Do You Suspect Your Child Has ADD

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Even though patients of all ages can suffer from ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. It is the most diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder of childhood. Because most people are getting diagnosed as children.

In fact, one of the most common reasons why children get diagnosed. This is because their symptoms can be very disruptive in a classroom setting. Which causes them to get the attention they need for a diagnosis.

Once the child reaches adulthood. The symptoms that they are experiencing are often simply written off as a personality trait. Even though it is not a personality trait, and can be minimized through the right treatment.

Also, because of this assumption that their symptoms are personality traits. Led many doctors to believe for years. That ADD and ADHD was affliction that only affected children and that they would outgrow their symptoms as they age. However according to the studies. Over 70% of children that have symptoms will carry those into adulthood.


Presentation of ADD Symptoms Differs Between The Sexes

And while 6% of Canadian children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Less than 4% of Canadian adults have the same diagnosis. Which means many adults are living with symptoms needlessly.

Therefore, if a parent suspects that their child is experiencing symptoms of ADD or ADHD. They should take them to a doctor. But a doctor uses more than just behavioral analysis in order to diagnose this neurodevelopment disorder.

The reason why an Edmonton psychologist urges patients to see a doctor that employs both objective measurements and behavioral observation is that some activities are linked to ADD or ADHD symptoms. Our restlessness, inability to sit still, difficulty sitting down, and poor impulse management.

However, other symptoms of ADD or ADHD are more internal. Such as having a difficult time paying attention or focusing. Which often earns people the reputation of being daydreamers, when this is not the case.

Therefore, when parents take their child to a doctor that only uses behaviors. The internal behaviors can often get missed. Or if patients have combined presentation. They also might not get the correct diagnosis.

By coming to psychologist Edmonton. Parents can be assured that the use of objective measurements including electroencephalogram. In order to diagnose ADD or ADHD conclusively.

How an electroencephalogram works. A map of the child’s brain is captured. To see what brain waves are active. And which areas of the brain they’re active in. They should notice beta waves, which are medium-sized, fast-moving brain waves that indicate attentively and focused thinking.

However, people with ADD or ADHD typically do not have these kinds of brain waves active throughout their brain. What they might see, are slow and large brain waves. Called Delta brain waves.

These are also wonderful to notice when someone is asleep. When they’re around when a person is awake, though. This usually indicates that the individual has ADD or ADHD and has inattentive symptoms. And it’s termed busy brain when patients’ brains have tiny and quick brain waves.

Parents need to be their child’s best advocate when it comes to ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Often because there is a lot that is still misunderstood about this neurodevelopment disorder.

Often, parents are actually blamed for a lot of the symptoms that children are experiencing. Because their symptoms can look like behavioural problems.

Because what causes those symptoms is an empty connection in the brain. This makes it a neurological disease. When the brain was forming, certain connections were missed.

As a result, children are unable to regulate their conduct, just as more stringent parenting would not cause them to act any differently. Parents, on the other hand, are frequently blamed for their children’s behavior. However, some doctors merely offer medicine as a treatment option when they provide a diagnosis. Medication isn’t always helpful.

The reason why many doctors lead with medication. Is because if it does work, it will produce extremely fast results. But parents can be very nervous about this treatment.

Parents have good cause to be nervous. Because the medication that is often prescribed includes Ritalin and Adderall. Which are very powerful narcotics.

Even if the drug is only useful for a tiny proportion of all individuals with ADD or ADHD. Those who experience benefit from the therapy are frequently unable to tolerate the side effects. And it can be distressing for a parent to have to decide whether or not to give their child an extremely potent narcotic on a long-term basis.

However, there are alternatives, and if parents bring their child to psychologist Edmonton. They will be able to hear about their use of a new technology called biofeedback.

What this biofeedback does. Is it allow psychologist Edmonton to place sensors on a patient’s head? And then send information to the brain through those centers.

In order to find out where it is overreacting and underreacting. So that the doctors can help the brain learn where it needs to make connections that were missed during development.

While biofeedback takes more than one treatment in order to be effective. It effectively heals the patient who has ADD or ADHD and their brain. So that they have symptoms that are minimized.

Those symptoms are actually minimized because their brain is healing. And therefore, the reason why they have symptoms is being reduced.

In order to find more information about this treatment. Parents should bring their child and make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. In order to make the decision that can help minimize the symptoms and their children.

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