Does Your Child Have ADD

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Even though a positive ADD or ADHD diagnosis can give parents answers says psychologist Edmonton. It also can create even more problems, when they try and get treatment.

The reason why it can create problems. This is because often doctors only present medication as a way to manage a patient’s ADD or ADHD symptoms. And that starts with using Ritalin or Adderall as a first step.

And understandably, parents are very nervous about giving their child such a strong narcotic. Especially because Adderall and Ritalin are placed in the same category as amphetamines, cocaine, and morphine.

It may appear to be overly heavy-handed to offer a youngster such a strong medication, especially when compared to all of the various forms of ADD and ADHD out there. Medication is only effective in one of those types.


Understanding ADD Symptoms in Children

Unfortunately, parents often feel like this is the only option that they have. And despite wanting to look for other solutions. Administer this drug to their child, because they want to do something to help their child.

This is where parents should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Because not only do they have different methods for diagnosing ADD and ADHD. That uses objective measurements.

In addition to a behavior assessment. They also have different treatment options that are not only completely natural. They do not require drugs in order to be effective.

This is called biofeedback. And how it works, is putting sensors on the patient’s head, that they can then send electronic feedback through.

That electronic feedback speaks to the brain and allows the brain to send information back to the psychologist. Using this will tell the brain exactly what areas of the brain are underreacting.

They can also utilize biofeedback to tell the brain where it’s overreacting. As a result, the brain may begin repairing or re-establishing connections that were missed or damaged while it grew. The ability to do so is due to their use of a quantitative electroencephalogram brain mapping technique.

And because it provides a map of the child’s brain. The psychologist is able to see what brain waves are active. To what degree, and what part of the patient’s brain. Especially in the prefrontal cortex.

This way, they will know what parts of the brain they want to restore connections. So that when patients get relief from their ADD or ADHD symptoms. It will be because those connections are fixed.

They no longer have that damaged link, which causes the symptoms to occur. As a result, rather of taking medicine that just alleviates the symptoms. Parents may bring their kids to a psychologist in Edmonton. And, in fact, assist with the connections by assisting them to build better ones.

Many parents who are struggling with behavioral problems with their child should visit psychologist Edmonton. Because they might find out that their child has a neurodevelopment disorder called ADD or ADHD.

The number of children getting diagnosed with this disorder is on the rise, with 6% of children between the ages of four and 16 Getting Diagnosed in Canada.

However, many experts believe that this number is quite low. Because all are not getting the diagnosis they need. Often, the symptoms that they have are less obvious.

Makes it even more difficult to diagnose. Is the fact that there is a difference in how boys and girls typically present their symptoms. With boys getting diagnosed faster. As well as more often, because of those symptoms.

For example, males with ADD or ADHD are more hyperactive and have a hard time sitting still. Running and climbing on things are examples of this. Or having poor impulse control. Because these symptoms can be quite disruptive in a classroom. Boys frequently get the attention they require from their teachers.

On the other hand, girls have less obvious symptoms. And the symptoms that they have been directed more in words. Such as having an inability to focus for concentrate.

Especially when they are bored or overwhelmed. And they can even have a hard time paying attention, even when someone is talking directly to them. Which earns them the reputation of daydreamers.

However, people who daydream are not disrupting the class. So even both types of children are struggling the same amount. It is only the hyperactive student that gets the attention to get a diagnosis.

What makes it even more difficult, however. Is that even though boys are typically more hyperactive. Girls are typically more inattentive. People can also have called a combined presentation.

Which means they will have some of each symptom. Which can make it even more difficult to get a diagnosis. Especially if the doctor that parents take their child to.

Only uses behavior analysis for diagnosis. This is why parents should learn about a psychologist in Edmonton. Because they utilize objective measurements in addition to behavior analysis. As a result, they can obtain an objective idea of what is going on inside the patient’s brain. Since ADD and ADHD are both neurodevelopment diseases.

It is caused when important connections in the brain were not created during development. Therefore, a brain scan is one of the objective measurements that they use.

In order to actually see what is going on with the brain wave psychologist, Edmonton can understand exactly if these connections are missed. So that they can create the best treatment plan.

And since ADD and ADHD symptoms are present because brain connections are missed. The treatment that they have is biofeedback. To repair those missing or damaged connections.

Therefore, psychologist Edmonton not only can treat ADD and ADHD completely naturally. And without drugs. But this can also help them repair those damaged connections, thus eliminating the symptoms permanently.

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