Understanding ADD

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It is very important that people understand what ADD is says psychologist Edmonton. As well as ADHD, because they are neurodevelopmental disorders. Meaning it is caused in the brain.

The reason why it is very important for people to learn this. Is because despite being the most prevailing to neurodevelopment disorders in Canada. There are a lot of misconceptions that people hold about these disorders.

One of the most prevalent misunderstandings is that it does not really exist. The reason for this is because behavioural indicators are observed. And they believe that individuals have the capacity to control their actions. They argue that since people can do so for others, therefore others should be able to do so as well.


Presentation of ADD Symptoms Differs Between The Sexes

However, if they realize that this is a real disorder, that is caused by their brain either overreacting or under reacting. Might make people more willing to accept that ADD and ADHD actually exists.

In addition to not thinking it is a real disorder. Many people are willing to agree that it is a real disorder. That it only affects children. And as children grow into adults. They outgrow their symptoms, and so adults do not have this disorder at all.

This is also not true says psychologist Edmonton. In fact, 70% of all children who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD carry these symptoms with them into adulthood.

Studies have actually shown that while 6% of children have ADD or ADHD. Less than 3% of adults have this same diagnosis. Which means many adults are dealing with this disorder, and do not even know it.

It is very important to note this. Because not only are the symptoms made worse in adulthood. It is exacerbated by stress. And especially as people develop with things like creating their career. Or having relationships such as getting married or having children.

They can develop even more problems with their symptoms. That often cause them to turn to addiction as a coping mechanism.

The sooner people realize that ADD and ADHD can exist in adults. The less stigma it will have, which can help more adults get the diagnosis they need. To get the treatment that can help them.

Another misconception that people often have when it comes to ADD and ADHD. Is that it is a disorder that only affects boys. The reason why people assume this. Is because more boys are diagnosed than girls.

The reason why boys are more often diagnosed. Is because their symptoms are more external in nature. Making them act hyper and lack impulse control. While girls will have more internal symptoms such as daydreaming or being unable to focus. And having low self-esteem.

Because boys will disrupt a classroom setting more often, they are likely to get the attention they needs to get diagnosed. While girls, will not get the attention they need because they are not disruptive with their symptoms.

This is why anyone who is experiencing any of the symptoms. From not being able to focus, to being disruptive and hyperactive and impulsive.

Should contact psychologist Edmonton. In order to get a quantitative electroencephalogram. That can map their brain. And get them the diagnosis they need to start finding treatments that can help them.

Even if people have finally received a diagnosis of ADD and ADHD, psychologist Edmonton says they may still struggle. The reason why, is because there are not a lot of treatment options available.

When people get diagnosed, one of the first things that their doctors will offer them to start finding solutions for their symptoms. Is by giving them a prescription for Ritalin.

If Ritalin does not work, they will move to Adderall next and down the line. However, many doctors find that medication is only beneficial in a fraction of all patients.

But they continue to prescribe it. Because for though small percentage of people who benefit from drugs. It can be a very quick and very drastic improvement.

However, for the vast majority of everyone else. It is not a solution that they are very excited about trying. The reason why, is because the medications are powerful narcotics.

Ritalin, for example, is a schedule 2 narcotic. This implies that it has proven medical benefits. However, it also has a reputation for being easily abused by its users. Ritalin is classified with morphine and cocaine because to this definition. And this is why many individuals are hesitant to try this remedy.

However, there are not a lot of other options. Or at least not a lot of other options that doctors are confident in. Or that doctors know about.

This is where patients should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Because not only can they get a diagnosis if they do not have yet. So have an effective and drug-free treatment no matter what their age is.

They will use a procedure called a quantitative electroencephalogram. To take a map of the patient’s brain. This will allow doctors to see exactly what is going on in their brain.

It will be able to see what areas of the brain are affected, and how affected those areas are. Come up with a treatment plan on how to heal those areas.

They will do this using a technology called neurofeedback. It uses sensors placed on the patient’s scalp to measure brain waves.

Once it measures the brain waves, the doctors will then start sending feedback through the same sensors to the brain. In order to communicate with its to tell it where it is overreacting. Where is under reacting, so that the brain can heal itself.

Patients can see significant improvements in their symptoms in just a few treatments. In a treatment option that not only is safe and effective for patients of all ages. Does not require the use of any drugs at any time.

Whether people are experiencing symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Or any other neurodevelopment disorders such as anxiety, OCD or depression. Should contact psychologist Edmonton in order to see if Nero feedback can help them.

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