Symptoms of ADD in Children

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While many people equate ADD or ADHD symptoms to behavioral issues says psychologist Edmonton. It is actually a neurodevelopment disorder. That is caused when people have connections that are missed in their brain is developing.

Therefore, even though it may seem like a child should be able to control their behavior. Whether it is hyperactivity, having problems sitting down, or poor impulse control.

Or, if the symptoms are more internal, like being unable to focus. Or having a hard time concentrating, especially if someone is talking directly to a person. People with these symptoms are no more able to control their behavior.

Then someone who actually has a different form of brain damage. Being able to walk again. And it is very hard for people who do not know much about ADD or ADHD to understand this.


Understanding ADD Symptoms in Children

It becomes even more difficult when you consider that symptoms vary widely between genders. The fact that symptoms differ greatly between genders is especially true for boys, because girls, despite their difficulties, are not disrupting the class.

This wine up with the ratio of confirmed cases of ADD or ADHD is three two one, boys to girls. Which can lead many people to make the assumption. That ADD or ADHD is only an affliction. That affects boys.

However, this is not just problematic when doctors are only diagnosing children based on behavioral analysis. But if people are presenting in what is known as combined presentation.

They might have some symptoms that are internal and some that are external. This can result in a misdiagnosis because it is not the typical diagnosis that people are expecting.

This is why parents who are looking for a diagnosis for their kid should visit an expert psychologist in Edmonton. They also make use of several measurable parameters, such as working memory assessment, brain processing speed and capacity evaluation, and a quantitative electroencephalogram.

What the electroencephalogram does. Is it actually create a map of the patient’s brain? Showing what brain waves are active and where they are active. Especially in the prefrontal cortex.

In using that information, psychologist Edmonton will be able to see exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. So that they can diagnose conclusively whether they have ADD or ADHD or not.

What they are looking for, is if they have adults who have brain waves. Which are great big slow waves. That is often found when people are asleep. And when they are present in patients who are awake.

This points to ADD or ADHD, where the symptoms are an inability to focus or pay attention. If they have beta brain waves, but they are far too active and fast. This is called a busy brain.

While it may indicate anxiety and worry. It is also a sign of ADD or ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and poor impulse control. As a result, when parents bring their child to a psychologist in Edmonton. They are able to obtain important data regarding their kid’s health.

It is very important for parents to get an ADD or ADHD diagnosis in their child sooner rather than later says psychologist Edmonton. Because of the misconceptions that can happen to their child if they are not diagnosed.

Many people make the assumption that people who have ADD or ADHD are lazy, or they are not trying very hard. Or that they were the victims of poor parenting. When none of this is true.

Many celebrities have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. And yet they went on to amass great fortunes. Because they overcame their ADD or ADHD symptoms. It’s very probable that persons who are suffering from ADD or ADHD symptoms may suddenly blossom when given assistance in managing them.

Because they are accustomed to working harder than others in order to achieve the same level. And once their problems have gone away. Can suddenly shine in a wide range of areas. Not only that, but those who have ADD or ADHD are well-known for their amazing creativity. This is why many celebrities have been diagnosed with this neurodevelopmental illness.

Artists are, in and of themselves. Justin Timberlake, a comedian who sells his services to vendors, and Olympian Michael Phelps have all been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Despite this, they have gone on to have very successful lives. As a result, a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD should not be seen as an evil thing.

So once children are diagnosed as having this neurodevelopment disorder. Parents should become their best advocates. So that they can find the right treatment to help them manage their symptoms.

One of the first things that they can do, visits psychologist Edmonton. Because while some symptoms of ADD or ADHD are extremely well known. Some of those well-known symptoms. Can also have other causes.

One example of this is an adult patient. Who self-diagnosed themselves as having ADD or ADHD. And when they went for their objective measurements tests including an electroencephalogram.

Discovered that instead of having a neurodevelopment disorder. They actually had undiagnosed brain damage, from a concussion that they did not realize that they had.

And it is very important to get a definitive diagnosis. Because if people end up taking medication designed to treat ADD or ADHD. And they do not actually have that.

Not only can the medication that they take not be helpful. It can also be downright dangerous. Therefore, before patients take any treatment. Their doctor should have a very definitive answer on whether they have ADD and ADHD or not.

If parents want any more information about the electroencephalogram or the treatment that they have for people with ADD or ADHD. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton right away.

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