Common ADD Symptoms

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The reason why children are often not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Is because they do not exhibit some of the most common symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder.

Hyperactivity is among the most typical indicators, with children running about or climbing. Or having a hard time remaining sitting still or in one place. And while those are the most common indications, they aren’t the only ones available. Which may lead to those who have more internal problems getting diagnosed.

Some people are inattentive, or have a difficult time focusing. Even when someone is talking directly to them. Or they find that they are unable to finish what they start.

These people often get the reputation of being day dreamers. And although they might be struggling the same degree as fellow students who have more external symptoms. They often get overlooked.


Why ADD Goes Undiagnosed in Females

The reason why says psychologist Edmonton, is because they are not disrupting the classroom setting. And so they are not given the attention from the teacher. It is often required to get the right diagnosis.

However, it can be frustrating once parents get a diagnosis. Because on one hand, they will find out the reason why their child is acting the way they do.

Which is especially important, because many people blame parenting on why the child is misbehaving. Often telling them they need stricter rules, or are feeding their child the wrong things.

When none of those things because the child is to have the missing connections in their brain. That actually causes them to have ADD or ADHD.

However, when parents do get the diagnosis. Often, doctors only present medication as a treatment option. And it is very understandable why parents are hesitant to give their child a strong narcotic.

When parents are put under a lot of stress to help their kid improve rapidly. They also aren’t offered any other treatment options. They frequently believe that this is the only choice they have. If parents learn about psychologist in Edmonton.

They will be able to see whether the kid is deficient in these crucial connections after examining his or her quantitative electroencephalogram. After gathering a brain map, the psychologist will be able to see what is going on in the child’s brain.

Once they get a positive diagnosis, they can share the parent the biofeedback treatment. That not only is completely safe for patients of all ages. But does not include the use of medication. To help heal the brain from the inside.

Using sensors placed on the patient’s head, the brain can send feedback to their psychologist. And they communicate with the brain, to tell it where it is under performing and over performing. To fix those connections.

It may take treatments, but it is completely safe to do so. And whether it is a child or an adult suffering with symptoms. They can minimize those symptoms safely and effectively.

ADD and ADHD used to be considered something that only boys could get says psychologist Edmonton. Because their symptoms are typically more external. While girls have more internal symptoms.

While this usually prevents young females from receiving the recognition they require. To receive a diagnosis, some individuals have a combination presentation. Patients with a combined presentation have both internal and external symptoms. These patients are also frequently missed out on diagnosis because they do not show the signs in the expected manner.

However, people need to understand that ADD or ADHD are neurodevelopment disorders. Where important connections that should have been made during development.

People with ADD and ADHD make the mistake of believing that because they can control their behaviors, other people should be able to do so as well. And this is a highly dangerous notion to assume.

The reason why that is a dangerous assumption, is because it can create this expectation. That just by being more stern with people who are suffering from this affliction.

It will cause people to suddenly believe they are acting the way they think they should. However, this isn’t something that works in practice. Because the behavioral difficulties create connections in the brain that don’t exist. And if a kid with ADD or ADHD is not diagnosed. They may develop into an adult and have symptoms as well.

The reason why the symptoms can get worse as they age. Is because as the person deals with more adult problems such as work, paying bills at home. And developing more complex relationships.

There symptoms can get worse, and while they might write off their symptoms as a personality trait. With the right treatment, people no longer have to struggle with their symptoms.

The goal is to help people find solutions and live a more normal existence. In order to cope with their overpowering emotions, as many adults with ADD or ADHD do. Instead of relying just on behaviorist analysis, objective tests may be used.

Once they’ve gotten the proper diagnosis and a psychologist in Edmonton can confirm that they’re missing these connections in their brain, they’ll be able to start utilizing completely natural and non-medicinal therapy. Biofeedback is a type of non-invasive treatment that is entirely risk-free for people of all ages.

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