Treating ADHD Without Medication

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There are many common misconceptions that people have about ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. That can cause people to want to avoid getting a diagnosis. Or cause people to avoid getting treatment.

Often, if people end up getting a diagnosis, doctors present drugs or medication as the only solution. Starting with powerful narcotic Ritalin. Before moving on to other just as powerful drugs.


Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help With ADHD

Many people including parents of children. Are very hesitant when they consider taking a powerful narcotic on a daily basis. Especially because a lot of proof it shows that it is not an effective solution for everybody.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says while there are seven different kinds of ADD. Only one of those response to medication at all. So there is a very low chance that people can find the help they need. When they start with powerful narcotics is the only solution.

It is often a struggle just to get a diagnosis to begin with. Because many people do not believe that ADD or ADHD is a real disorder. They often write off the side effects as being personality traits. Calling people including children lazy, unfocused or lacking discipline.

Making a diagnosis even harder. Is the fact that girls typically are underdiagnosed. Because of the way their symptoms presents differently from boys.

While boys will display external symptoms such as being impulsive or hyperactive. Girls will tend to be called daydreamers, or have low self-esteem.

Especially in children, since boys are more likely to be disruptive in a classroom setting. They will get the teacher’s attention, which will allow them to get the assessment they need to receive the ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

While girls or suffering from symptoms, will not get the diagnose they need. Because of this, the ratio of boys to girls being diagnosed is 3 to 1.

Even more difficult, is the perception or assumption that this is a neuro development disorder that only affects children. And as they age, will outgrow their symptoms.

However, this is not true at all. With 70% of all children who have received the ADD or ADHD diagnosis. Caring their symptoms into adulthood.

And adults with ADD and ADHD symptoms. Adulthood tends to exacerbate those symptoms, causing problems at work, problems in relationships. And many people who are adults with ADD or ADHD develop addiction problems with drugs or alcohol.

Therefore, there are many factors that can contribute to people not even getting the diagnosis that they need. And when they do receive that diagnosis, often hear that drugs are the only answer.

However, there is new technology that is being developed. That can help people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD to get the treatment that they need.

They can get an appointment to receive a quantitative electroencephalogram which is a brain map. That can show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain and what areas are affected.

With this knowledge, they may monitor brain waves using neuro-feedback. And provide the brain with the feedback it requires to begin healing. With how beneficial and successful neuro-feedback treatment is. Those who are dealing with symptoms should call a psychologist immediately.

People who are living with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD are impacted on a daily basis says psychologist Edmonton. Not only did they experience symptoms on a daily basis. They are also dealing with people who make assumptions about them because of those symptoms.

While many people make the assumption that people who have symptoms of ADD or ADHD are lazy or undisciplined. They are often accused of not trying hard enough. When they are typically trying harder than their peers.

People can’t live a normal life if they don’t get the help they need. When individuals are able to receive treatment for their ADD or ADHD, they typically do well in school or in their chosen professions. Because he had always pushed himself harder in those areas, being able to accomplish more because of it.

In addition to that, author Terry Bradshaw, investor and philanthropist Richard Branson, and musician Adam Levine. All have received an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. And have gone on to excel in their careers once receiving treatment.

Therefore, people who are experiencing symptoms. Should see that as a beacon of hope. That they will be able to get an effective treatment. And that can help them excel in any areas that they choose.

However, getting that effective treatment can be very difficult. As many doctors present medication as not only the first solution. But as the only solution.

So that even if people and parents are hesitant to take this solution. They often believe that it is the only answer to manage symptoms.

However, two of the most common medications used to treat ADD and ADHD are Ritalin and Adderall. But these drugs are extremely powerful. Having many disruptive side effects that can often be worse than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD themselves.

Not only that, but psychologist Edmonton says that if people are able to tolerate the side effects, it often becomes ineffective quickly. And even if people who have received benefit from taking these powerful drugs. Often have to stop taking them eventually.

And while other doctors praise the value of diet and lifestyle changes. Including minimizing grains and sugar, and eating healthy fat and protein. Along with limiting screen time and getting enough sleep.

These can benefit just about anybody. And these can be the most beneficial when they get the right diagnosis and treatment.

By going to see psychologist Edmonton, they can get a brain map done that will be able to show them exactly what is going on in their brain. So that they can start using neuro-feedback to start healing the brain.

Using sensors placed on the patient’s scalp to measure brain waves. They are able to start giving feedback to the brain. In order to tell it where it is under reacting, and where it is overreacting.

So the brain can start to change and heal itself in a naturally, and safe way. Not only does this solution not use drugs. But it is safe and effective on children as well as adults. Giving hope to people who are experiencing symptoms on a daily basis.

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