Getting an ADHD Diagnosis

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One of the driving factors for parents getting their children diagnosed for ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that they are having behavioural problems. Such as being hyperactive, or having a difficult time sitting still.

This can be very disruptive in a classroom setting. Which is often why children get diagnosed more often than adults. However, people need to understand that hyperactive or impulsivity are not the only symptoms.

In fact, many people are inattentive, and that can be a symptom of ADHD. But they do not often get the diagnosis, because people who are inattentive. Are not disruptive.

Because people are not disruptive, they often do not get the attention they need to receive a diagnosis. Therefore, there can be a lot of people who have ADD or ADHD and not even know it.

And while most people get diagnosed in childhood says psychologist Edmonton. Many adults are living out their life with or ADHD. And are not aware that the symptoms that they are experiencing have a treatment.


Why ADHD Is Underdiagnosed

In fact, the symptoms of ADD and ADHD can get far worse in adult hood. When people are faced with more difficult problems. Such as work, paying bills, and more complex relationships.

Although people should be very careful not to get a diagnosis based on behaviour alone. Because while behaviour can be how ADD or ADHD presents.

True ADD and ADHD has a component of different brain activity. And can have objective measurements. Such as working memory, brain processing speed and the ability to process information quickly.

This is why psychologist Edmonton always does a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is going to help determine what is going on in patients brains according to their brain waves.

When determining what is going on in a patient’s brain, the psychologist will look at the number of fast brain waves, also known as beta brain waves. As they relate to how many slower brain waves, which are called Delta brain waves.

Delta brain waves are slow, and will be what a person should have when they are sleeping. But when people are getting Delta brain waves when they are awake.

This is what causes problems such as memory problems, and slow information processing speed. When a psychologist sees this in a patient’s brain. And they are already experiencing physical symptoms.

Such as being hyperactive, impulsive or having a difficult time being attentive. Or they cannot sit still, or say that they have a difficult time finishing what they start.

This can lead to a positive diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. And then, the patient can discuss with their doctor, about what treatment they would like to utilize to manage those symptoms.

And while medication has been a very popular response to ADD and ADHD symptoms. Medication is not necessarily effective in all forms of ADD and ADHD. Which is why a non-medicinal treatment is often preferred.

If patients want to know more about a medication free treatment. That can help minimize ADD and ADHD symptoms. They should make an appointment with their psychologist, in order to ask all of their questions.

Many children get an ADD or ADHD diagnosis says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are being very disruptive in schools and classrooms. However, this is precisely why adults often do not get the diagnosis.

Even though very few children outgrow ADD or ADHD symptoms as they get older. Many adults who not been diagnosed as children. Are still living with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

And while it causes children to be hyperactive and impulsive in school. As well as have a difficult time focusing, and learning the lesson that they are being taught.

In adults, this translates into having a difficult time finishing projects. And not being able to concentrate effectively at work or at home. Which can result in problems at work, at home, and in relationships.

However, one of the problems that many people have. Especially adults. Is that ADD and ADHD has typically been diagnosed using behavioural questions. Which does not give an objective measurements.

This is why psychologists use behavioural questions, but also objective measurements. And brain scans In order to see what is going on neurologically in a patient’s brain.

The reason why it is so important to have a combined approach to diagnosis. Is because some of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD can be caused by something else. Such as a concussion.

If someone is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, they can often be treated with prescription medicines. However, their brain has been harmed by a concussion. The medicine isn’t only ineffective; it may also be highly harmful to the patient. This is why psychologists should continuously seek for information about what’s going on in the brain.

So that they can come to the right diagnosis, and most appropriate treatment as well. However, when it comes to treatment, there are more options other than medication.

While some doctors would have you believe that medicine is the only answer. While there are seven distinct forms of ADD and ADHD, medication is not the ideal therapy since it is only effective in one of them. Even at its best, patients have a poor chance of benefiting from medication.

This is why psychologist in Edmonton uses an all-natural, medication-free therapy. This can truly help to heal the brain. So that people no longer suffer from symptoms. They don’t have to take any medicine to get there. Biofeedback is used by this type of therapy, which involves electrodes connected to a patient’s head.

Using that biofeedback, psychologists are able to communicate with the brain. To tell them what parts of the brain are over reacting or under reacting.

And then the brain can start to heal itself over time. The best part about this biofeedback, is that patients will find that the benefits are permanent. And with every treatment, their symptoms can get improvements.

For more information on quantitative electroencephalogram’s. As well as all natural treatments in biofeedback. People should contact psychologist Edmonton for consultation.

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