Minimizing ADHD Symptoms

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One of the most frustrating aspects of an ADD or ADHD diagnosis according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that many people do not believe that it is a real disorder.

Despite the fact that many doctors have been diagnosing ADD and ADHD for many years. There is still a wide variety of people out there. Who believe those who display symptoms are simply lazy, unfocused, or are not trying hard enough.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Since many people who are experiencing difficulties with ADD and ADHD. Tend to work harder than their peers. In order to get the same amount of work done. Despite the fact that they are labelled as lazy.

In fact, 6% of all children between the ages of four and sixteen years old are diagnosed says psychologist Edmonton. And labelling of four-year-old as lazy is often counterproductive as well as incorrect.


Minimizing ADHD Symptoms

In addition to having many people believe that ADHD or ADD is not real. Many people believe that it exists. That it only exists in children, who then outgrow their symptoms.

This causes many adults who actually have ADD or ADHD. To think that their problems are simply personality traits. Despite the fact that 70% of all children who have symptoms. Carry those symptoms into adulthood.

Not only that, but adults who have ADD or ADHD find that the stress of adulthood actually makes those symptoms worse. Causing problems in their personal relationships, creating problems for them at work.

Many people, particularly those who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as children. Addictions and substance abuse are common among them. The third reason why many individuals are afflicted with ADD or ADHD is that most people believe it only affects boys.

The reason why, is because it symptoms are different between the genders says psychologist Edmonton. And boys will have external symptoms such as poor impulse control or hyperactivity.

Boys, on the other hand, are more external in nature, displaying such symptoms as lack of attention or a poor sense of self-esteem. Because these problems affect boys more severely, they are considered to be much more disruptive in the classroom. This is why they are tested more often and why females tend not to be diagnosed at all.

However, not only can children and adults have ADD or ADHD equally. Boys and girls can also have ADD and ADHD equally.

Simply understanding this fact may assist individuals in gaining the diagnosis they require. To begin looking for therapies to help them manage their symptoms. Many well-known people have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and many of them have gone on to successful careers. Swimmer Michael Phelps, who has the most Olympic medals ever won, is one example.

As well as investor and philanthropist Richard Branson. And author Terry Bradshaw, all have talked about their struggles with ADD and ADHD.

When people understand that there is help available, they will be able to seek out the right diagnosis. And then look for the solutions that can help them minimize or eliminate the symptoms that cause them frustration in their daily life.

Despite the fact that living with symptoms of ADD and ADHD is frustrating says psychologist Edmonton. Any people may not be seeking treatment for their problems.

The reason for this is that, after being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, most people. Doctors prescribe medicines as the only answer. Ritalin and Adderall are the first medications they use. Not only are these medicines strong, but they also have severe side effects.

Schedule to narcotics are considered medically beneficial, but have a high capacity for addiction and abuse.

Therefore, people and parents who are nervous about taking narcotics daily. Or having their child take narcotics daily. Have their fears well-founded.

Even if individuals try drugs, only a tiny proportion of users see any benefit or response to the medicine. While those who can accept the adverse effects are rather uncommon. This convinces many individuals that there are no answers for them. And while they have this diagnosis. Do not actively search for alternative therapies.

Fortunately, the emergence of new technology. Means that there are more treatment options than ever before says psychologist Edmonton.

They can get a Q E E G done. Which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a map of the patient’s brain, that will show doctors exactly what is going on in the brain.

They will be able to see what areas of the brain are affected, and how affected they are. Once they know this, doctors will attach sensors to the patient’s scalp. In order to measure brain waves.

This can be effective in both controlling symptoms and alleviating them over time. Because this therapy works to heal the brain. As the brain heals, ADD and ADHD symptoms begin to abate.

They will be able to talk to psychologist Edmonton about how many treatments they think are going to be necessary. In order to get the best benefit from this treatment.

And not only is this completely natural. And a safe way to treat ADD and ADHD symptoms without drugs. It is also completely safe and patients of all ages. Many people can be diagnosed as early as four years old. Can give hope to those patients as well.

People who have been treated with MDMA also report changes in their brain, including an increase in the length of time they are able to store new memories. They can remember events that occurred more than three months previously. This viewpoint is based on extensive data concerning psychedelic drugs’ therapeutic potential.

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