Do Your Kids Have ADHD

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Even though many people suspect that their child has ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are hyperactive. But ADD and ADHD is so much more than being hyperactive.

According to a survey done nationally in two thousand and sixteen. This survey found that less than half of children between the ages of two and seven had received a positive ADHD diagnosis.

Did not receive behavioral treatment in the last year. What this means, is even though children get a positive ADD and ADHD diagnosis. They are not getting the help they need.

Parents are frequently apprehensive about receiving treatment for ADD and ADHD. When their children return from psychologists with this label. Because doctors typically just prescribe medicines as a cure.



This means there is good reason for parents to be nervous about putting their child on a schedule to narcotics such as Ritalin or Adderall. But that also means that there are more treatment options.

The reason why many doctors do not talk about the other treatments. Is because they are new, and they did not learn about these treatments in medical school.

However, many parents are hesitant to put their child on this therapy due to concerns over safety and efficacy. Many parents are concerned about the safety and effectiveness of this treatment. For any parent who is afraid of giving medicine to their child.

Should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Because at this psychologist’s office, they believe in non-medical treatments for ADD and ADHD.

What is very important to note, is the treatment options that they have at psychologist Edmonton. Will heal the brain, and eliminate symptoms permanently and naturally.

So that when this treatment is used, will decrease. Because the brain is healing. And even if they stop treatment before it is over. The results will remain permanent, and should not worse over time.

This treatment is, is using a process called biofeedback. Where the psychologist places electrodes on a patient’s head. And uses those electrodes to painlessly send information to the brain.

The brain will send information back. And this way, it can determine what parts of the brain are overreacting and underreacting. And send instructions to the brain, to repair those areas.

This can cause people who are hyperactive to be calmer. People who have poor impulse control can start to control their actions. And people who have a difficult time concentrating will be able to focus more easily.

Therefore, if anyone would like to get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD for their child. But is concerned about what that means. Particularly when it comes to treating their child.

Because they do not want to use medication. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton, to find out more about this all-natural way of healing from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

ADD and ADHD is often diagnosed in childhood says psychologist Edmonton. Often because children get the attention from their teacher. Especially when they disrupt the class.

While this may be very beneficial to those who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. However, it is also detrimental to those who have traits of ADD and ADHD in ways that aren’t disruptive to the classroom. It implies people who are hyperactive or lack impulse control. They are frequently diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity

However, hyperactivity and poor impulse control are just two symptoms of ADD and ADHD. This means people who present in other ways are completely getting overlooked. And not getting diagnosed.

People who have ADD and ADHD, and primarily girls are often inattentive. Regardless of whether it is because they are bored, or because they are completely overwhelmed.

Some people also have trouble focusing or concentrating. Even when someone is speaking directly to them. Which earns them the moniker of a daydreamer. Rather than a good ADD or ADHD diagnosis

The assumption used to be that children outgrew their symptoms as they age. But 70% of all children have ADD or ADHD. Carry those symptoms into adulthood.

For psychologists in Edmonton, adults with ADD and ADHD. Many people think that their issues are merely personality quirks when they aren’t necessarily looking for a diagnosis or treatment. However, if youngsters are labeled as a result of this behavior assessment. It’s also conceivable that they were not given the proper diagnosis.

Some neurological problems can mimic the same symptoms of ADD and ADHD. However, if medication is given to those patients. Not only is it not going to help the symptoms. But it can be downright harmful as well.

This is why psychologist Edmonton always uses many different assessments. When it comes to diagnosing ADD and ADHD. In addition to a behavioral assessment.

They also make use of measurable criteria such as understanding a patient’s working memory and brain processing speed. They also utilize an electroencephalogram, which will provide them with a brain map. And they can observe what’s going on in the brain and what a patient’s brainwaves are doing to determine whether or not someone has ADD or ADHD.

As well as help the psychologist, but the treatment plan. That can minimize or eliminate a patient’s symptoms. By healing the brain in a completely natural, and medication-free way.

If patients want any more information about this natural healing method for ADD and ADHD. They can make an appointment with their psychologist, the find out more about the electroencephalogram, and biofeedback that can help them manage their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

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