Does Someone You Know Have ADD

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There are a lot of assumptions that people make about those who are suffering from ADD or ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. One of those assumptions is that people with this neurodevelopment disorder are hyperactive.

ADD/ADHD is not the only underlying problem in someone who has hyperactivity. Many persons who have this condition do not show any symptoms at all, despite having it. However, it’s essential to note that males are more likely than females to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They will be unable to control their urges and will be restless

While girls typically show signs that are less apparent. As an example, being inattentive or having a hard time focusing. The reason for this is that they do not disrupt the class in any way. To be diagnosed, they must simply be labeled as a daydreamer.

This is why behavioral tests are so dangerous, according to psychologist Edmonton. And the reason for that is because they also utilize objective measurements in addition to behavioral testing. Not just for the purpose of determining how well a person can handle information and other functions such as working memory, speed, and capacity.


Why ADD Goes Undiagnosed in Females

But also, they utilize an electroencephalogram. Which is a neurological scan that measures brain waves. And provides a map of the patient’s brain.

This will allow a psychologist in Edmonton to observe what is happening inside the patient’s brain. Particularly when it comes to brainwaves. They’ll be looking for a lot of typical brain waves. Delta brain waves, which are large and sluggish-moving brain waves, are present when people are awake and concentrated.

Those are great for when someone is sleeping, but it is not a great indicator of the ability to be alert and attentive. Therefore, when these brain waves are present.

People typically will have symptoms of being inattentive. Or having a hard time concentrating even when they want to.

However, if there are brain waves that are too active, this is called the busy brain. And not only is this present when people have anxiety.

It is also apparent when people are hyperactive, impulsive, and unable to sit still. While some individuals have one sort of brain wave or the other. Some people exhibit both types of brain waves. And this is referred to as a combined presentation.

Psychologists can understand exactly what is going on. So that they can make the appropriate diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Once they have the right diagnosis, it is a lot easier to come up with a treatment plan.

They also utilize a technology called biofeedback. Which will allow the psychologist to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD naturally, and without medication. So that people can minimize their symptoms, and have a much easier time getting through life.

It can be very difficult to try and interact with someone who has symptoms of ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And when the person who has the symptoms is a child, can be even more frustrating.

Parents have often been considered at fault, for a lot of the symptoms that people experience they have ADD or ADHD. For example, people might end up being hyperactive, impulsive, or inattentive.

Which has a lot of people blaming the style of parenting as the reason why the child is unable to be calm, or pay attention. When the reason it has nothing to do with their parenting, but what is going on in the child’s brain.

Other parents are said to be inattentive by their children because they don’t have firm rules or feed them sweets, caffeine,, or processed meals. Those that do not induce ADD or ADHD symptoms should also be avoided.

This is often why children must get into the school system. Before they will get the attention needed for diagnosis. Especially when they are hyperactive or impulsive. Because they will disrupt a classroom.

And that constant interruption will allow the teacher to give that child the attention they need to get a diagnosis. However, for people who display different symptoms, such as being inattentive. Or having trouble focusing.

Those children can often go without a diagnosis. Because they are not disruptive, they will not get the attention of their teacher. The right diagnosis is key to getting helpful treatment.

However, once parents do get the right diagnosis, treatment can be hard to get as well. Because most medical doctors only prescribe medication to minimize symptoms.

Most often, parents are hesitant to give their child Ritalin or Adderall. These are powerful drugs that fall in the same category as cocaine and morphine. It’s easy to understand why families might be hesitant about putting their kids on this highly potent medicine.

In addition to that, children have a hard time managing the side effects of the drugs themselves. And even if it is beneficial. They quickly can develop an immunity to the drug’s effects.

This can leave parents searching for a different, medication-free treatment. This is why they should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton.

Because they use a different, completely natural, and safe treatment. To eliminate symptoms of ADD and ADHD. By helping the brain heal itself from the inside.

Therefore, when parents are looking for a different treatment that does not include giving their children medication. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. To find out how they diagnose and treat people of all ages with ADD and ADHD.

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