Does Your Child Have ADHD

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Our children than adults get diagnosed with ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. And this is often because they are diagnosed when they have difficulty in the classroom.

However, many children are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Then misconception is often that children will outgrow this affliction as they age. That is not the case.

And that means while there are 6% of all children in Canada between the ages of four and sixteen in Canada. That have positively received an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Only 4% of American adults have received the diagnosis. This means there are far more adults who have ADD and ADHD. But have not yet received a diagnosis.



However, when youngsters are diagnosed, they can begin receiving treatment and learning more about their problems. As a result, they will be more likely to successfully manage their symptoms. This is why it’s critical for parents to have an evaluation done if their kid shows signs of ADD or ADHD.

The reason why psychologists should not use a behavioral assessment alone. Is because they might miss some behaviors. Particularly girls, who have different behaviors than boys.

Girls, often have a difficult time concentrating, or listening to what people are saying. Even when they are talking directly to that person. Or often called daydreamers.

Therefore, especially in a classroom setting. Girls are less often diagnosed. Because they are not disrupting the class. To the point where the teacher wants to speak to the parents.

Because of their behavioral issues, children are being placed in special education classes. This is where parents must learn their children intimately. And to be able to observe whether or not they declare that they are bored or exceptionally bright. However, their school grades are terrible.

They may even conduct various objective tests of their own. For example, do they will take measurements of the patient’s behavior, as well as use a broad range of objective criteria. They’ll look at the patient’s working memory, cognitive processing speed, and information processing capabilities.

Psychologist Edmonton will also utilize something called a quantitative electroencephalogram. That will measure the brain waves in a patient’s brain. To determine what is going on with their brain waves.

Do they move too slowly, or too rapidly? Is their rate of speed appropriate for their age and developmental stage? While slow brain waves are beneficial during sleep. Fast brain waves indicate someone is attentive and concentrated. People who have sluggish brain wave activity might be inattentive if their brain waves are excessively slow when they are awake.

This is why it is very important to get the right assessments done. So that people can end up with a diagnosis that can help them find the right treatment.

The reason why children get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD more than adults says psychologist Edmonton. Is because they get diagnosed when they are disruptive in a classroom setting.

However, 1.1 million Canadian adults have ADD or ADHD. But it is estimated that this number is significantly underreported. Because more children have ADD or ADHD than that.

While psychologists used to believe that children outgrow their symptoms as they become adults. However, recent research has revealed that this is no longer the case. This implies that there are many people who live with ADD or ADHD as adults. And it’s possible that they may not realize why they keep having the same issues over and over again.

However, some parents are very nervous to get their children diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Because they often have the assumption. That medication is the only treatment.

And many parents are very nervous about putting their child on Ritalin or Adderall. Because they are very strong narcotics, their child will be on them for many years to come.

However, this is why psychologist Edmonton is very beneficial. Because they have treatment options that are completely natural, effective, and are 100% medication free

And it can help people find the right treatment for further ADD and ADHD symptoms. In a way that can permanently minimize those symptoms. Without ever needing to take medication.

This is referred to as biofeedback. The psychologist will also attach electrodes to the patient’s head and send information into his or her mind. And the brain will provide feedback, informing the psychologist about what’s going on. It can use that knowledge to heal those damaged regions.

The number of biofeedback sessions they will require. It will be determined by whatever is going on in the patient’s brain. And just how bad their symptoms are. And whether it’s a few or many sessions.

When spirits realize that there are options for treatment, that do not involve narcotics. More parents may be agreeable to getting their child tested. Using many testing methods.

By understanding the patient’s behaviors. But also objective measurements such as brain processing speed, and working memory. As well as getting a quantitative electroencephalogram.

People can end up with the absolute correct diagnosis for what is going on. So that they along with their psychologist Edmonton can come up with the right treatment that can help them.

If patients have any other questions about their symptoms or treatment options. They can always arrange for an assessment, and ask all the questions they need to get the right diagnosis.

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