Common ADHD Symptoms

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Many people often think that symptoms of ADD or ADHD are hyperactivity and impulsivity says psychologist Edmonton. And while this is often the case. Not everyone experiences those symptoms.

While this is a very common presentation in boys. With girls, they often are inattentive, or have a difficult time concentrating. Which often gives them the reputation of being day dreamers.

However, in both males and females, people can have either presentation. Or what is called a combined presentation. Which means they have some of each symptoms at any given time.

Although, many boys have more disruptive symptoms. Being hyperactive, impulsive and a difficult time sitting still in class. Which is often why they get the attention and diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.


Understanding ADHD Symptoms in Children

Because they are disruptive, the teacher pays more attention to that student. And while this is beneficial in getting boys diagnosed. Girls who are having the same problems, may not get diagnosed at all.

Studies have shown that if children are not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD in childhood, they develop into undiagnosed adults who believe their problems are just personality quirks. This is why it’s critical for people to realize what common ADHD symptoms look like so they can receive the correct diagnosis. However, it is advised that individuals visit a psychologist in Edmonton.

While many psychologists would simply conduct a behavioural evaluation. To obtain a diagnosis, but only through behaviour analysis. ADD and ADHD aren’t diagnosed conclusively just by that. And when individuals are given the incorrect diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Only medicine is offered as a treatment option by many doctors.

This is why psychologist Edmonton uses objective measurements. In addition to behavioural assessments. In order to get a more thorough answer about what is causing those symptoms.

They use objective measurements such as calculating their brain processing speed, ability to process information. As well as looking at working memory for the objective measurements.

They also employ a quantitative electroencephalogram, often known as Q E G. That looks at the brain of a patient to figure out what is going on with their brain waves. The brains of individuals who have ADD or ADHD differ significantly from those who do not suffer from that condition.

However, in a patient that has these large, low brain waves while they are awake can point to an inability to concentrate, or being inattentive.

While faster brain waves are great, and show that a patient is alert and focused. But if they have too many fast brain waves, and they are too fast. That can point to hyperactive and impulsivity.

Therefore, having several different approaches to diagnosis is very beneficial. Because it can rule out other problems such as having a concussion. So that they can end up with the right treatment for their problems.

Can help them seek out help from their psychologist Edmonton at the right time. Because whether it is their children that they are concerned with. Or if they have some of the same symptoms. Getting diagnosed is incredibly important to managing those symptoms.

The reason why parents should be aware of all of the ADD and ADHD symptoms. Because a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about this neurological disorder. Or are only aware of some of the symptoms.

Which can result in people only seeking help for some of the symptoms. Or having their child suffer with symptoms, without apparent understanding that is anything wrong with their child.

Some of the common symptoms that many people know about. Are hyperactivity and impulsivity. And children who have ADD and ADHD and present this way, have a difficult time sitting still in class.

However, this is only some of the symptoms associated with this neurological disorder. Symptoms can also include an inability to concentrate, whether they are bored, or if they are overwhelmed.

They might be inattentive because they are either disinterested or distracted by the environment or other people. Because they give others the reputation of being a daydreamer, they are frequently misdiagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Therefore, if people make too many assumptions about the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It may cause them to put off getting a diagnosis. Because they do not think that there is anything wrong with them or their child.

However, once they go to psychologist, they may find the problem with diagnosing based on behaviour alone. Because the behaviours of ADD and ADHD.

Epilepsy is one example. Other diseases that can have these symptoms include: A person who has had a concussion and their brain has been damaged may also have some of these same symptoms. They could, too, be experiencing any or all of them. And if they go see a doctor who only uses behavioural analysis to diagnose this neurological condition.

But taking these high-level narcotics such as Ritalin or Adderall when they are not being used to treat ADD or ADHD. Can also be downright harmful, and should be avoided.

This is why people should seek out an assessment from psychologist Edmonton. Because they use many different assessments in order to come up with the correct diagnosis.

They employ a quantitative electroencephalogram, as well as other objective measurements, in their evaluation. Using these tools along with a behavioural evaluation. Can assist the doctor in making an accurate diagnosis. And it can aid patients in receiving therapy that might help them manage their symptoms.

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