Natural ADHD Treatments

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Patients who are experiencing difficulties with symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD are often looking for effective treatments says psychologist Edmonton. Because often, the only treatment that they are presented when they get diagnosed is narcotics.

While narcotics can be useful for treating one of the seven different types of ADD. Narcotics are quite potent. Ritalin and Adderall are Schedule II drugs, which means they have medical purposes. It also has a high addiction rate and is abused by users as well as others.

As a result, parents and guardians of children with ADD and ADHD are among the most concerned. When it comes to giving a drug schedule to a kid on a daily basis, we are quite concerned. nTherefore, learning about natural therapies for both ADD and ADHD is critical. Many doctors are unaware of alternative treatments, or they are suspicious of the ones


Natural ADHD Treatments

This often leaves many people searching for answers in things like allergy tests, lifestyle changes and dietary changes.

They will put limits on their own as well as their children’s screen time. To limit the amount of blue violet light that they are exposed to. They’ll also make sure they get enough sleep. And allergy testing and see if they’re sensitive to anything in particular. It’s possible that this is the source of their problems.

They are not going to eliminate symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Because it is a neurodevelopment disorder. Which means the problem exists in the brain. Which is where the changes need to happen. In order to manage or minimize symptoms.

This is why people who either have had a diagnosis, and are not having success finding a treatment. Or if they have never been diagnosed. But who suspect that they have ADD or ADHD. Should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton.

What they will do that is different than their general doctor. Is give them a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is essentially a brain map. That can show the doctors exactly what is going on in their brain.

They will be able to see areas of the brain that are affected. And how affected they are, so that they can create a treatment plan on how to fix it.

Once they’ve established a treatment strategy. Patients will get narrow feedback, which is essentially using sensors on the scalp to measure brain waves. They will begin giving the brain feedback through the same devices by monitoring their brain waves. Indicating which parts of the brain are overreacting and which are under reacting.

Through the course of the treatment, a patient’s brain will start to heal itself. And naturally minimize the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

People who are experiencing symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD are often frustrated according to psychologist Edmonton. Not only because their symptoms can make it very difficult to concentrate and get things accomplished in their life.

Because of other people’s misunderstandings. They are prejudice against individuals who have these symptoms. Or believing they have the ability to change their behavior when this is not the case. Patients with ADD and ADHD are frequently called slothful and unfocused. Accused of not trying hard enough because of their disorder’s behaviors.

What aggravates this misconception? Is it the fact that children are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD? Because adults have dismissed these trades as personality flaws. Rather than something deeper. many individuals believe that it’s a condition that only impacts youngsters. As the kids grow older, their brains develop, eliminating the disorder as an adult.

Unfortunately this is not true. And a large percentage, 70% of children carry their symptoms into adulthood.

As adults, people with symptoms of ADD and ADHD often have their symptoms worsened because of the stresses associated with being an adult.

Including career, relationships such as marriages and children. And this can create people who suffer from ADD and ADHD as adults. To find coping mechanisms in the form of drug and alcohol abuse.

A third reason why it can be frustrating to deal with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Is because many people also mistakenly assume that it is a disorder that only affects the boys and not girls.

The reason why, is because the two genders display their symptoms differently. While boys have external symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Such as poor impulse control and hyperactivity.

Girls will have more internal symptoms, like inattentiveness or an inability to focus. As well as low self-esteem.

In fact, the ratio of boys to girls being diagnosed is 3 to 1. Although studies indicate that it is just as prevail and in girls as it is boys.

However, after all of these misconceptions. If people end up do getting the diagnoses that they are looking for. It can be very difficult to find treatment that they feel good about.

This is often because many doctors present narcotics as the only solution. Because in patients that it is effective. Can help fix their symptoms very quickly and very effectively.

However, for individuals who are not interested in taking opiates for a variety of reasons. Perhaps looking for another natural solution. Maybe seeking an alternative option. They should schedule an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton. To undergo a quantitative electroencephalogram, which will be used to map their brain.

Once they have a treatment plan, they will use sensors placed on their scalp not only to measure their brain waves. But to give the brain feedback on how it can start to heal itself.

Patients need to understand that it may take several treatments. But once they undergo these narrow feedback treatments. They will experience diminished symptoms. That can effectively heal their brain for the long term.

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