Minimizing ADHD Symptoms Without Drugs

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It is very understandable why many people are hesitant to treat ADD or ADHD with drugs says psychologist Edmonton. Not only are these extremely powerful narcotics. But it can cause many other problems as well.

One of the first things that patients or parents of patients with ADD or ADHD should know. Is that while there are seven different kinds of ADD. Only one of them will actually respond to medication at all.

So this is often a poor place for people to start looking for answers. When they are wanting to minimize symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD.



However, many people’s experience say that this is often the first place that doctors start looking for answers. And not only lead with powerful narcotics. But often presented as the only solution.

The reason why says psychologist Edmonton. Is because in those very few patients that actually respond to medication. This can provide an extremely quick answer, and help their symptoms respond quite fast.

They will start with Ritalin, and then moved to Adderall before trying other drugs. However, many people may not realize that Ritalin is considered a schedule to narcotic.

What a schedule to narcotic is. Is a narcotic that has known medical benefits. But is also highly addictive. And has a high incidence of abuse in patients.

Not only that, but people who start taking Ritalin or Adderall. Say that the side effects can often be worse than they symptoms of ADD or ADHD. And they stop taking the medication because those side effects are intolerable.

Not only that, but for a large number of patients. When Ritalin and Adderall cease to work, individuals look for another therapy quickly anyhow. nPeople are frequently concerned about taking or giving their child a narcotic on a daily basis due to these reasons.

However, they often feel like this is their only solution. And so they take this answer, despite their hesitations and skepticism about the treatment.

If they decide to not start giving Ritalin to their child or taking it themselves. They often are on their own in order to find a solution. They often hear that a healthy lifestyle. Including a clean diet, can be very beneficial.

They limit the amount of grains they eat, eliminate sugar. And start eating healthy fat and protein in higher quantities. They get tested for allergies, they limit their screen time and get eight hours of sleep. But still find that although they feel good. Their symptoms are not improved on these lifestyle changes.

This is where people who are looking for other treatment options. Should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. And get a quantitative electroencephalogram. Because that will show a map of their brain.

The doctors will be able to see areas of the patient’s brain are affected. And what level they are affected as well. This can help them come up with a treatment plan using Nero feedback.

Neurofeedback is a completely natural and safe treatment. That can help minimize side effects of ADD and ADHD in virtually all patients.

Even though many people have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. There are still a lot of misconceptions about this neurodevelopment disorder.

One of the most common misconceptions is that people do not believe it is a real disorder. That people who are suffering from the symptoms are instead lazy, lacking discipline or unfocused.

This can cause people who have ADD or ADHD to blame themselves. Although they are not to blame for not being able to concentrate the way their peers do.

In addition to that, many people who have been diagnosed as children, are thought to outgrow their symptoms. However 70% of all children will carry their symptoms into adulthood.

If adults do not get diagnosed as children. Chances are very low that they will get a diagnosis. Despite the fact that their symptoms are exacerbated in adulthood.

People, including the patients themselves, suffer as a result because they do not understand what it is that’s wrong with them. They downplay their symptoms as personality flaws. And they can have issues in their personal relationships and at work. Furthermore, many adults suffering from ADD or ADHD go unidentified. They develop addictions too.

However, people of all ages who have ADD and ADHD can get treatment. As long as there able to get diagnosed. By going to psychologist Edmonton, they can get a brain map done called a quantitative electroencephalogram. In order to see exactly what is going on in their brain.

Once they know exactly what is going on in the brain. The doctors will attach sensors onto the patient’s scalp. And this will allow them to measure their brain waves.

And then in a process they call neurofeedback, send information back into the brain. This will tell the brain what areas of the brain are affected, and how it can start healing itself.

Depending on what areas are affected, and how effective they are. Through multiple sessions, patients will start to experience improved symptoms. Minimizing the symptoms that they are experiencing with ADD and ADHD.

Not only is this a drug-free solution. But also, it is completely safe on patients of all ages and abilities. And while children as young as four are getting diagnosed. This treatment is effective and safe with people that age.

As well as adults of all ages, who have been diagnosed with this disorder. Are getting treatment effectively.

In addition to ADD and ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton says it can treat a wide variety of neuro-disorders. Including anxiety, a possessive compulsive disorder and depression just to name a few.

But it can also use the Neuro-feedback to start healing the brain from actual physical damage. Such as damage caused by a concussion.

Or if people are experiencing migraines on a regular basis. This can help them have their brain healed in a way that eliminates the pain and problems associated with concussions and migraines.

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