Treating ADD Naturally

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It can be very difficult for people who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD to deal with this neurodevelopment disorder says psychologist Edmonton. Because of other people’s misconceptions about their symptoms.

Many people, however, continue to believe that ADD or ADHD are made-up conditions. And that those who have symptoms lack discipline or attention. This might make many individuals feel terrible about themselves when they’re working harder than their classmates. To do the same amount of work as others in school or at work

Because of the misconception that people who have symptoms are lazy. Or having their symptoms dismissed as personality traits. Because a lot of people to not seek out a diagnosis. Because they think they are the problem.

However, this is not true, and the more people that can get a diagnosis. Will be able to get treatments they need. In order to excel in school or in their career.


Natural ADHD Treatments

However, many people who have received a diagnosis. Have been told by their doctors that the only solution is medication. And not just any medicine, powerful drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall.

People as well as parents of children who have ADD and ADHD. Our understandably nervous about putting their child or themselves on an extremely strong narcotic.

Many people may not realize. But Ritalin is placed in the same category as amphetamines, morphine and cocaine. Which can explain why many people are nervous about medicating their children.

However, even though the fact that doctors often say that this is the only solution. There are seven different kinds of ADD. But only one of them response to medication. So it is a very poor place to start looking for solutions to the symptoms people are experiencing.

Many doctors will state that there are no other options. The refusal to take a potent medication on a daily basis. Typically leads people to attempt altering their diet and lifestyle in order to check if it is helpful.

They often try a diet with no sugar and limited grains. While increasing healthy fat and protein. On top of getting tested for allergies, limiting screen time. And getting eight hours of sleep every night.

However, while psychologist Alberta believes that making these diet and lifestyle changes can be beneficial. The proper diagnosis and treatment are essential. That is why they propose a technique known as neuro-feedback. Which uses technology to monitor brain activity. And provide feedback to the brain regarding any issues. To encourage the formation of new neural pathways in order to start identifyingSo that the brain can start using this information to heal itself. This is completely safe therapy for people of all ages.

People who are living with symptoms of ADD or ADHD but without a diagnosis often struggle says psychologist Edmonton. And while more children get diagnosed than adults. Adults with ADD or ADHD often have exacerbated symptoms.

Typically, psychologist Edmonton says people will get diagnosed most often as children. And while 70% of children carry their ADD and ADHD symptoms into adulthood.

Very few adults carry the diagnosis. 6% of children have been diagnosed, but only two point 5% of adults are known to have this neurodevelopment disorder.

Meaning that many people who have symptoms. Often have their symptoms being dismissed as personality traits.

Not only that, but even when children are getting diagnosed. Boys get diagnosed more often than girls. Often because of how the symptoms present in the different genders.

While boys are typically more hyperactive and impulsive in their behaviour. Girls have internal symptoms such as being inattentive or lacking focus. And having low self-esteem.

This leads the ratio of boys being diagnosed to girls as 3 to 1. Because boys are more disruptive. And get the attention they need to get assessed.

However, if people understood that not only adults could have ADD and ADHD. But girls could also have ADD and ADHD, and carry those symptoms into adulthood as well.

This could help more people search out a diagnosis. That will be able to help them manage their symptoms more effectively.

However, those people who do end up getting a diagnosis. Are often frustrated when their doctors present narcotics as the only solution. Any people are not keen to take narcotics on a daily basis. However, there are options available.

People who either have received a diagnosis but are having trouble finding treatment. Or people who have not yet received a diagnosis but want to.

Should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton in order to get a quantitative electroencephalogram. What this is, is a brain map. That will show the doctors exactly what is going on in a patient’s brain, what areas of the brain are affected, and how affected those areas actually are.

When they know this, they will start using a therapy called neuro-feedback. That uses sensors placed on the patient’s scalp. To measure their brain waves. And then using the same sensors. Send feedback to the brain.

What this will do, is communicate with the brain and tell it where it is overreacting, and where it is under reacting. And using this information, the brain will start to heal itself.

This has been shown to be quite useful. But it’s also completely natural and safe for people of all ages. Children as young as four are now being diagnosed with ADD. This may help them in a number of ways. Managing their symptoms earlier can assist them in being more successful at school and careers.

As well as people who have experienced brain damage. Especially in the form of a concussion, or who experience migraines on a regular basis.

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