Getting An ADD Diagnosis

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For parents who are frustrated with trying to find a diagnosis for their child displaying ADD or ADHD symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. Getting the right diagnosis can be hard. The comes with its own challenges.

Only behavioural analysis is used by many doctors to identify ADD or ADHD. And this is beneficial for individuals who exhibit the common indicators of ADD and ADHD. They have a hard time sitting still, or hanging out in their chairs. They’re also frequently seen running or scaling walls. They also have a tough time controlling their urges.

However, this is not the only way that people who have ADD or ADHD sever from symptoms. They also can have a difficult time focusing, even when someone is speaking directly to them.

Inattentiveness is a common problem among children with ADHD. They are frequently preoccupied, and when they are overloaded or bored, they become inattentive. Some of each symptoms are displayed by some persons. As a result, if psychiatrists’ only concern is their behavior. Will any person who truly has ADD or ADHD be identified?


Presentation of ADD Symptoms Differs Between The Sexes

Leaving parents wondering what is wrong with their child if they do not get that diagnosis as well. This is why psychologist Edmonton uses objective measurements. In addition to behavioural analysis to diagnosed patients.

Not only will they use some behavioural analysis. They will also look at how the patient processes information in their brain using speed and ability. As well as looking at their working memory.

Using a quantitative electroencephalogram. That allows the psychologist to create a map of the patient’s brain. What they are looking for in this brain map.

Our the brain waves themselves, especially in the prefrontal cortex. That can show the psychologist exactly what is going on in the brain.

The presence of larger and slower brain waves called Delta. Is typically what they will see when someone is sleeping. So to have this show up in the electroencephalogram.

Typically points to ADD and ADHD, people are inattentive. Or have a hard time focusing. While another presentation of the brain waves could be extremely fast brain waves.

Nicknamed busy brain by psychologists. This is the typical symptom that many people associate with ADD and ADHD. Which is hyperactivity, and poor impulse control.

However, many people may not realize i but both types of brain waves can be present at the same time. Which would tell psychologists, that the patient has what is called a combined presentation.

People can have some symptoms of both clients. Hyperactive and inattentive. Or poor impulse control, and an inability to focus. This is why it is so important to see what is going on in the patient’s brain to get the right diagnosis.

Once they have the right diagnosis, they can start working on what the best treatment plan will be. And psychologist Edmonton uses biofeedback therapy. Which not only is safe for patients of all ages.

But also does not use medication at all. To help heal the damaged connection in the patient’s brain. That lead to ADD and ADHD symptoms. And treatment, can help naturally eliminate these symptoms for the patient.

When parents are able to get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD for their child says psychologist Edmonton. It can help them understand the reason why their child has certain behaviours.

While it’s easy to place the blame for undesirable habits on bad parenting. Or a kid who isn’t putting out much effort. ADD and ADHD are neurological diseases. And no matter how hard a youngster tries, he or she is working against an ill-fitted brain. This is why obtaining an accurate diagnosis from the start is so critical.

Unfortunately, when it comes to traditional doctors and general practitioners. Parents can find it difficult to find treatment options. Because they are often only presented with medication.

The reason why many doctors lead with medication, is because when it is helpful. The effects are very quick and very dramatic. However, with the seven different clients of ADD and ADHD.

Only one of them is helped by medicine. As a result, even if a parent decides to give their kids narcotic injections on a daily basis. It’s unlikely to work. And when it does, many children don’t have the strength to endure the side effects. It can be quickly neutralised by an immunity develop over time.

This is why parents often look for completely natural treatments. So that they do not have to subject their child to narcotics. However, not a lot of doctors know about natural treatments.

This is when making an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton becomes really useful. They aren’t only aware of natural cures, but they also use cutting-edge technology to help reduce ADD and ADHD symptoms. By repairing or repairing damaged or broken connections, in a way that actually helps the brain heal. As a result, when individuals have fewer symptoms.

It is because the reason that they experience symptoms in the first place has been fixed. Psychologist Edmonton uses technology called biofeedback. Which includes putting sensors on the patient’s head.

To use electrodes to send information to the brain. And also receive information back from the brain. This way, the psychologist can tell them brain where it is underperforming and over performing.

So that it can repair those connections itself. And minimize symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder. It is completely safe for patients of all ages. And safe to use for any number of treatments.

Therefore, whether it is a child as young as seven, or an adult who has recently been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. This can be an effective treatment for all people. In a way that heals the brain. And does not require the use of strong narcotics at all.

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