Symptoms of ADHD in Children

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Even though adults can suffer from ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Often, children are the ones that are getting diagnosed with this neurological disorder.

If they haven’t been diagnosed, most people write off their symptoms as personality flaws until they reach adulthood. Which implies that they might be suffering unnecessarily with these symptoms. The reason why children are examined when they do is due to their disruptive behavior in class.

However, this is problematic. Because while it can help the people who have one presentation of ADD or ADHD symptoms.

There are other ways that ADD and ADHD are present. Such as people who have a difficult time concentrating, following directions. And are inattentive either because they are bored or because they are overwhelmed.



As a result, these types of ADD and ADHD symptoms are frequently neglected by a teacher. They may be written off as the characteristics of the daydreamer child or overlooked because they aren’t disrupting class.

This is where parents have to be great advocates for their children. And if they notice that their child is not able to follow directions, or is getting poor marks in school even though they are very bright.

Should seek out an assessment themselves from psychologist Edmonton. And the reason why they need to go to this clinic. This is because they use many objective measurements.

In addition to a behavioral assessment to diagnose ADD or ADHD. The reason why objective measurements are important. Is because of symptoms that people are experiencing.

Could have multiple causes. And when using a behavioral assessment alone. That does not necessarily give enough information to a doctor. To conclusively diagnose ADD or ADHD.

Which could result in people undergoing treatment, particularly taking narcotics. And that not being the reason that they have the symptoms.

A great example of this is people who are inattentive. Or have a difficult time concentrating or focusing. Thinking that they have ADD and ADHD.

However, after they get an electroencephalogram from psychologist Edmonton. Find out that they actually have an undiagnosed concussion causing those symptoms instead.

And if people do end up with an ADD or ADHD diagnosis incorrectly. Any narcotics that they take from a prescription to manage their symptoms. Not only will not help their symptoms.

Therefore, people should get an appropriate assessment done, using their behavioral assessment. But also objective measurements including an electroencephalogram.

When it comes to understanding how the brain works, there are several things that can be done. Understanding working memory, for example. And assessing their capacity to process information quickly or effectively. As a result, going to an Edmonton psychologist implies undergoing a neurological and behavioral evaluation. So that the therapies they suggest may help relieve or reduce symptoms.

It used to be believed that only children can suffer from ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And that children outgrew their symptoms with time.

However, this is no longer considered correct. With 70 percent of all youngsters continuing to experience symptoms into adulthood. Many undiagnosed adults, on the other hand, continue to live with their issues. Because they have written off their difficulties as a personality quirk or feature. Despite the fact that ADD and ADHD symptoms may be exacerbated in adulthood.

This often leads to adults that have ADD and ADHD that are untreated. To develop problems at work, in their relationships. And can even end up with actions problems as a result of their anxiety, and depression.

This is why it is so important for children to get diagnosed. Because if they missed getting diagnosed, statistics show that they will not get diagnosed as adults either.

However, it can be very stressful for parents. To have their child being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Because the doctors that they see often present narcotics as the only solution.

Many individuals are aware that Ritalin or Adderall are frequently the first medicines prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD symptoms. And, even if it is successful, many parents are hesitant about forcing their kids to follow a timetable of narcotic addiction. However, part of the problem is that medicine isn’t effective most of the time.

In fact, according to psychologist Edmonton, there are seven different clients with ADD and ADHD. And only one of them responds well to medication.

So even using the justification that doctors say when medication works, it is extremely effective. Parents need to understand that this is only effective in a very small segment of all cases.

Unfortunately, when parents decide not to use this medication as a first step. They are frequently left without any additional options. And they may look for natural cures on their own.

However, at psychologist Edmonton. They are having a lot of success treating the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in a completely safe and natural way. That does not use medication at all.

Using biofeedback, by sending electronic information into the brain. The psychologist can communicate with the brain. And tell the brain where it needs to heal. So that they can minimize the symptoms.

It can take a few sessions, requiring patients to come back for a few weeks. Or a few months, in order to help the brain heal where it needs in order to minimize symptoms.

But once a patient has minimized the symptoms. The results are permanent. And can help people avoid having to take medication on a long-term basis to manage the ADD and ADHD that they have.

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