Diagnosing Children With ADD

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Parents who are frustrated with symptoms of ADD or ADHD in their children should see psychologist Edmonton. Because not only do they give objective measurements in diagnosing this neurodevelopment disorder.

Many parents are frustrated because many of their children’s symptoms appear to be behavioral in nature. Because they have ADD or ADHD, these issues appear to be behavioral in nature.

However, their children can’t control their behavior. As many individuals would believe. Because they are lacking important information in their brains. And when people are on the outside looking in, they frequently attribute the parents for not being strict enough or doing something incorrectly with their kids’ upbringing.


Symptoms of ADD in Children

Due to the fact that the issues appear to be behavioral in nature. It’s simple to lay blame on someone when the problem is actually neurological. In reality, this is the most prevalent neurodevelopmental illness of childhood. with more kids being diagnosed with this condition than ever before in Canada.

However, despite the fact that it is an extremely common neurodevelopment disorder. There is still a lot of information that is not known or understood about this affliction.

Many parents sought medical advice. They don’t always get the assistance they expect. Because psychiatrists frequently claim that the medication is the only treatment that works. And, while this isn’t correct, psychologist Edmonton claims that children with ADD or ADHD are generally started off on drugs as a therapy option.

A schedule two narcotics was considered. And they are placed in the same class as cocaine, morphine, and amphetamines. Which are recognized for their medicinal properties. However, they are also known for being highly controlled. They’re particularly restricted when parents frequently hear from their doctor that this is the first treatment alternative.

It is extremely understandable, that parents would have a lot of trepidation about giving this powerful narcotic to their young child.

This is where it can be very beneficial for parents to bring their children to psychologist Edmonton. Because they will be able to not only get an objective assessment.

Utilizing methods that are very objective. Unlike a behavioral assessment that other doctors use. But when they use these objective measures. They can conclusively diagnose a child with ADD or ADHD.

And then help the parent create a treatment plan, using their cutting-edge technology. For a drug-free, safe, and natural treatment. That uses biofeedback to speak to the brain.

Placing sensors on the patient’s head, they can communicate with the brain. And help prepare the connections that were not created during the development of the brain. So that patients can not only eliminate symptoms. But eliminate the reason why they’re experiencing symptoms in the first place.

While diagnosing their children with ADD or ADHD can provide a parent with answers says psychologist Edmonton. It also can create a puzzle, especially when doctors only provide medication as a treatment option.

In fact, more youngsters are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD than ever before. In Canada, it’s considered the most common and neurodevelopmental disease of children. And what is the underlying cause of ADD and ADHD according to psychologists in Edmonton? It was when the brain was growing that something caused it to miss critical links.

Therefore, the symptoms that children experience. Are because their brain is not working like other people’s brains. That can cause them to have a wide variety of symptoms.

While many people have external symptoms, boys are more frequently affected than girls. And some symptoms are internal, with females experiencing them more often than males. This can make behavior evaluation difficult for a doctor to undertake. And when parents understand that their child may have both ADD and ADHD behaviors.

It can be even more difficult to diagnose. And even when they do get a positive diagnosis. They are often being told by their doctor. That is the only treatment is available. Is to give their child Ritalin or Adderall.

It is understandable why any parent is hesitant. About giving their child a powerful narcotic in the same category as cocaine. However, if they feel that this is their only treatment, they may do so against their judgment.

However, parents do need to keep this in mind. What if the medication works, it will provide extremely fast results for an expedient solution. Which is often why doctors prescribe it first.

However, there are seven different clients with ADD and ADHD. Only one of those kinds will respond at all to medication. So when it is provided as the only answer, parents may get upset when it does not work.

However, if it does work, Children have a hard time tolerating the side effects. And often quit taking the drug, because they cannot manage the side effects.

Or, if it works for them, they often develop an immunity to it quickly. Which will result in the parent looking for more solutions in the future.

This is why psychologist Edmonton is very pleased to have this cutting-edge technology called biofeedback. Because not only is it completely safe in people who have ADD or ADHD of all ages.

Whether it is a four-year-old patient. Or an adult who is discovering that they have ADD or ADHD for the first time. This biofeedback uses sensors placed on the patient’s head.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the exciting applications for bionic limbs that have emerged in recent years.

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