Minimizing ADHD Symptoms Without Medication

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Living with ADD and ADHD is very frustrating says psychologist Edmonton. Whether people have a diagnosis or not.

While can be very frustrating to not know what is causing the symptoms that can include inattentiveness, and inability to concentrate and poor impulse control. And while many people who are experiencing these symptoms. Our called lazy or unfocused.

Living with ADD and ADHD is no easier when people have diagnosis. Because while they are continuing to live with the same symptoms, including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inability to focus.Once people have received the diagnosis. They also have to deal with the people who do not believe that this is a real disorder.

Medication-Free ADHD Treatment Options Zone Health Psychology Edmonton Clinic

Despite the fact that one of Canada’s most prevalent neurodevelopment disorders is ADD and ADHD. There are still a lot of misconceptions about this issue. Even though many people do not think it exists. Some individuals feel that ADD and ADHD exist. They also believe it to be limited to youngsters. And as children get older, they go through the symptoms.

This is very untrue, because while 70% of children who have symptoms. Will carry those symptoms into adulthood. Adults typically will not get diagnosed if they have not been diagnosed in childhood.

Despite the fact that ADD and ADHD symptoms worsen as adults, there are a number of persistent myths. Individuals who have ADD and ADHD symptoms as adults often have personal relationship difficulties as well as addiction issues. The belief that it is a disorder only encountered in males is another common misconception.

The reason why people make this assumption says psychologist Edmonton. Is because more boys than girls get diagnosed. With the ratio of boys being diagnosed to girls being at 3 to 1.

The explanation for why boys receive a diagnosis far more frequently than girls. Because they present visible symptoms, this is the case. They are more active and lack impulse control, as shown by their behavior. They are more likely to disrupt classes than females are. This means that they will get the attention they require in order to undergo an evaluation and diagnosis.

Girls on the other hand have more internal symptoms. Lacking focus, or being called daydreamer’s. And having low self-esteem. And while they typically are not disruptive. They also do not get diagnosed as often.

However, if people are having issues associated with ADD and ADHD. Whether they’re children or adults, they can benefit from psychotherapy. Appointments with a psychologist in Edmonton might assist them not just in receiving the answers they want, but also in getting the treatment they require. By undergoing a quantitative electroencephalogram brain mapping technique.

Using this information, psychologists can come up with a treatment plan is in a technology called narrow feedback. That not only is completely safe’s of all ages. It is a natural solution. Helping people manage their symptoms without drugs.

According to psychologist Edmonton, although it may be extremely difficult to live with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Because not only does it effect people’s capacity to focus, get work done, and do well in school if their children. And at work if they are adults.

However, this is not true. And often means that people who have ADD or ADHD. Are often trying even harder than their peers to get the same amount accomplished.

Which is why it is very common, after people get a proper treatment to manage their symptoms of ADD and ADHD. That they will then go on to excel in their schoolwork. Or become top of their field in their chosen career.

There are many examples of this, by looking at many successful people who have openly discussed their struggles with ADD and ADHD.

Entertainers such as Justin Timberlake, Howie Mandel and Adam Levine. Have all talked about how they have struggled with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And once they have been treated effectively. Have gone on to excel in their entertainment careers says psychologist Edmonton.

Athletes and entrepreneurs such as Terry Bradshaw, Michael Phelps, and Richard Branson have all publicly discussed their difficulties with this neurodevelopmental disease. And once they received the treatment they needed. They could then utilize their ability to think creatively linked to ADD and ADHD.

Therefore, people who have received this diagnosis. Should not think that there is no options to them. Or think that the only options they have are the drugs that their doctors recommended.

Although many doctors prescribe Ritalin or Adderall. These are not effective solutions for most people with ADD and ADHD. And can cause more side effects that are disruptive. Then the initial symptoms of ADD and ADHD in the first place.

For people who are reluctant to take these schedule to narcotics. Or who have discovered that it is ineffective for them. Should understand that there are treatments available. That not only are effective. But do not involve taking powerful drugs on a daily basis.

For patients who are looking for this. By making an appointment at psychologist Edmonton. They can get a brain map done, called quantitative electroencephalogram. That will show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain.

Once having this map to guide them, they will use a process called neurofeedback. That involves placing the sensors on the patient’s scalp. To measure brain waves. And then send information using the same sensors back to the brain.

This will give the brain the information it needs to understand where it is under reacting, and where it is overreacting. So it can start to heal itself.

Through a series of appointments, patients can find that their symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD can start to minimize. Feeling their brain in a safe, natural and effective way.

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