Treating ADHD Symptoms

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The symptoms of ADD and ADHD can be extremely frustrating says psychologist Edmonton. And not because people are dealing with the symptoms on a daily basis.

It is often very frustrating dealing with ADD and ADHD. Because of other people’s misconception about this neuro-development disorder.


What To Expect When Getting Diagnosed

One of the most common misconceptions about persons with ADD or ADHD. It’s been suggested that the problems they have are actually personality traits rather than neurodevelopmental disorders. People think those who have it are shiftless, unfocused, or undisciplined instead of having a neuro-development disorder.

This can be extremely damaging, because they not only are not lazy or undisciplined. They actually are often trying harder than their peers in order to get the same amount done.

But the neurological condition that they have. It’s almost impossible for them to concentrate or control their emotions or hyperactivity. What’s worse, according to psychologist Edmonton, is that many people believe ADD and ADHD only affect youngsters. And as they get older, their symptoms go away.

However, people need to understand that the majority of children who have been diagnosed carry these symptoms into adulthood. And while 6% of children have received in ADD and ADHD diagnosis. Only 4% of adults have this diagnosis.

This means that there are likely many adults in the world who suffer from these symptoms. Who are unaware of a name or solution to their difficulties. ADD and ADHD is, in fact, one of the most common neuro-developmental disorders in the United States, and with more people becoming aware of it, this problem might help to dispel popular misconceptions.However, the problem that many people who suffer from ADD or ADHD have. Is that doctors who make the diagnosis. Often present drugs as the only solution.

The drugs that are most commonly used to treat ADD and ADHD are Ritalin and Adderall. Which are powerful schedule to narcotics. That are placed in the same category as cocaine, and feta means and morphine.

Therefore, people and especially parents of children. Our understandably nervous putting their child or themselves on a powerful drug. When studies have shown that it is not an effective treatment for the majority of people with this disorder.

However, the good news is that there is technology that is available. That not only is more effective than medication. It is also less expensive, completely natural. And absolutely safe for patients of all ages including children.

People who want to find out if this treatment can help them. Should contact psychologist Edmonton for a quantitative electroencephalogram. That will show the doctors exactly what is going on in their brain.

Using sensors placed on their scalp, the doctors can measure their brain waves. And then use the same sensors to give feedback to the brain to tell it where it needs to start healing.

The more knowledgeable people can become about ADD and ADHD. They more empowered they can be to seek out treatment that will significantly help them.

People who are experiencing symptoms of ADD and ADHD may not even know that they have a diagnosis that can help them according to psychologist Edmonton.

Symptoms can often be found in children or adolescents who have them; however, they are frequently mistaken for personality traits by adults. Even though the symptoms in youngsters might be exacerbated as adults. Additionally, many believe that this is a condition that only affects boys.

The reason they make this assumption, is because boys tend to have external symptoms. Such as being hyperactive or impulsive. While girls will have internal symptoms like daydreaming, or low self-esteem.

Especially in a classroom setting, boys will often get more attention because they are more disruptive in class. Leading them to get assessed. While girls not getting any attention because they are not acting out.

However, people should understand that ADD and ADHD is a completely treatable neuro-development disorder. And in fact, many famous people who have this diagnosis. Have been able to go on to lead incredibly successful careers.

Richard Branson, the investor and philanthropist. Has been diagnosed as having ADHD. And has been able to be incredibly successful in his career. Athlete Terry Bradshaw, musician and singer Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake.

All have received and ADHD diagnosis. And then after treatment, have been able to go on and lead extremely successful careers. Even Olympian Michael Phelps, was diagnosed as having ADHD. And he is the single most decorated Olympian in history.

There is therapy accessible for those who have ADD and ADHD, according to psychologist Edmonton. People who suffer from this neurodevelopment disorder are usually extremely creative.

However, obtaining a diagnosis is critical to finding the most effective therapy. However, those who have received this diagnosis. They must also be aware that they will frequently encounter many physicians who promote medicines as the only solution for assistance. And while some individuals may find a lot of value in these strong narcotics.

Getting a quantitative electroencephalogram, or Q E E G. Can show psychologist Edmonton exactly what is going on in a patient’s brain. Such as what areas of their brain are affected, and how affected they are.

Then, using sensors placed on the scalp in a process called neuro-feedback. Can allow the doctor to measure the patient’s brain waves. And then start giving it feedback using the same sensors. That will allow the brain to start healing the areas that need it.

Not only is this a way to minimize symptoms of ADD and ADHD. But it is also safe for patients of all ages, and completely natural. Meaning no drugs are ever needed.

If people have been struggling with symptoms. Or even if they have never received a diagnosis. This can be an extremely beneficial therapy that they should explore.

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