suffering from something else.

For example, one patient went to a psychologist complaining about typical ADHD symptoms. Such as having a difficult time focusing, or concentrating.

The children were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, according to the professionals. However, when psychologist Edmonton measured their brain waves, they discovered an undetected concussion. And while all of their actions pointed to a good diagnosis of ADD or ADHD

Concussion symptoms can look very similar to ADHD symptoms. With the inability to focus, and the task-oriented at home or at work. However, getting medication for ADD or ADHD would have been harmful.

Therefore, if people truly want to find the right solution to the problems they are experiencing. Even if they suspect they have ADD or ADHD. They should get the proper assessment done.

So that they can get a real diagnosis so that they can be so much closer to finding the right treatment options for them. And while many people assume medication is the only treatment that is not true.

There are natural and medication-free treatment options. Including using biofeedback, using sensors attached to their head, to speak to their brain and give it feedback so it can heal itself.

Many people may be worried that they have symptoms of ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And whether people do have this neurological condition or their children that are suffering.

It is very important that people not only seek out a diagnosis. But seek out help from psychologist Edmonton, who will use a number of objective measurements. As well as a behavioral assessment.

And using several tools can find out exactly what is going on in a person’s brain. And since the brain is a very complex organ. People should want to be sure of the correct diagnosis.

Before starting any treatment. And while many doctors have often pushed medication as a treatment. Medication is only helpful in one out of the seven different clients of ADD or ADHD.

This is why medication is often a poor place to start whether it is a child or an adult. And if parents are concerned about giving their children narcotics, they should seek out other solutions.

While many doctors have been prescribing Ritalin or Adderall for ADD and ADHD symptoms for years. People should understand they are considered scheduled to narcotics.

Those are put in the same category as cocaine, morphine, and amphetamines. And since the medication is often something patients should be expected to be on for the long term.

It is no wonder that many parents want to avoid putting their children on these extremely strong medications. And even if it is an adult who is seeking treatment.

Many adults also don’t want to be on a high-level narcotic long-term either. This is where the treatment options they can find with psychologist Edmonton can be beneficial.

The treatment options that they have, include something called biofeedback. Where a psychologist will attach electrodes to a patient’s head. Sending information into the brain.

Using the electrical information that the brain transmits back in the same electrodes. The psychologist may observe where the mind is overreacting and where it is underreacting. And provide information to correct those parts of the brain. So that the brain can heal itself naturally, without medication, as a result of this biofeedback.

Therefore, if people are experiencing problems at home, or at work. Or if they think that their child is suffering from symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Their first step is a correct diagnosis.

They should consider these questions, as they can help the psychologist diagnose the problem correctly. Do they have a difficult time wrapping up the final details of a project?

Have you ever had a hard time focusing on what people are saying? Or, perhaps, particularly when individuals address them directly or offer directions or instructions? If they notice that it’s tough for them to concentrate, pay attention, or hear what others have to say to them. These may all be indications of ADD and ADHD.

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