Do You Suspect Your Child Has ADHD

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It is very important for parents to be their child’s advocate when it is suspected that they have ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because it can be very difficult to get a diagnosis. And even harder to get the right treatment.

The reason why is because often children with ADD or ADHD can have disruptive symptoms. And after interrupting the class enough times. Gets enough attention from the teacher, to recommend an assessment.

In the meantime, many parents often end up blaming themselves for the behavioural problems that stem from childhood has ADD or ADHD. Thinking that if they were more strict, their child would behave better.

However, parents need to keep this in mind. That ADD and ADHD are considered neurodevelopment disorders. And they happen, when the brain is missing important connections.


Understanding ADHD Symptoms in Children

When these links are missed during the brain’s early development. The symptoms that toddlers may display. May appear to be behavioral in nature. However, no amount of stringent parenting or rules will help a youngster behave. Because they lack such connections in their minds, children can experience such problems.

Although the symptoms that people can experience can be very different. People who exhibit external symptoms get diagnosed faster, and more often.

Because boys are more prone to have these external symptoms. Drs. initially thought that ADD and ADHD only affected males. Hyperactivity, as well as lack of ability to stay still, are two examples of this. Poor impulse control is another example of a problem with these symptoms that many people find difficult to live with.

The internal effects are more common in females than males. Inability to focus or pay attention is included. Even when someone is speaking directly to them. And although school difficulties affect both boys and girls in the same way. Because their symptoms are internal, they are frequently overlooked and not identified.

This is why it is very important if parents are seeking out answers to their child’s behavioral issues. That they do not see someone who only diagnoses ADD or ADHD through behavioral analysis alone.

The reason for this, according to behavioral analysis, is that it is not. And some people, particularly adults exhibit symptoms typical of ADD or ADHD. Inattentiveness and inability to focus are examples of this. They are actually experiencing the consequences of a concussion, and they are not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Therefore, when parents bring their children to psychologist Edmonton. They will have a number of objective measurements in addition to behavioral analysis. In order to conclusively diagnose ADD or ADHD.

They use a quantitative electroencephalogram. In order to take a map of the patient’s brain. So that they can see exactly what brain waves are present. And in what area of the brain, especially the prefrontal cortex.

Once they get a positive diagnosis, psychologist Edmonton will be able to start using biofeedback therapy. To help fix those broken or missed connections. To help minimize or completely eliminate the symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD.

Parents might suspect that their child has ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because the symptoms are typically behavioral in nature.

It is also considered the most common neurodevelopment disorder in children as young as for getting diagnosed in Canada. In fact, 6% of children between the ages of four and sixteen are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

While many individuals are learning about ADD and ADHD all the time. There are still a lot of preconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding this issue. To people who don’t understand ADD or ADHD, it makes sense to think that since the difficulties are behavioral that children should be able to control their impulses and interactions.

However, these people do not understand says psychologist Edmonton. Is that the behavioral issues stem from a connection in the brain that does not exist. So no matter how strict the rules are.

Behavioral problems are still going to exist. The same sentiment also places blame on the parents, for not being strict enough.

Many parents are looking for natural treatments because they believe their children have been fed the wrong thing, such as sugar, caffeine, or processed meals. Many parents were seeking treatment to reduce their child’s symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Such as switching to a different diet where they do not eat processed food, caffeine, or sugar. Or they eliminate red meats and starches. In favor of leafy green vegetables.

They also might limit screen time significantly. And have a strict bedtime, in hopes that this will minimize the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. However, while these things can be beneficial to just about anybody.

They are not effective, or helpful at minimizing or eliminating the symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD. While many doctors will prescribe powerful narcotics such as Ritalin or Adderall to manage the symptoms.

Patients need to understand if it does anything at all. It treats symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And do absolutely nothing to treat the disorder itself.

It is why so many people are finding help from psychologists in Edmonton. Because not only do they have objective measurements to diagnose ADD or ADHD. But they have natural treatment options as well.

They use a cutting-edge technology called biofeedback. And by placing sensors on the patient’s head, they can not only receive feedback from the brain. But send information to the brain as well.

What that allows them to do, is tell the brain where it is underperforming, or overperforming. So that the brain can start to make those connections that were missed when the child’s brain was initially developing.

The best thing about this treatment. Is that it is completely safe for patients of all ages. Are used any number of times completely safely. Does not require drugs in order to be effective.

It not only reduces the signs and symptoms. It also effectively treats issues that produce them. Is it because individuals have fewer ADD or ADHD-related symptoms now? It is because their brain is healing. And the reason they are experiencing symptoms is that their brain is healing, and they are going away. If anyone has any concerns regarding this therapy to a psychologist.

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