Minimizing ADD Symptoms Naturally

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With how difficult it can often be to get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Many people who get a diagnosis finally. May tend to take the doctors first suggestion of treatment.

This treatment typically consists of powerful narcotics such as Ritalin or Adderall. And is often presented as the first treatment option. Or even presented as the only treatment option that doctors have.

The reason why doctors start with this powerful drug as a treatment option. Is because in the small minority of people that it helps. It can be very impactful and very fast acting.


Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help With ADHD

Since many doctors are trained to help people as quickly as possible. They often start with this drug. Hoping that if it is effective in treating their patients. They will be able to get help quickly.

However, as these are powerful narcotics that are in the same category as cocaine, amphetamines and morphine. It is understandable why parents of children with ADD or ADHD. As well as people who are suffering from the disorder themselves hesitate in taking this drug.

Something that many people find once they start taking these powerful drugs. Is that the side effects can be very devastating. As well as hard to tolerate. Some patients say dealing with the side effects is worse than dealing with the symptoms of ADD or ADHD in the first place.

However, for those who take it for any length of time, they often report that the effectiveness of the drug wears off. Instead, just turning them into zombies who are unable to think critically.

And for these patients, they end up looking for a different treatment solution anyway. So when people hesitate in taking powerful drugs to treat ADD and ADHD. There is a lot of understanding about why they decide not to take these options.

However, physicians are frequently unaware of drug-free treatments. Alternatively, they may believe that drug-free therapies have been classified into the same category as snake oil cures, which are ineffective.

This leaves a lot of people on their own looking for solutions according to psychologist Edmonton. Causing them to think that perhaps allergies or diet is to blame for their symptoms. Having them eliminate grains and sugar from their diet. While increasing protein and healthy fat.

While it is a nutritious diet, it will not significantly reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Because these are neurodevelopmental disorders, they cannot be resolved with a nutritional approach alone. The solution is in the brain, so people who are seeking for treatment options should schedule an appointment to see a psychologist in Edmonton.

This will show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain. Such as what areas are affected, and how effective they are. That will allow them to come up with an effective and drug-free option for healing their brain.

This treatment is called neurofeedback. And not only is it completely natural. It is a safe and drug-free option for helping minimize people’s symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder.

According to psychologist Edmonton, dealing with the day-to-day symptoms of ADD or ADHD can be extremely annoying. This is because it makes it hard for patients to concentrate and control their urges. It’s also due to the misunderstandings associated with this condition. Other people may perceive that person as lazy or undisciplined because they are judged or labeled

The reason why they judge these people. Is because they do not understand what is the cause of their actions. And when they can control their own actions. They think other people should be able to as well.

Unfortunately this is not the case, as the problems that cause sufferers of ADD and ADHD to act the way they do is contained in the brain.

They have signs and symptoms. These symptoms can become much more severe as children grow up. And they begin to face increasingly complex difficulties, such as difficulty with their job, coworkers, and bosses. nAs well as relationship issues, including marital strain and family stress when they get married and start having children. In fact, many people who suffer from ADD

This is why it is extremely important for people to get a proper diagnosis. So that not only can they get treatment that can help them. But so that they do not have to deal with increasing symptoms. That can cause a lot of damage in their life.

However, as many people believe that only children are afflicted by ADD or ADHD. And as youngsters become adults. Their symptoms lessen. According to psychologist Edmonton, studies show that this is not the case. nHowever, with the proper therapy. People may pursue highly successful lives by continuing their current profession or interest.

For example, famous Olympian Michael Phelps. Has been very open about his struggles with ADD and ADHD. And after receiving treatment. Has been able to become the single most decorated Olympian in history.

However, many people are having difficulty locating a doctor who can help them cure their problems without using drugs. This is why people should schedule an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton. Because they have modern technology there that not only can diagnose this neurodevelopment problem, but also assist with therapy.

When people come in for a quantitative electroencephalogram. It is going to be able to show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain. Including what areas of the brain are affected and how effective they are.

That will allow them to come up with a treatment plan using a technology called neuro- feedback. This consists of doctors placing sensors on a patient’s scalp that measures brain waves.

Using the same sensors, doctors send messages back to the brain. In order to tell it what areas need to be healed.

Through the course of several treatments, patients can have their brain heal itself, minimizing their symptoms. In a way that not only is natural and without drugs. But is effective and safe for patients of all ages as well.

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