What Are ADD Symptoms

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There are many reasons why people can struggle getting a diagnosis for them or their children with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And that is often because of the way symptoms present themselves.

Not only are the genders’ symptoms distinct. External signs are more common in boys. Internal symptoms, on the other hand, are more often neglected by girls. But because the ailments that both boys and girls suffer from and exhibit. Because of our behavioural nature. Many people think of persons with ADD or ADHD as loafers, scatterbrains or undiscipline

However, psychologist Edmonton says nothing could actually be further from the truth. And what people need to understand. Is that ADD and ADHD is a neuro development disorder.


Can The Brain Be Healed

And even though some people can control things like their impulses, or focus even if they are feeling hyper. And people suffering from ADD and ADHD this is actually not the case.

One thing that needs to be made very clear. Is while many children can be energetic. And many children can needs to learn how to concentrate. Those suffering from ADD and ADHD are completely different than people who are just having difficulties.

Another misconception about ADD and ADHD. Is that it only affects children. This assumption is made, simply because many people are children when they are diagnosed.

However, all that means is that there are many adults who are living with symptoms, that have no idea that there is an explanation for what has typically been written off as personality traits.

The assumption is that as it affects children only, as children grow into adults. Their brain grows, and their symptoms lessen.

However, 70% of children actually carry those symptoms into adulthood. Where they exacerbate due to the stress of adulthood.

As people develop their careers, and go on to have relationships and marriages. As well as having children. These stresses can make their symptoms worse. Causing a lot of people who do not have a diagnosis. To turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of coping for their symptoms.

However, psychologist Edmonton says people need to understand that it is an actual disorder. That affects adults and children alike. And affects their actions, despite appearing as though they would be able to control them.

Boys who are experiencing problems with ADD or ADHD. Tend to be very hyperactive, and are unable to sit still or focus because of that. They also lack impulse control. Despite demonstrating understanding the consequences of their actions.

Girls on the other hand, typically are inattentive, or have trouble focusing. Being accused of daydreaming. And they also have low self-esteem.

Boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls. People who are experiencing a lot of these symptoms. Make an appointment to have your diagnosis confirmed. Because once they’ve been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, they’ll be able to seek treatments that can help them not only manage their symptoms, but also work towards eliminating them.

Many people who are experiencing symptoms of ADD as well as ADHD are often given labels by people who do not understand says psychologist Edmonton. They are often called lazy, unfocused, or lacking discipline.

And often, the parents of the children who are exhibiting these symptoms. Our blamed for their lack of parenting skills. When their parenting skills have nothing to do with this narrow development disorder.

In fact, getting the right diagnosis means finding an effective treatment. That can help people not only manage their symptoms. But use the gift of creativity that typically comes with ADD and ADHD. To excel in their chosen careers.

There are many famous people who have talked openly about their struggles with ADD and ADHD. But who are extremely successful in their careers. Including musicians Adam Levine, the front man of Maroon 5. As well as Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber.

As well as people who are not specifically entertainers such as author Terry Bradshaw, Richard Branson and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

These people have not only overcome their symptoms of ADD and ADHD. But have gone on to be top in their field, such as Michael Phelps, who is the most highly decorated Olympian in history.

However, getting a diagnosis is only the first step in treating this neurodevelopment disorder. And once people get a diagnosis. It can be very difficult to start finding the right treatment.

Many doctors prescribe narcotics to start. Because for the small percentage of people who benefit from these drugs. The result is immediate, and very effective.

However, for most people with ADD or ADHD. Narcotics are very difficult to take because of the side effects. And in a lot of people who experience benefits. Describe how the medication became ineffective after a short period of time.

Doctors typically start with Ritalin and then moved Adderall. And both are considered schedule two narcotics. In the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

This is why many people are understandably nervous about taking this medication daily. Or giving it to their child on a daily basis as well.

Therefore, many people often turn to diet or lifestyle changes. Such as limiting grains and illuminating sugar from their diets while increasing their healthy fat and protein intake.

They often get allergy tested, limit their screen time and get eight hours of sleep every night. In order to manage the symptoms as best they can.

And while psychologist Edmonton says these are very positive changes. They are not going to eliminate or minimize symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD.

Instead, patients should schedule an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Where they will get a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain map. This will show doctors exactly what is going on in a patient’s brain and where. So that they can come up with a treatment plan on how to fix it.

Using sensors placed on the patient’s scalp. They are able to not only measure the brain waves. But talk directly to the brain itself. Indicating what areas are affected and that it should be healed.

This will allow the brain to start healing itself over the course of the treatments. So that patients can start to see a decrease of the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

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