Minimizing ADD Symptoms Without Drugs

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Even though people who suffer from symptoms of ADD as well as ADHD experience symptoms on a daily basis says psychologist Edmonton. There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding this neurodevelopment disorder.

Many people still do not believe that this is a legitimate disease. Labeling people who experience the symptoms as lazy, unfocused, or undisciplined. This is an illness caused by over- or underactivation of brain regions. And while many children are diagnosed in childhood. Typically because of the symptoms they demonstrate. Most frequently in a classroom environment.

This means that although adults may have experienced symptoms of ADD and ADHD throughout their entire life. They typically do not have a diagnosis.


Natural ADHD Treatments

Causing many people to wrongfully believe that it is an affliction that affects only children. And that children with this disorder. Can outgrow it.

Adults do not have ADD or ADHD, according to the DSM-5. Which is why people call such individuals “undesirable personality traits.” While 70% of children carry ADD and ADHD symptoms into adulthood. Only 6% of children are diagnosed with this disorder. Adults that are similarly diagnosed are less than 3%.

Indicating that there are many adults who are struggling, because of lack of knowledge about this disorder. And may not realize that there is an explanation as well as a treatment available for them.

One of the most common myths about this neurodevelopmental illness. It is thought that it is a condition that only affects boys. Why do people think this? Because males display more external symptoms than females, they are assumed to be the ones with ADD or ADHD.

While girls on the other hand, are less likely to get diagnosed. Because their symptoms are more internal in nature. Such as being unable to focus, or having low self-esteem. Since they do not disrupt class. There are less likely to get attention that will cause them to get a diagnosis.

However, despite the fact that there is a three to one ratio of boys being diagnosed to girls. Studies have shown that it has the same instance among boys and girls. As well as children and adults.

Therefore, diagnosis is simply the first step that people must go through. In order to find a treatment for their symptoms says psychologist Edmonton.

While doctors usually prescribe narcotics to begin with, such as Ritalin or Adderall, this is not always beneficial for many persons with ADD or ADHD. As a result, individuals continue looking for a better answer.

This creates a brain map, that allows doctors to create a treatment plan. That they know what areas of the brain are affected. And how affected those parts of their brain are.

They will then use a process called neurofeedback in order to treat a patient safely, effectively. And most importantly, without drugs.

There are many reasons why people would want to treat their ADD or ADHD symptoms without drugs says psychologist Edmonton. And that is because the drugs that are typically used to treat this neurodevelopment disorder are extremely powerful.

The most common drugs used to treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD even in children. Is Ritalin, which is considered a schedule to narcotic.

What a schedule to narcotic is, is a drug that although medically beneficial. Has a high incidence of being abused and therefore it is placed in a category along with amphetamines, cocaine and morphine.

And while many doctors present Ritalin or Adderall as the most common treatment available. It is very understandable why parents of children. Or adults themselves would hesitate in taking such a powerful drug. In order to treat their ADD or ADHD.

Not only can the side effects be more intolerable than the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. But for the small minority of people who respond well to the treatment. Often report that after a while it becomes ineffective. Causing them to once again search for an effective solution to their symptoms.

However, there is hope available. And by using a brain mapping technology called quantitative electroencephalogram. Can help doctors understand exactly what is going on in patients brains. This will allow them to develop a treatment plan using a technology called neurofeedback.

Psychologist Edmonton says this technology uses sensors placed on a patient’s scalp. To not only measure brain waves, but also give feedback directly to the brain. In order to tell the brain what part is under reacting. And what part of the brain is overreacting.

Using this information, the brain will start to change and heal itself. Healing the areas where it is affected. Causes symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

This can help people who have ADD and ADHD symptoms. It may also cure the brain for those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety.

In addition to that, it can also heal the brain from mild brain injuries such as concussions, or help people who are suffering from migraines. If anyone has any questions about this therapy, should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. In order to find out more information.

Once people are receiving effective treatment, they can go on to excel in their chosen careers. Such as Terry Bradshaw, Richard Branson or Michael Phelps. Who are all exceptional in their careers. And are well-known. Despite the fact that they have all had their own struggles with ADD and ADHD.

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