Treating ADD Without Medication

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There are many hurdles that people with ADD and ADHD have to face before and after their diagnosis says psychologist Edmonton. This is often because of the misconceptions that other people have about this neuro-development disorder.

One of the first misconceptions that many people have. Is that ADD or ADHD are not genuine ailments. This may lead individuals to dismiss the symptoms as personality quirks. Calling people slackers, undisciplined, or unfocused because they exhibit signs of ADD or ADHD. Despite the fact that this is a common misconception.Psychologist Edmonton says people with ADD or ADHD not only are not trying hard enough. But are trying harder than their peers. In order to get the same amount of work done.


Adults who have ADD or ADHD are more likely to develop difficulties in their personal relationships as a result of how difficult it is for them to focus or get things done. These symptoms tend to be exacerbated as adults.Many people who have ADD or ADHD develop addiction problems. Including drugs and alcohol abuse.

However, while many people believe that ADD and ADHD is not a real disorder. Many people who believe it is a real disorder. Think that it is a disorder that only affects children. And that as children age, they outgrow their symptoms.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. And 70% of all children who are diagnosed suffer from these problems into adulthood. Adults who have never been diagnosed as children may be unaware that there is a solution to their difficulties and irritations.

Therefore, it is very important that people who are experiencing symptoms. Understand that ADD and ADHD is a real disorder. And that it affects both genders, and it can affect adults as well.

In fact, it is the single most prevail and neuro-development disorder in Canada. And more people are being diagnosed all the time.

However, despite the fact that more doctors are diagnosing people with ADD and ADHD. They still often present Ritalin or Adderall as the only solution to their symptoms.

While there are many who are hesitant to use drugs. There’s a reason to be concerned about taking medications like Ritalin. Because they’re regarded as a schedule two narcotic, they’re considered similar to amphetamines, cocaine, and morphine.

When used in an acute situation, just like other sedatives. The drug is referred to as a narcotic antagonist because it binds to opioid receptors in the brain and blocks them from being activated by endorphins. Its name comes from the fact that it works operating system software without need of any additional hardware or software.

However, there is help. And by making an appointment to psychologist Edmonton. Those suffering symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Can find out exactly how they can get the treatment that they need. Without taking any medications at all.

Even if people are able to get over the misconception that ADD and ADHD does not exist says psychologist Edmonton. Finding a treatment can be extremely difficult. Especially because many doctors present drugs as the only solution.

While many people are scared to take a strong narcotic. Or hesitant to administer their kid with a powerful narcotic on a daily basis. They feel like this is their only option since it was the only one offered by their physicians. However, this isn’t the case at all. There are other options available.

This often leads people who are looking for a natural or drug-free solution. To modify their diet and lifestyle. In order to see if that is going to be beneficial. I often eliminate grains from their diets, stop eating sugar. And increase the protein and healthy fat that they consume.

They also get tested for a wide variety of allergies, limit the screen time so that they can minimize the amount of blue violet light that they are exposed to. And try to get eight hours of sleep every single night.

And while all of these things can be very healthy for anybody says psychologist Edmonton. The right treatment is actually the key in managing symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

This is why getting a quantitative electroencephalogram is so important. Because this is a brain map, that will show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain.

Doctors will be able to see what areas of the brain are affected and how effective they are. They might see that there are areas that are overactive. As well as areas that are underactive as well.

Once they see this brain map, psychologist Edmonton will use a technology called neuro-feedback. By attaching sensors on the scalp of the patient. They are able to measure the patient’s brain waves. And then using those same sensors. Give feedback to the brain.

They will be able to tell the brain where it is overreacting and where it is under reacting. And then using this information. The brain can start to change and heal itself.

The benefits of this therapy is that it is completely natural and no drugs are needed. And because of that, it is safe on everyone. Including children. And as children get diagnosed at the age of four. This is a completely safe therapy for them to do undergo.

Not only that, but it is effective both in treatment and in cost. Helping people get the treatment that they need. Without breaking the bank in the process.

In fact, people who are experiencing ADD and ADHD symptoms can get help. But so can people with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. As well as people who have experienced brain damage from concussions, or who are experiencing migraines on a regular basis.

People do not need to worry that drugs are the only treatment for symptoms of ADD and ADHD. There is a safe, natural and effective treatment out there for them.

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