Treating ADD Symptoms

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The first step in treating ADD and ADHD symptoms, according to psychologist Edmonton, is getting the correct diagnosis. Getting the wrong diagnosis can be a problem. However, this might be difficult for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons why it’s so hard to get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is because many people don’t believe it exists.

However, this is not behaviour that is easy to control for people who have ADD and ADHD. This can be very difficult for people who do not have ADD or ADHD to understand.


Can The Brain Learn And Heal

Another reason why getting a diagnosis of ADD and ADHD can be difficult. Is because many people, even if they understand that it is a real disorder. Think that it is a disorder that only affects children. And even if children get a diagnosis, they are thought to outgrow their symptoms as they age.

This isn’t correct. According to psychologist in Edmonton, 70 percent of all youngsters who are given this diagnosis will continue to experience them as adults. And while kids who have been diagnosed as children may still get treatment as adults, this does not benefit people who have never been diagnosed. But it can assist those dealing with these issues now.

In fact, symptoms of ADD and ADHD can be exacerbated in adulthood. While many people who either do not believe that it is a disorder that exists. Or that it is a disorder that only affects children. Often dismiss these symptoms as personality traits in adults.

This leads adults who have ADD or ADHD to develop problems within their personal relationships, problems at work. And they can develop problems with addiction, developing substance abuse with drugs or alcohol.

The third reason why many individuals are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is because the misconception that boys are the only ones who can have this condition persists. Because of this, psychologists in Edmonton believe it’s due to the way people exhibit symptoms differently based on their gender.

While boys have external symptoms that include poor impulse control or hyperactivity. This is more likely to be disruptive especially in a classroom setting. Which will allow boys to get the attention they need to get a diagnosis.

However, girls on the other hand have more internal symptoms. Developing low self-esteem, and being accused of daydreaming or being inattentive.

This leads the ratio of boys being diagnosed to girls 3 to 1. Although ADD and ADHD actually happens an equal amount in girls as well as boys.

When people understand the truths about this neurodevelopment disorder. Psychologist Edmonton says they can go see their doctor, in order to get the diagnosis they need. To help them find the treatments that can help them.

One suggestion that many psychologists make. Is using a brain map called a quantitative electroencephalogram. In order to find the treatment that is most beneficial for them.

According to psychologist Edmonton, the first barrier when it comes to ADD and ADHD is obtaining a diagnosis. Getting a diagnosis is perhaps the most difficult aspect. However, once people obtain this diagnosis. Finding treatment may be difficult. Because many doctors often see drugs as not only the first option, but also as the only one.

The most often used medicines for ADD and ADHD are Ritalin and Adderall. These medications, on the other hand, have a lot of power. They’re referred to as schedule II narcotics because they have a high potential for abuse and addiction.

As a result, psychologist Edmonton claims that individuals who are afraid of using a strong narcotic on a daily basis are justified in their fears. Their worries were well-founded, to say the least. Parents who are providing assistance for their children is one example. Despite the fact that medicine is frequently the first option offered to patients.

Meaning even if patients do try taking the narcotics that are offered to them. They are not likely to find an effective solution in them.

This implies that many individuals who do not wish to experiment with narcotics are left isolated and searching for treatment alternatives. They’re frequently on their own, looking for treatment options. This is when making an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton can be really beneficial. They can not only help diagnose people who have ADD and ADHD symptoms.

They do this using a quantitative electroencephalogram. That makes a map of their brain. It can actually show the doctors what is going on in their brain. As well as what areas of the brain are affected, and how effective they are.

Using this brain map, they will be able to come up with a treatment using neuro-feedback. Which is a technology that treats symptoms of ADD and ADHD completely without medication.

Doctors will apply sensors to a person’s scalp. And the patient’s brain waves will be measured. Before sending feedback into the same sensors into the brain using them. The brain will begin healing as a result of this information.

The benefits of this technology. Is that it is completely natural, and does not require the use of any drugs. But also it is safe on all patients. Including children as young as four who get diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

This technique is also beneficial for treating a variety of neuro-developmental disorders, such as anxiety, sadness, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can also aid in the healing of the brain following traumatic incidents, such as concussions or chronic headaches.The right treatment can help people who are suffering a wide variety of symptoms. Get the help they need, to lead a more productive life.

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