Finding a Natural ADD Treatment

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While many people are looking for a natural and drug-free treatment to ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Any people are simply struggling with getting a diagnosis that can help them.

People struggle so much with getting a diagnosis because of the large number of misconceptions surrounding this neurodevelopment disorder.

One of the most common misconceptions. Is that ADD or ADHD are not real disorders. In many people often think that the symptoms, which manifest as actions. Our easy to control.

This causes people with ADD and ADHD to be characterized as slothful, unfocused, and unambitious. However, because it is a brain development issue. nPeople with ADD and ADHD are unable to manage their behavior; they usually work harder than others. To get the same amount of work done.


Natural ADHD Treatments

The second reason why people struggle with getting the right diagnosis for ADD and ADHD. Is because many people assume that it only affects children.

The reason why so many people believe this. Is because so many people are diagnosed as children. And so few adults get this diagnosis once they are grown.

While studies have shown that 70% of children who are diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD carry symptoms into adulthood. Only two point 5% of adults are known to have this disorder.

This means there are a lot of adults who have not been diagnosed. That are walking around with symptoms, potentially writing them off as personality traits.

However, psychologist Edmonton says adults need to know. That the problems associated with adulthood including, marriage and children. Tend to exacerbate symptoms. Making it even more important for adults to get diagnosed.

In fact, adults who have ADD and ADHD but are not receiving treatment. Often turn to drug and alcohol abuse. As a coping mechanism. To deal with the stress of their symptoms.

And one of the third reasons why people often are not able to get the diagnosis that they need. Is because many people assume that this is a disorder that affects only boys.

This is because boys will have external symptoms. Such as poor impulse control or hyperactivity. That causes disruptions. Especially in a classroom setting.

Which will cause them to get more attention, which will lead to them getting assessed. Because of their tendency to disrupt the class.

Girls on the other hand, are known to have more internal type symptoms. Such as the inability to focus, and can be called daydreamers. And often suffer from low self-esteem as well.

Because they do not interrupt the class, they tend not to get assessed. Which is why the ratio of girls to boys getting diagnosed is 3 to 1.

However, not only can it affect boys and girls the same. It can affect children as well as adults. Meaning people who are experiencing symptoms.

And have not yet been diagnosed. Should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. To see if they can help get the diagnosis they need to treat their symptoms.

People who have ADD and ADHD struggle significantly says psychologist Edmonton. First, they struggle to get a diagnosis that can explain their symptoms. And then, they struggle trying to find the right treatment that can help them manage those symptoms.

Typically, doctors will start with prescribing Ritalin before moving to Adderall. However, any people are hesitant in taking these schedule to narcotics.

Ritalin and Adderall are placed in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines. In that they are all medically beneficial. But have a high instance of addiction and abuse.

Therefore, people are reasonably nervous about taking a narcotic on a daily basis. Or giving a narcotic to their child on a regular basis as well.

In addition to that, psychologist Edmonton says while there are seven different types of ADD. Only one response to medication. Which means only a small percentage of anyone who actually tries these powerful narcotics. Are going to see benefits from using them.

People who have taken Ritalin often report that side effects are much more invasive than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Which is why they have chosen to discontinue use of the drug.

Others claim it is quickly ineffective. Making them search for an answer as well. People seeking a natural cure, on the other hand, should visit a psychologist in Edmonton. Whether they have been diagnosed or not. Because their quantitative electroencephalogram can identify ADD and ADHD as well as quantify successful treatment strategies.

This quantitative electroencephalogram. Is essentially a map of the patient’s brain. Indicating what areas of the brain are affected. As well as how affected they are.

This will allow doctors to put sensors on the patient’s scalp in order to measure brain waves. And then give feedback to the brain. In order to tell the brain what areas it should start healing.

Not only is this a completely natural and drug-free way to treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD. But because it allows the brain to heal itself. It can permanently minimize these symptoms.

And is 100% safe and effective in patients of all ages. From children as young as four years old, all the way to adults. Also, psychologist Edmonton says that because it heals the brain. Other neurodevelopment disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.

Can all see improvement through this neurofeedback technology. As well as people who have experienced brain damage from mild concussions, or who suffer from migraines.

Once people have received a proper diagnosis. And are getting an effective treatment. They can go want to be quite successful in their lives. They should look at famous people who are at the top of their career. Despite the fact that they have received an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Such as investor and philanthropist Richard Branson, author Terry Bradshaw. And Olympian Michael Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian in history.

By getting the right treatment. Can help anyone who have been managing symptoms of ADD and ADHD be the most successful they can be.

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